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Hanalei (single local radio and iTunes)
Dear Watson EP: coming spring 2013



Some folks think that good tunes are crafted from a formula. Some folks think it is really just as simple as that. The hardworking prairie boys of weareAbërdeen tend to disagree. Their craft comes from the heart. To them, there is no formula. Soulful grooves, edging guitars and stories of life experience capture the beer drinking and fun loving crowds that yearn to relate. These Calgary boys keep a nostalgic sound, reminiscent of the nineties Toronto scene mixed with the new sounds of the Canadian west coast; a self-proclaimed “Alt-indie” rock group. Rattitude meets class. Swagger meets chic. Driving rock tunes poppy enough to break your mild-mannered grandma and get her to boogie it up on the dance floor. Just be careful and be sure to call her a cab to her home safely.

Expect some good times and tales of the simple things in life. WeareAbërdeen will capture your heart like a young Ryan Gosling in The Notebook without the awkward naked scene. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, who knows? Let the catchy hooks, rumbling bass and driving breakdowns take you to an old familiar place. One that’s comfortable and serves your finest ale past the wee hours of the morn’. And when they stop serving, or kick you out…come out back in the alley and hang with weareAbërdeen. They’re legit. They might even buy you a beer next time and teach you a secret handshake. They won’t likely watch The Notebook with you though, that one’s on you. They are here to stay.