We are a friendly, fun, interesting, hard working, loving band who like to play music for people a lot. We play an infused mix of indie rock and pop that has a little taste of surf music goodness. Playing well live is very important to us. We also like to make new friends!


Ashleys are four boys who come from a little lake in the woods. Hailing from the Maritime town of Quispamsis, NB, Ashleys have spent the last three years establishing themselves as a hard-working band in the Ottawa music scene.

They have come to be known for their own original recipe of indie rock, having shared the stage with Paper Lions, The Dudes and other reputable Canadian acts. Through blood (ask Mike), sweat (ask Jack) and years, Ashleys have crafted a live show based around interaction and the spirit of rock. Their high-energy shows inspired the band to bring the same spontaneity to live from-the-floor recordings for their independently-released debut, "Land Of Fear And Shame" in January, 2012.

Ashleys are not your regular run o' the mill band. They're comprised of four best friends who are always hanging out and getting up to no good. They are a band first, but also love to cook, play with dogs and go bowling. Just two releases deep (with their 2010 EP "Bears" and their 2012 LP "Land Of Fear And Shame") Ashleys have no intention of slowing. The band is currently building material for their sophomore release, coming later on in 2013.

If you have any inquiries for Ashleys (or think you got what it takes to take them on in a game of bowling - you don't) you can always send them an e-mail at


Jack & Handel

Written By: Bears [2010]

I want to sail.
I'm on a wave.
Tell me why and I'll die again.

Flightless Little Birds

Written By: Land Of Fear And Shame [2012]

Listen to her words.
They're all flightless little birds.
Not going anywhere, at all.


Written By: Bears [2010]

The dirty bird is perching on my easel.. maybe for a nest like mine?

When The Boys All Bark

Written By: Bears [2010]

Kiss it away.


BEARS (1st EP)
-available on iTunes and available for listening on MySpace
-recorded live in 2010
-released on iTunes Oct.19th, 2010
-singles: Jack & Handel, Nighthawk

-avalible at and on iTunes
-recorded live in 2011
-released on January 8th, 2012
-singles: Polish, Rivers Shivers, Flightless Little Birds, Twenty