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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Punk


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222 @ Thugz Mansion

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

222 @ Zoo Haus

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

222 @ Tall Tree Music Festival

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos





self-released; 2015

3.5 out of 5

By Mike Przygoda

The self-titled 222 EP by 222 is an amazing collection of punk, prog, funk and rock all very well executed with lots of power.

“Bronzer” opens the album with a rapid pace. Explosive punk drums drive the song under bluesy guitars and vocals making for an excellent groove. The occasional syncopated lines that interject add some nice contrast and make more some welcome surprises. “Mi Casa Es Tuya” is based around some funky bass slaps and pops that fly in under angular blues guitars. The vocals are a bit indiscernible, but executed in a fast Michael Stipe way that keeps the energy up. The breakdown and build toward the middle finds a great way to start the energy over again.

“Tie Me Down” combines some funky guitar comping from the school of the Chili Peppers along with some AC/DC rock. The reverb on the drums works very well against the string sound of the bass that is placed upfront. There is some nimble guitar playing near the end that is joined in by tambourines, claves and the bass before the drums enter and the dance-rock really takes over.

“Basecamp” is a slow burn built around palm-muted guitar and four-on-the-floor drums that eventually explode to a great tom pattern with some excellent snare flourishes. The chorus is very catchy, erupting into screams while the bass finds subtle melodic patterns.

“The Mill” contains a telegraphic guitar line tapping out Franz Ferdinand-ish riffs while the bass and drums find their own space to support the groove. In the chorus things really come together and groove. Later in the song there are some spotlights for the bass and drums with some explosive fills and double stops.

“Babychild” has some later Talking Heads influences in the guitar and bass work. There is some nice falsetto vocal work throughout, floating over some unison guitar and bass riffs. The bass really shines throughout the whole song with some fantastic melodic features and some syncopated hits with the drums near the end before there is some star time for the drummer playing some great double kick fills. “Westboro” has a Jack White melody and vocal inflection over a great syncopated bass and guitar riff. The lyrics are clever and build well throughout the song.

The EP closes with “Alpha Bet” driven by an incredible drum pattern and some Cream-on-speed guitar and bass riffs. The riff and melody are very catchy and the feel changes in the middle of the song is an excellent development (though a little awkward getting back into the initial groove).

Overall, the energy is electric and the band really shows off a lot of talent in their performances. - The Even Ground

"Tall Tree Music Festival 2015: Day 2"


Frank Mayo
Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Tall Tree Music Festival 2015: Day 2
You should go to Tall Tree Music Festival.

It's so incredibly cheap. The bang for your buck is out of this world. For the price of what you would normally spend in a weekend just surviving, you get music, amazing views and sometimes even complimentary bacon.

The people are weird and amazing. It is a festival like no other and I hope it never changes.

Tarps n Trees
Here are our notes from Day 2:

6:33am why the fuck is the sun out. why does it get up so early.

635am nap

9:05am wake up with the tent ablaze.

9:08am noticed my mcl and most of my brain cells were missing

9:10am cheese string

10:21am in need of emergency brain/knee surgery

11:11am make a wish

11:15am Bendy Thumbs makes sure everyone is awake

11:41am 222 are pretty great

11:45am 222 covers Bruno Mars...or have a song called Treasure that sounds very similar. Either way, love it


.... - Reviewington


222 EP

Release Date: 08/21/2015
Recording and Production: Sam Weber at Infiniti Studios and Landsend Studios / Victoria, BC, Canada.
Mastering: Nick Taylor / Victoria, BC, Canada.
Artwork: 222 and friends.
Writing Credits: 222
Distribution: Independent

222's debut EP is the result of nearly two years of writing, experimenting, and the melding together of varied influences and musical backgrounds.

After a night of listening to everything from Justin Timberlake's newest to underground punk and funk, Justin Campbell (vocalist) approached Evan Hillier (drummer) with a proposition: to contact him if he were ever considering forming a band that mixed together their mutual appreciation for funk, R&B, and soul along with heavier genres of punk and hardcore. 

The following week, long-time friends and past collaborators Esme John (guitar) and Marshall Wildman (Bass) joined Justin and Evan in a stiffled, cramped, and low-ceilinged basement suite. 222 was born.

Though there are common themes that run throughout the record (neurotic self-awareness; boredom with the 9 to 5; living with several dudes in a disgusting house; conflicts with society; and a general distaste for people that use spray tan) the 8 track debut is more of a carefully organized clusterfuck: reflecting of the band's fluid creativity and spontaneous origins.

The 222 EP is raw, honest, fun, and at times spastic. Come along. 



The members of 222 ("two twenty two") have joined forces to meld together their own freak-out mix of punk, funk, and soul, delivering a loud and eccentric live show featuring frenzied drumming, distorted guitar, groove-filled bass lines, and edgy yet soulful vocals.

For fans of NoMeansNoAt The Drive-InFIDLAR, and PUP, 222 released their debut self-titled EP independently on August 21, 2015.

During the year leading up to the release the band, based in Victoria, BC, made appearances at Rifflandia Music Festival 2014; Tall Tree Music Festival 2015; Victoria's first annual Car Free Day 2015; and a variety of local performances including direct support for band Ought by request of Atomique Productions. 

222 are Evan Hillier, Marshall Wildman, Esme John, and Justin Campbell.

Band Members