Weapons Of The Future

Weapons Of The Future


WEAPONS of the FUTURE is a powerful indie, garage, post punk band. Take BRMC, The Cramps, Sonic Youth, and Brit Rock and you will relatively come close to their sound. Music is the WEAPON of the FUTURE therefore their live show is an explosion.


Weapons of the Future is the most unpredictable, innovative and entertaining indie garage post punk band from San Francisco , CA . With members hailng from Latin America , Russia , North and South California they create a unique blend of music. If you take elements of The Cramps, Sonic Youth, BRMC and Brit Rock you might get an idea of the sound of Weapons of the Future. Playing live is where they shine the most. Their sound is created by the solid rhythm section, attack of 3 white guitars; vintage organ and the lead singer’s unique telephone receiver that he uses for a microphone. They go through their set captivating the audiences with their dynamic performance, which is a sight to behold. After releasing their last six-song EP "Say Wow!" they have been creating a lot of buzz in the local scene and have been gigging extensively in San Francisco and all over the Bay area. They just finished a 3 song EP with a bombastic single called "California".


Recorded at Secret Studios, San Francisco 2011

"Say Wow!" - 2010
Recorded at Rocker Studios, San Francisco

Set List

Up in a Tree
Say Wow
Phantom of the Skull
Wake up, Wake up man