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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
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"WEAPON HEAD blasts its way to Battle win"

Goondiwindi band, WEAPON HEAD, is making waves in the music world.
They've pounded their way to third place in the Australian final of the Global Battle of the Bands in Sydney a week ago.
The band is hoping the recognition may lead to some tours backing nationally-known bands next year.
October 2006 - Goondiwindi Argus

"A long way to the top"

It's a long way to the top, but Goondiwindi hard rockers WEAPON HEAD are certainly giving it their all to make it in the world of Rock'n'Roll.
They will launch their debut album at the Queensland Hotel on Friday night.
Boris Billing, Steve Bishop, Dave Bishop, and Drew Allen have come a long way in two years, from their humble beginnings in the back of Boris' shed.
Luckily for the neighbours they moved out of there within a couple of weeks and took up residancy at The Snakepit at the Queensland Hotel.
Since that time WEAPON HEAD has played The Gundy B&S twice, won the Riverjam song writing competition, recorded two demo discs, played numerous gigs at their beloved 'Pit', bought a ridiculous amout of music equipment, came first place at the Queensland heat of Global Battle of the Bands, and then went on to come third place in the national final of the same competition.
The boys are proud of what they have achieved as a band, but their greatest achievement so far has just been accomplished.
During three intense weeks in February WEAPON HEAD recorded their debut album titled "SLAVE FREE" at Modern Music Studios in Brisbane.
It is a fantastic effort for these guys to get out there and have a go at their dream, which has resulted in their fantastic debut cd.
"It has cost a lot of time away from home, and money to bring this fantasy to reality, but we think it's well worth it", Boris said.
The album has been descibed as an "intense hard rock journey" which is sure to quench the thirst of all WEAPON HEAD fans.
April 11, 2007 - Goondiwindi Argus

"Gig far from Goondiwindi"

Move over Gunsynd - theres some new stallions in town! Goondiwindis own hard rock band Weapon Head have just won a competition through the Sonic Bids Website to play The Locobazooka Festival in the USA. The Festival is going to be headlined this year by Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Alice Cooper, and Queensryche.
The boys are very exited at this chance of a lifetime, and are going to give it everything they've got. - The Courier Mail

"Weapon Head USA whirlwind tour"

" Weapon Head hit a new high in their career very recently when they were asked to play the legendary Locobazooka Festival(Locofest) in the USA!
Locofest was headlined this year by Heaven and Hell(Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio on Vocals), Alice Cooper, and Queensryche.
The band jumped on a plane and rocked the house down at The Tweeter Centre, Mansfield.
These Auzzie hard rockers were very well recieved by the American fans, the response from the crowd was overwhelming!
The boys have taken a lot from this performance - from label execs taking cd's from the band tent straight after their set, to the great interest taken in the band in Australia since returning home.
Things are certainly looking very good for Weapon Head."

- Official Weapon Head Website


The riff monsters from Goondiwindi are at it again.

Weapon Head have followed up their 2007 album Slave Free with an EP of 5 new songs, guaranteed to keep the fans' chiropractors in beer for the next year or so.

These tunes are for more than simple head bangers, however. Strong lyrics and song structures like these signify a band in control of its craft and with an exciting musical direction.

Slave Free established these guys as serious contenders with great songwriting and a powerhouse sound. This EP sees them make a huge step forward under the skillful production eye of Steve James - and engineer Sam Hannan has pulled some mighty sounds out of Rocking Horse Studios.

Some of these riffs sound so thick, it's as if the boys have laced up their guitars with fence wire. The feel is relaxed and the rhythm section tight. The vocals are fat and clear with more complex arrangements than they have used previously. In Can't Release The Pain a low, surging lead is answered with high, dense chorus responses and elsewhere throughout the EP, the vocals are front and centre of some creative, solid arrangements.

This is well-balanced set, with the changing tempos of Bleed and the killer riffs of I Need A Little More Time and Miss Match. Then there is my favourite, The March Of Misery - a hard rock swing tune with multi-layered, multi-harmonised walls of guitars laying it down for a yearning, creaming vocal which is up there with the best.

I strongly recommend you do yourself a favour. Get The "Head" and get rockin'.

chris neal
springboard records
- Chris Neal - Springboard Records

"Busting out of Goondiwindi"

By Noel Mengel
April 01, 2009 11:00pm

THEY say the world is becoming a smaller place. Hard rock outfit Weapon Head are proving it.

They hail from Goondiwindi, population 5000, on the Queensland-NSW border, four hours drive from Brisbane, but they are kicking goals around the world with their new self-titled EP.

Which just goes to show, in the modern music business it's not where you live but what you have to say with your music that counts.

The band has never had any trouble attracting interest. In 2007 they were invited to the US to play at a festival featuring Alice Cooper, Dio and Black Sabbath.

They've been finalists in various songwriting competitions, including one in the UK where they made the final from 8000 entries. Three tracks from the EP featured in the top 10 on Triple J's Unearthed website last year, with March of Misery voted at No.1 in November.

The same tracks were picked up for use in Channel 10's Going Ballistyx snowboard show.

The band's drummer and lead singer Boris Billing says: "We hooked up three-and-a-half years ago. This has been the main musical project the four of us have been involved in and we just clicked from the start, we all had the same enthusiasm.

"We didn't want to play covers which is what a lot of bands do in the country. We had no interest in that and we've always pursued our original music."

The band recorded its debut album in Brisbane.

"That album got the attention of people in America," Billing says. "The promoter of the Locobazooka Festival in Massachusetts heard the music and said, 'If you're crazy enough to come over you've got the spot'.

"It's a long way from Goondi but we were there for 11 days, did a lead-up show and played the festival to 15,000 people so it was worth it."

The band, which also features bassist Drew Allen and identical twins and guitarists Steve and Dave Bishop, recorded Weapon Head at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay with producer Steve James, who has worked with everyone from the Sex Pistols to Shihad in his career in the UK and Australia.

Billing says: "We got some great news this year when the editor of cdbaby.com contacted us and gave us a feature review on the front page of cdbaby, which is a fantastic thing for a band like us to get when they receive so many new CDs every week hoping for a review.

"It shows what it's possible to do out of a country town.

"We realise we need to travel to make it work but we can't see why we can't stay based here and still take our music to the world."

- The Courier Mail

""Surgical Smile Review""

SURGICAL SMILE is the new album from Weapon Head, a four-piece hard rock metal outfit from Queensland, Australia.

Produced by Steve James and recorded by Sam Hannan at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay, this batch of 12 songs is a serious step up for this band.

Their first CD - SLAVE FREE (2007) established that these guys know where your rock button is .... and that they have no reticence about pressing the little sucker. Their eponymously titled 5-track EP (2008) saw them in the studio with James for the first time which produced a tighter sound with more meat in the songwriting and a more cohesive approach to their distinctive twin guitar chugging attack. Fat and filthy - just how we like it.

SURGICAL SMILE however, is something else again. This time they've hit on a formula which crosses a few genre lines. The music is still full of meaty riffs and searing vocals (Got No Money, Charade, Swanksta Gangsta, Lucifer's Lunch) but that's not all there is. I hesitate to call Bring Me Home, Let Go and Surgical Smile pop songs - they're much too heavy for that, but there is something catchy and even radio-friendly about these toons. March Of Misery is military swing metal with layered guitar harmony riffs while Bullshit Has No Sound and Got No Money are (for me, at least) what I would call classic Weapon Head. Rescue Me nods in the direction of modern metal and the cover of Cold Turkey is gorgeously grimy.

The mix of directions does not detract from the whole, however. On the contrary, this collection plays from one through twelve without a hiccup..........a few chunders for sure, but no hiccup. You know what I mean. These tracks are for hard rock enthusiasts. Head-bangers, metal heads and just plain heads. Rock out, drink beer and yell along.

There are memorable, singable lyrics -
"Saddle your high horse and gloss up your face - We must be beneath you we're so out of place - There is your ego that goes with your style - A couple of vals and a surgical smile".
There are provocative lyrics -
"So here I go again - A train is coming straight for me - My eyes are closed right now closed right now - The filth is all I see - Rescue me".

Ah yes, the filth.....the filth. It is eternally fascinating how this music can be so grubby yet somehow cleansing at the same time. What is it about riffy, metallic, hard rock when it is well executed? Has anybody ever explained it? I don't think so.

OK. It's time to come clean. I was asked to write a review of SURGICAL SMILE and the preceding paragraphs clearly cannot truly be called a review. Let's face it, a review has to show at least the pretense of objectivity.......this bit's good, that bit's bad......all grist to the mill of journalistic credibility. But the fact is....the problem is......I'm a frackin' fan, so how can I be bloody objective?

I loves me Oz Rock, you see and I listen to a lot of bands. But these guys are the full package. The goods. The shit.
They rock, they're tight and they've come up with a bunch of songs ready for the world stage. Most important of all, SURGICAL SMILE appeals to the wanker intellectual in me as well as the inner, snotty boofhead. Heaven.

Chris Neal
- Chris Neal - Springboard Records

"Beau Hill Applauds Auzzie Band Weapon Head"

WEAPONHEAD…caught my attention with their excellent material, an unusual focus on arrangement details, and progressive melodic hooks…sounds like the recipe for a hit to me..
Beau Hill - L.A Producer - Warrant, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Alice Cooper - Beau Hill


February 2006 - Distraught Juggernaut Demo
September 2006 - Robert Dazzler Demo
April 2007 - SLAVE FREE - Demo tracks
April 2008 - WEAPON HEAD E.P
May 2010 - Surgical Smile




Sometimes, if you work hard enough - and then work a little harder - things happen....WEAPON HEAD have always done this, and the results are on the board.

The unbelievable opportunity in 2007 for the boys to travel to America and support Black Sabbath with Dio and Alice Cooper at The Locobazooka Festival was the first major mile stone. This came up after the festival organizers picked up WEAPON HEAD through their website and asked them directly if they were interested in the gig.......they were!

This touring experience proved to be invaluable for the band who got to play before these rock legends in front of 15000 screaming fans. Some strong key contacts have been made from this tour, which have WEAPON HEAD on their radar.

The boys returned home to Australia to contemplate their next move, that move seemed inevitable - it was time to find a producer and record. With a strong set of material WEAPON HEAD went about searching for the right producer for the job. They found that man in Steve James from Rocking Horse Studios at Byron Bay. Steve has worked with icons like The Sex Pistols, Airbourne, Cold Chisel, The Angels, The Screaming Jets and Shihad to name a few. His 35 years industry experience in The U.K, Europe and Australia has been shared with WEAPON HEAD unsparingly and the band have since formed a really strong bond with Steve.

The result of this recording jaunt was a shiny new self titled E.P full of grunt, attitude and promise. The boys were excited…

Soon WEAPON HEAD were getting attention from this recording. The title track ‘The March of Misery’ finished 10th place in The Australian Songwriters Association - Song of the year 2008. The other 4 tracks from this competition were short listed to the top 100. This was from over 3000 entries Australia wide.

Next port of call was the 2008 U.K Song Writing Competition. The track ‘The March of Misery’ finished up a Finalist with ‘Bleed’ finished up a Semi Finalist. This was an amazing result from over 8000 entries worldwide.

Back on home soil WEAPON HEAD turned their attention to Triple J and put 3 tracks on The Triple J Unearthed Website. In no time at all the boys got the following mind blowing results on the Triple J Unearthed Charts at the end of November 2008.

No. 1 The March of Misery
No. 4 Bleed
No. 8 Can’t Release the Pain.

Straight after this WEAPON HEAD were approached by The Going Ballisticyx Snowboard Show. They were loving the above 3 tracks and worked out a Synchronization Deal with the band to use all 3 tracks in their entirety on the show with full credits on December 28 2008.

Bring on 2009! WEAPON HEAD started the new year off with some fantastic news. Brad Bush, editor for Cdbaby.com contacted the band and informed them that they had been chosen for a full feature review of their E.P on the front page of cdbaby.com. Since then the bands profile page on cd baby has been getting hammered!

Mid way through 2009 the boys decided to focus all of their energy on getting material together for the official debut album. After 3 months of writing, and another phone call to Steve James…WEAPON HEAD went full steam ahead with pre production. Everything came together beautifully, again Rocking Horse Studios was booked, and by the end of August the album had been recorded.

The team all thought long and hard about who to get to master the album. It was decided to request the services of Tim Young from Metropolis in the U.K. Tim goes back around 20 years with Steve and his career speaks for itself.

So now here we are…all of the hard work from the last 4 years has led the boys right here - in your hot little hands!

High profile agencies and management from Australia, Germany, The U.K and The USA have WEAPON HEAD in their sights…and what are the boys doing while this is all happening….working bloody harder!