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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"stream aan "daylight""

The last time Portland psych-rock group Aan caught our attention, it involved a story about the Grim Reaper and roller coasters soundtracked by a rambunctious rollicking fun tune. Since then, they’ve released their full-length “Amor Ad Nauseum,” which has highlighted the quintet’s ability to also write beautifully rich songs such as “Daylight” and “Bubble Bath Pop.” Lead singer Bud Wilson sings with an impressive range and in a fervid manner no matter the the tempo while his bandmates Reese Lawhon, Jon Lewis, Patirick Phillips and Jeff Bond provide seductive and notably precise musicianship. Aan’s take on rock is almost hypnotically interesting since they don’t pigeonhole themselves or adhere to too many old rules. “Amor Ad Nauseum” is out via Party Damage. - See more at: http://www.buzzbands.la/2014/02/26/stream-aan-daylight/#sthash.5Ln54qjx.dpuf - Buzzbands LA

"Aan-Mystery Life Video"

Were I ever to be chased by the grim reaper, Portland, Oregon band AAN — pronounced “on” — have created the escape scenario I’d find to be most desirable in their video for “Mystery Life.” Stolen motorcycles, boat rides, and a pizza break? Sounds like the best way to go. The band has been around since 2007, making Pearl Jam-reminiscent indie pop, but are gearing up to finally release their debut album Amor Ad Nauseum. Check out the super fun video for “Mystery Life” and download their track “Wet And Dripping” below. - Stereogum

"Interview: Aan"

There's some real spirit at the heart of Aan. The Portland quartet slides from snappy melodies and shimmering guitars into hauntingly catchy choruses, making for visual, vibrant, and vital rock 'n' roll. With recent dates alongside Smashing Pumpkins under their collective belt and a new single "Mystery Life" [iTunes link], the group have been turning heads across the country. Be prepared for them to make a very big impact on 2013 as one of the most exciting young rock bands on the scene.

In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Aan frontman Bud Wilson talks "Mystery Life" and so much more.

What's the story behind "Mystery Life"?

It's like a dream. Everybody's got their regular world, while they engage in this exploration of possibilities and fantasy. I started with the chord progression. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but I had to work really hard to make money at my regular job in order to pay to get this music thing going. It was one of those reactions to the mundanity of day-to-day. That's the basis of the song. Testing fate is the basis of the lyrics. It's like riding motorcycles around. It's really about escapism. It's a fantasy. You're living in this mystery world and riding around on a motorcycle with beautiful ladies. The bridge of the song is confronting real life. The lyrics talk about realizing it's all a dream, and you have to make your own world.

Where did "I Don't Need Love" come from?

I think that's a projection. It doesn't really fit into my personal life. It's a misanthropic about co-dependence. It's a reaction. I'm not in a co-dependent relationship. I'm friends with a couple of people who are, and they really can't function. I'm calling them out on it in a backwards way. It's about living in a world where you don't rely on other people to get by. Like everything, there's a Ying to that Yang. It's bullshit. The narrator is not happy at all. He claims to not need love, and that's not true.

Is it important for you to tell stories and paint pictures with the songs?

It's less important for me to tell a story than it is for me to make an impression. Both the music and the lyrics convey a feeling whether it's a Wayne's World-style fantasy or an angry and unhappy passage that the music will coincide with. That's more important to me than a front-to-back fictional story. You never wake up and remember a whole dream, but there are certain colors and specific moments. A couple of choice words can really paint a picture that you'll remember. You might not understand what it means, but you'll know it's important in some way.

What artists shaped you?

I've been on a big Pink Floyd kick. For some reason, they've been particularly poignant in the last year. I really like grunge. We're all into grunge. At my age, anybody would be a fool to say they weren't influenced by Nirvana. I really like Deerhunter. I like Os Mutantes and bands who break the rules while they're still in it. I discovered the Tropicália stuff when I was in college. It was a Brazilian movement of really adventurous pop around the same time The Beatles were getting psychedelic in the late sixties. Touchstones for that in a modern sense would be Ariel Pink and these bands who are just weird [Laughs]. That was music was really inspiring because there are no rules.

What's next for you?

We're trying to make the right decisions and use these things like the tour with The Smashing Pumpkins to do this right the first time. Touring with the Pumpkins is amazing. It's like a pinnacle of my life [Laughs]. Our first show with them was in Melbourne, FL. That was my first trip to Florida too. I was in a new place. Walking out on that stage in front of three-thousand people was incredible. We had our work cut out for us. - Artist Direct


Portland quartet, AAN, have our vote for being the most out of place band to appear on the SunFest lineup this year. They’re a far cry from Cheap Trick or Yellowcard; this is a band Pitchfork would probably fawn over until they became popular. Reminiscent of bands such as Modest Mouse and The Walkmen, AAN are pure indie rock. They play with a variety of genres – surf rock, post punk, and a host of experimental sounds muddling the mix – and that makes AAN one of the more interesting bands we’re excited to catch live. - Fuzzy Headphones

"SXSW 2014: 17 Bands To Watch, Even if You Don’t Go to the Music Festival"

Portland, Ore., has a reputation for being a hothouse for musical taste-makers and trendsetters. Aan makes good on that reputation with their complex, challenging rock. The band has been around since 2007, but only recently put out their debut album, Amor Ad Nauseum. Apparently it can take awhile to capture their brand of perfection. - TIME Magazine

"Another New Song from Aan (SXSW Act)"

We’ve been covering Aan for some time, and it seems only fitting that we offer up this latest tune of theirs to close out our Friday offerings. This tune comes from their Amor Ad Nauseum effort, which is available now. It’s filled with lofty songwriting, soaring vocals, and an organic structure that reminds me an awful lot of Snowmine . The Portland act has won over pretty much everyone in their homebase, and it looks like with a big tour lined up-including SXSW-they’ll be happily spreading their tunes to all of us outside the Beaver State. - Austin Town Hall


During five days of showcases, where you play a micro set after micro set, it might be tough to keep friendly with a just as drained crowd but Aan kept the conversation flowing introducing their songs and sharing insights from their own festival browsing. The Portland, OR band who just released their debut LP Amor Ad Naseum have a dreamy rock quality beautifully rooted in strong musical texture. Live, frontman, Bud Wilson sounds a lot like a ethereal version of indie-rocker Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids with great timbre and range. Bud shared with the crowd that he was personally blown away by other artists that day including Lee Fields and Future Islands which in his words “made him think about getting a day job.” All in all, Aan personally blew me away and I hope Bud sticks it out and keeps dreaming up songs in his bedroom. - Secret Note Shows

"Aan Amor Ad Nauseum Album Premiere"

An urgent and powerful debut from the fast-rising Portland band.
Aan call their music experimental rock. If so, the nine songs on their debut album, 'Amor Ad Nauseum,' out February 4 on Party Damage, are the best kind of experiments -- they're successful. Urgent and powerful, 'Amor Ad Nauseum' is anchored by frontman Bud Wilson's raw and acrobatic vocals, and what at times seems like a full orchestra of soaring distorted guitars.

"'Amor Ad Nauseum' is our first real statement and our attempt at creating a sonic record that listens like cinema," said Wilson. "Over the course of two years we slaved in various studios, painstakingly crafting a stereo story of love and all its side affects. We are excited about the results and relieved the album has finally shown itself to the world."

Listen to the full album by the Red Bull Sound Select artists out of Portland, Oregon, before its official release below. - Red Bull

"Aan's "Daylight" Shines Brightly (premiere)"

Portland’s experimental pop band, Aan, released a brand new album entitled Amor Ad Nauseum this month. It’s the kind of album that instantly sweeps you up into a wistful state, filling your ears with drifting instrumentals, thrilling drums and eerie, romantic lyrics. While all the tracks play their part to illuminate the album, “Daylight” is a clear standout. The song starts out minimally and playfully, while creepy, warbly vocals tell a sweet story of sorrow. “Daylight” is a shining example of the dreamy nature of this album. Naturally, we were also excited to hear that the band is putting out a video for this track next month. Amor Ad Nauseum is clearly a labor of love, and we’re smitten with it. - The Wild Honey Pie

"Aan "I don't need love" (stereogum premiere)"

On February 4th, exactly one year and one day after we first heard about it, AAN (pronounced “on”) will finally release their debut album Amor Ad Nauseum. The single they released last February was promising, and “I Don’t Need Your Love” validates that. It’s easily the best recorded thing we’ve heard from the band, between the layered vocals, punching drums and bass bounce it feels like rock music in 3d. Listen below and keep an eye out for them next year. - Stereogum

"Aan "bubble bath bop" (portland's finest prepare to release amor ad nauseum, and share a song from the album)"

The chronicles of Aan have become something of a Portland born legacy. Rising from word of mouth interest raising talk from the coast to coast buzz and clamor that met the release of their Mystery Life 7" from Cool Summer; this further paved the road to their first proper album, with Amor Ad Nauseum from Party Damage. We remember with fondness talking with the band about that great single, hanging at Noise Pop 2013, tour correspondences, our occasional catch-ups and check-ins, and are honored today to premiere their new song off the album, "Bubble Bath Bop".

Bouncing between studios and an Oregon coast cabin, Aan bonded sea washed soundscapes to match a grand album vision. Their live performances had hints of expanding the towers of possibilities toward large sounds, always reaching to capturing the scope of expression with a sound to match. The past two years have found Aan's army fronted by Bud Wilson, Jon Lewis, Reese Lawhon, Patirick Phillips, and Jeff Bond working on a scale of sound larger than any of the dives, auditoriums, living rooms, basements, amphitheaters they have visited. Amor Ad Nauseum is built out of relaying serious listens to the inner indie symphonies that entertain strong sentimental values on repeat. These gorgeous large as life and larger are expressed in day dreaming guitars lathered in synth bathed rhythm restraints on the mind opening, "Bubble Bath Bop". Everything that happens throughout "Bop" occurs through slight twists and passages through experimental secret doors of the unexpected. The simple bass noted accompaniment of Bud's vocal's on the beginning turns into a series of very tricky verse switches, bridge timings, and all around well-adjusted instrumental mix mastery. The drum-breakdowns toward the song's final quarter give way to those echoing, "never before again", cruise controlling into the perception-alteration tunnel. The conscious shifting aspects of the song occur in the clever, understated and smooth disguise that the unassuming might mistake for unintentional. The day tripping bubble bath pop of "Bubble Bath Bop" finds Aan sends their song through the many dimension of the mind while keeping the entire affair polite, and all cues and marks tight in order to push the feelings somewhere else, and into an altered-space.

On the eve of the release of Aan's Amor Ad Nauseum, we had the pleasure of chatting with frontman Bud Wilson on the band and album's development, song structure twists, favorite Portland record stores, and more.

Your album Ad Amor Ad Nauseum has been years in the making, and with it about to be released into the world, how are you all feeling with it in the can and ready to go?

Oh, we're pretty jazzed. It's taken a very long time but the reality is it's also new for all the folks who haven't heard it. We recently learned how to play a couple of the songs that were written in the studio, "Weirdo", "Bubble Bath Bop", so the live show feels new again. And we've been toying with some covers as well as writing new material on the side.

We talked last time when you all were touring with Smashing Pumpkins about surviving the road on a healthy diet of Wreckx-N-Effect's "Rump-shaker". and getting pumped on Dead Prez in Orlando. How do you all feel that tour impacted the full-length?

That tour was certainly the jump off for professionalism. We had to get our shit together and since we headed east for that run last year our heads are turned down a little tighter, more conscious of the "business". That was a very interesting time for a lot of reasons because we were touring when I thought we should have been wrapping up the record, and when we got back we realized that, although the music was finished, we had absolutely no idea who was going to put it out. The short answer to your question is we turned pro.

What is really striking about Amor, is what you are doing with restraint and then very carefully unfurling this gorgeous sound scape that evokes everything that the album rock format was created for. For example, the AM-ethereal vein of "Somewhere Sunshine", which you guys got an awesome western themed video for, and then the perception shifts on our debut of "Bubble Bath Pop". What has been happening in the past year with Aan's song constructions, arrangements, developments, and so on?

I listen to a lot of music. Right now I'm listening to "The Air Force" by Xiu Xiu because their new record isn't up yet on Spotify. I'm always listening for little twists in song structure, Jamie Stewart is a master of this, that's what really gets me excited. In a studio setting there are so many tools and toys to expand upon the stereo spacing of elements within a song. We were really excited about making a BIG sounding record so we explored a lot of the gear available to us as we tracked. Coupling adventurous structure with dynamics and textures is what Aan is about and what we've been trying to get good at over the last year in particular.

There is even a kind of mastery of making a new economy from the dollar bin LP discoveries of forgotten song crafters, AM pop radio-shapers, and majesties of the micro-groove era. Favorite record stores you have been raiding lately in Portland?

I wish I had the cash flow to raid record stores but, alas, the winter months are quiet in terms of gainful employment for me, (I have a freelance gig working in the art department for video productions). I think Jackpot Records up here does an excellent job of curating their sales floor. Though they didn't have Geogaddi last time I checked and I had to settle for the re-issue of Music has the Right to Children. Exiled Records has some really interesting records as well. I think there's some close involvement with that shop and Sun City Girls, so there's a ton of SCG records there. I honestly don't get to shop much though.

Aan's Amor Ad Nauseum will be available February 4 from Party Damage.

Catch Aan live via the following tour dates:

05 Moscow, ID - Mikey's Gyros with Desert Noises
06 Spokane, WA - The Bartlett with Desert Noises
07 Seattle, WA - Barboza with Desert Noises
08 Eugene, OR - Sam Bond's Garage with Desert Noises
27 Oakland, CA - NOISE POP, The New Parish with Social Studies
28 Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place with GRMLN, Social Studies

01 Sacramento, CA - Luigi's with Social Studies
02 Fresno, CA - Love The Captive Studio
03 Santa Barbara, CA - tba
04 Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Bar with Social Studies, & Torches
05 San Diego, CA - Soda Bar with Social Studies
07 Tulsa, OK - Soundpony Lounge with SW/MM/NG
08 Fayetteville, AR - Lightbulb Club
09 Baton Rouge, LA - Mud + Water
11-15 - Austin, TX - SXSW
16 Hot Springs, AR - Valley Of The Vapors Festival with Disco Doom, & Habits
17 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge with Disco Doom
18 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge with Creative Adult, Disco Doom
19 Salt Lake City, UT - Barrel Room with Disco Doom, Animal Eyes
20-23 Boise, ID - Treefort Music Fest - Impose Magazine

"watch the video for aan's "somewhere's sunshine""

This video features a lot of masculine showboating. The two protagonists—sporting cowboy hats and some stern stares—flex their finger-gun skills on a sun soaked plain, but our favorite character is 100% the wobbly-looking band member whose primary concern is applying condiments to his hot dog. We feel you dude.

Portland quartet Aan release their debut LP, Amor Ad Naseum, via Party Damage (on February 4), and specialize in a jittery, energized brand of indie-folk with singer Bud Wilson's careening vocals bolstered by muscular, fuzzed up basslines. On this latest single, "Somewhere Sunshine," the band—who recently toured with The Smashing Pumpkins—dial it back, complimenting Wilson's treble-y quaver with summery, three-ply harmonies. Or is that four? Whatever the case it's a most luxurious vocal ply-age. The sonic equivalent to Charmin's senstive bathroom tissue which has special soothing lotion in it. See? Luxury. - Noisey

"Aan footlooses Boise"

Portland, Ore., indie-pop group Aan, which played two shows in Boise (Neurolux and a house show) over the weekend, is something of an exercise in contradiction.
Though sporting a standard two guitars, bass and drums rock setup, the group didn't bother with the standard trappings of the sound. Dissonant arpeggios and wailing vocals moved seamlessly to spacey Radiohead-esque pop interludes with washes of guitar floating over the chord changes carried by the bass.

Aan somehow managed to feel both sparse and layered, ordered and chaotic, pop and yet dissonant. Even the rhythms seemed to represent opposite values as the staccato pulses of bass laid four on the floor, while the drums made a conscious effort to pick two of them back up, by accenting "the Footloose beats," those that forbid dancing.

The contradictions even extended to the band's membership, as it is such a sonic departure from its previous projects. Aan is far less cluttered than bass player Reese Lawhon's previous project, Avery Bell, and less sonically sprawling than drummer Jon Lewis's previous project, Housefire, with each instrument and section given room to create rather than bleeding into one another through reverbs and echoes.

But despite the seeming checklist of opposites, it comes together cleanly as a united sound. The layered back-up vocals of the musicians in the band other than principal singer Bud Lewis were an especially nice touch.

After Boise, the band is making its way south for a string of shows in California. But Aan will come back, and the group is worth checking out when it does. - Boise Weekly

"MOKB Premiere : Aan : Somewhere Sunshine"

The premiere parade for new bands continues as we release the title song Somewhere’s Sunshine from Aan’s upcoming, unreleased 7” of the same name. Both this experimental-pop band and avant-garde track are the brain-child of Portland, Oregon, singer-songwriter Bud Wilson. With a fat-bottomed bass anchoring noodling synths, strummy melodies and sing-song-y vocals yowling in the upper reaches of Antony Hegarty and Jeff Buckley territory, Aan’s Somewhere’s Sunshine feels more like a meandering, Warholian film-short than a pop song. Just when you think it might break into a full-blown disco funk like the Scissor Sisters’ Laura or Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust, Aan instead takes it down a notch; into sparse, vulnerable soundscapes. It’s weird, it’s sexy, and a wry bite of freak-folk at it’s finest. Wilson started out as bedroom project in 2006 as Amor Ad Nauseum, before adding some members, shortening the band name, and heading into the studio to record his 2010 EP I Could Be Girl For You on Infinite Front Records in 2010. Now in the throws of a hectic 2011, he’s busy writing, recording and performing, including an east coast tour and the release of two 7”’s leading up to the band’s debut LP slated for later this year.

MP3 : Aan – Somewhere’s Sunshine

Aan on Tour
4/22 – Baltimore @ The Annex w/ Great Tap Root
4/23 – Kutztown, PA @ Eckhaus Gallery
4/24 – New York, NY @ The Cake Shop w/ No Sky God, Sam Mickens
4/25 – Providence, RI @ Roots Cafe w/ Manbeard
4/26 – Easthampton, MA @ The Flywheel
4/27 – Portland, ME @ Poland St. House
4/28 – Burlington, VT @ The Monkey House
4/29 – Troy, NY @ 51 3rd Street
4/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Bruar Falls w/ Cavex
5/3 – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (TBC)
5/4 – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod - My Old Kentucky Blog


Amor Ad Nauseum LP - Released February 2014 - Party Damage Records

Mystery Life 7" - Released February 2013 - Cool Summer Records

I Could Be Girl For You EP- Released May 2010 - Infinite Front Records

Somewhere Sunshine 7" - Released May 2011 - Infinite Front Records



Aan is a fearless experimental pop band from Portland, Oregon mixing heavily textured guitars with rich vocal harmonies. The band has been active since 2008 self-releasing several CDs and garnering a reputation throughout the Northwest as a progressive force in the independent scene.

The band beckons a bevy of comparisons but their sound cannot be pigeonholed. The vocal dexterity of singer Bud Wilson skillfully reaches the octaves of the late Jeff Buckley while maintaining a timbre that's much grittier. 

Their forthcoming LP "Amor Ad Nauseum" will be the groups first proper release. The work will demonstrate a patience and attention to space not found in much of the new cannon of up and coming artists. Aan will continue to tour through the continental US in 2014.

Band Members