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Orangeburg, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Orangeburg, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Pop R&B




"Anwar Sawyer & Andrew Diaz Of R&B/Pop Duo A+A Don’t ‘Believe In Good Girls"

We’ve all been there: you meet someone and they seem like the perfect girl/guy for you, until they break your heart.

Anwar Sawyer & Andrew Diaz of A+A express that experience in their new single “Believe In Good Girls,” an ode to heartbreakers everywhere as it describes the feeling of losing faith in women after a breakup.

“I’ll never believe in love again / I’ll never believe in good girls, they don’t exist / Cause you just pushed me in the fire,” Andrew sings on the chorus, their lyrics influenced by George Michael and James Fauntleroy.Anwar is the instrumentalist in the group while Andrew is the writer and vocalist. The two met at a recording studio Sawyer used to own and began writing songs with each other for other artists. Eventually, they decided to start making music for themselves and formed A+A, recording and producing their music in Sawyer’s living room. Their music draws inspiration from current artists, such as Radiohead and Coldplay, in addition to classic artists, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and the chord progressions of Bach.

This track is the first single from the singer/producer duo’s upcoming EP, LivingRooms, due out this May. Be on the lookout for the video soon. - Singersroom

"A+A – ‘Believe In Good Girls’"

R&B pop duo, A+A delivers an ode to heartbreakers everywhere on their latest track, ‘Believe in Good Girls’. The song is the first single from the singer/producer duo’s upcoming EP, ‘LivingRooms’, due out this May.

Writing and producing their music entirely by themselves, Anwar (all instruments) and Andrew (lyrics, vocals) are ready to show the world what they’re made of. ‘Believe In Good Girls’ is a perfect way to do that. This song is definitely a hit and it should be climbing the charts. You hear a bit of 80’s Hip Hop, 90’s R&B, all with a modern sound and some very entertaining lyrics. - Music Is In My Life

"Dope Tunes: A+A – Believe In Good Girls"

We at Music & Other Drugs have stumbled across a gem with New York based duo, A+A. Their latest track “Believe In Good Girls” is pop greatness and honestly had us hitting repeat several times after the first listen. Not much is known about the two, but we are surely loving what they have to offer with their music. The sound has a Prince like vibe with its production and a very new age r&b sound mixed with pop & rock as well. Their mix of genres mesh so perfectly together and just melt like butter in your speakers. The song finds them singing about good girls that don’t exactly exist. Check out their truthful tale about mean girls below. - Music and other Drugs

"A + A – Interview"

A + A are a New York based duo with an extensive back catalogue of musical projects to each of their names. The new releases they have been working on are sounding incredible. We caught up with them this week and grilled them a little on their creative process. Here’s how it went..

A + A, the up and coming duo taking the internet by storm with their brand new track Believe In Good Girls. It’s a pretty awesome song, to be fair; one of those that just gets better and better as it goes along. You seem to have a really good thing going. How did you guys meet, and what made you start working together?

Anwar: Respectively we separately grew in the music industry over the years. We met at a recording studio I used to own. Poptarts.

Andrew: I came in and we just started making records, initially for other artists at first. One record led to the other and we started to really build a vibe on top on the undeniable chemistry that was already there.

Anwar: Our songwriting process probably inspired me the most.. We could write a full song in 5 mins. We could also be in the studio for hours writing a song, not say anything to each other, and some how be on the same page when we put our final product together.

Andrew: Eventually we got tired of dealing with people and decided, “You know what, let’s just do this ourselves.” So we did. We were messing around and came up with Mood, the first record on our Soundcloud, and the rest is really history. Swag.

What roles do you each play in the group – who does what, or do you each just contribute throughout until something big happens?

Andrew: I do the lyrical work and the singing. I also work part time at the local strip club. ☺

Anwar: Oh Wow.

Andrew: Oh Wow.

Anwar: Okay so seriously though, I have been playing in bands and engineering in studios since 6th grade. I play every instrument. So basically I’m the music guy. I love to engineer/mix/master. So basically we literally do everything when it comes to making the record. Sometimes Andrew might come to me with a full song done and we build off of that or vice versa I may have written out a full instrumental track. Some of our best stuff happens on the fly where we are just free-styling a record with a guitar or piano..

Andrew: Since Anwar wanted to go and get all technical, I’m the words guy. I love words. They are my passion. I don’t even care about music. What is music, really?

With that in mind – what came first with the track; the concept, the melody, or the music?

Andrew: I already had the full record in my voice notes. I had just gone through a break up and was obviously inspired because art is for masochists so we need to be hurt to do anything even remotely worthy lol. I definitely felt there was something there with this record, so I sang it for Ahny inside his car, I don’t remember where we were going, but we stopped going and started to build… in our voice notes… inside the car…

Anwar: Just a side note my nickname is Ahny so yea that’s it. Once we got the idea solidified in the car, we immediately went to the studio and free-styled on the piano until we got a solid chord progression.. and the rest is history.

Your music fuses a whole bunch of genres, in my opinion, which is great – really refreshing. Who have you been listening to over the past twelve months that may have added to the eclectic sound you have?

Anwar: SOHN, Family of the year, Radiohead, Snarky Puppy, Bach, Chopin, Bryson Tiller, Porter Robinson, SuperduperKyle, Coldplay, Cocain 80..

Andrew: George Michael, James Fauntleroy, Prince, Drake (so far gone), Frank Ocean, Tracy Chapman, Adele, Robi Draco Rosa, Sade, Shakira (Fijacion Oral). I don’t really listen to music.

There is a lot of music in New York City; do you think it’s a great place for inspiration and opportunity, or is it all a bit chaotic and overwhelming sometimes?

Andrew: I think NYC is a great place for inspiration. There’s so many places to look and so many piles to grab from. Life in general can be chaotic and overwhelming at times, but when we see all the creations birthed by the chaos, it levels everything out. It keeps me grounded.

Anwar: Well said there Mr. Dale Futter (you have saggy hairy balls).

Andrew: : Thanks, I’ve been working out.

Anwar: Okay.. We always try to plan an outing a week so that we don’t get stuck in the studio life. As crazy as NYC is .. sometimes I find inspiration from music being played when I go to the bathroom at a public place.. For some reason my inspiration mojo gets sparked there..

Where and when can we see you performing live in the near future?

There’s nothing planned as of yet. But we plan on announcing a show schedule soon!
Thank you.

A huge thank you to the guys of A + A for taking the time out to talk to us. You can hear their new track, amongst many more, over at Soundcloud, and you can give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to look out for that upcoming schedule. Their brand new EP Living Rooms will be out this summer, we can’t wait; definitely stay tuned for that. Get involved. Show some love if you like what you hear. - Stereo Stickman

"A+A, Believe in Good Girls"

A+A is a musical duo based out of New York who started originally writing, producing, and mixing for other musical acts and decided to leave that world and do it all themselves. Their philosophy states, “There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to making music because it is all subjective, but as humans, our likes and dislikes are all over the place.”

A+A is a musical representation of exactly that. They make the music they love to listen to inspiring them to create a broad range of literally every genre. They have roots in classical, jazz, pop, hip hop, r&b, folk, country, and electronic. Now pretend all those genres had a baby, that’s’ A+A.

We’re thrilled to showcase their latest release, “Believe in Good Girls,” on Soundcloud. The track as racked up over 43K+ plays. The track is an r&b song with capped off with a dope flow. With such an amazing rhythm, a fan describes the track “[sounding] really organic.” It’s further explained that, “The track switches and compliments the vocals perfectly throughout and really helps to bring out the emotion and tone of the singers voice.” - Rude Boy Mag

"Interview: A+A"

A+A (Anwar and Andrew) describe themselves as a couple of guys who make good music and they weren’t lying. Last month, MIML featured their first track off their upcoming EP, ‘Believe In Good Girls‘. The guys who write and produce their music are ready to show the world what they are made of. They took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions so you can get to know them a bit better. Read below:

How did you two meet?
Anwar – I use to own a recording studio in Rockland County and we met during a recoding session.
Andrew – I orginally came to work with one of the artist recording there, but him and I hit it off instead.
Anwar – We like to joke around and say that we met on blackpeoplemeet.com which is the actual truth…
When did you start making music together?
Andrew – As soon as we met we never departed. We just continued to make music.
Anwar – Literally Andrew has never missed a day of working with me.. Even when he was deathly ill he still came through to record music. We even work on Christmas eve/day… We’re not workaholics but we just love what we do.
Who are your musical influences?
Anwar – Coming from someone who studied Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Bach, Coltrane, Miles, Correa .. I never stopped studying music. I feel like the more one understands the language of music, its so easier to speak. Thats why our EP has so many diffferent sounds. I love spending time looking for undiscovered artist who are talented… Right now I have been listening to a lot of The Japensese House and Elliot Moss. Some other sounds are Radiohead, Sade, and Kendrick.
Andrew – I grew up on Prince and George Michael, thats where the base of everything comes from. I currently listen to a lot of James Fauntleory and Anwar smells like peanuts; its quite elogant.
Anwar – Sorry my butt.
What was the inspiration behind ‘Believe In Good Girls’?
Andrew – Believe In Good Girls came from my last relationship. It is not neccesarily that I dont believe good girls exsist, rather the song is inspired by that moment of limbo between the impact and the “I’ll be alright” mentality. That place where that one person that broke you represents their entire sex and you no longer want anything to do with it anymore.
Anwar – Andrew inspired me with this concept. We chopped up the song with just piano first. Once we locked in the melodies and chords, it was pretty simple from there.
What has the response been like to the song?
Anwar – The response has been so inspiring. We started off putting songs on soundcloud not really thinking about what kind of impact it was going to make. We just needed to get all these songs off my computer. Just a feeling of a musical release was so satisfying. Its so crazy becuase we never told any of our friends about us releasing music for the longest time and some of them found our songs without letting them know.
Andrew – Yea it was cool.
When is the EP expected to drop?
Andrew – May 11th because its my favorite number. :)
What can we look forward to on that EP?
Andrew – Absoltutely nothing. Terrible music and terrible people who are terrible at making it.
Anwar – This first EP is kinda of a summary of our soundcloud + 4 new songs.
Finally, what one word would you use to describe yourself?
A+A – Whatever. - Music Is In My Life

"A+A Believe In Good Girls"

A+A is an Indie Songwriter/Producer duo based out of New York City that is currently working on their first EP due to release in 2016. The group doesn’t fit into one particular, as they enjoy creating all types of music and hate being stuck in a single genre.
“Believe in Good Girls” by up-and-coming artists A+A is by far the best song produced this Fall and is definitely radio ready. The group announced the release of their new track on Soundcloud. Listening to the new single will not only leave listeners breathless but it will blow them away. The listener, knows although getting over a breakup is hard, realizing the moment the singer truly hates the girl is when he states “I hate you” and is able to feel the sting of loving her. Searching for the perfect way to tell a past lover “I love you” but “I hate you”? This song is it! Wow. The intriguing and interchanging melody paired with the singers subtle yet powerful vocals, give life to the track and a fresh incomparable unbelievable sound. Not to mention an all too familiar story the audience can relate to on an emotional level. Although the lead vocalists clearly states “I hate you” throughout the refrain not for one minute will the audience believe he is truly over her. This song is without a doubt on its way to becoming a favorite on everyone’s list. Take the new track everywhere with you and enjoy the sounds of A+A. - PopsFanzine


LivingRooms. May 2016
Believe In Good Girls
There goes my heart
Here for you
Soldier of my heart



A+A is a musical duo based out of NY, who started originally writing,producing, mixing for other musical acts and decided to leave that world and do it all themselves. Their philosophy states, "There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to making music because it is all subjective, but as humans, our likes and dislikes are all over the place." A+A is a musical representation of exactly that. They make the music they love to listen to and inspires them which has a broad range of literally every genre. They have Roots of Classical, Jazz, Pop, HipHop, R&B, Folk, Country, Electronic... Pretend all those genres had a baby, thats A+A.

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