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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Author's 'Regret' Doesn't Want To Break Your Heart, But It Just Might"

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the last we heard from Author -- Trevor Bartlett (vocals/guitar), Cameron Bartlett (drums/vocals), Nate Washburn (bass) and Erik Moody (guitar) -- was their one-off track "To Dream." Stating that they were hard at work in the studio, the band is finally ready to roll out their debut album, "Of Brighter Days." The Huffington Post is pleased to premiere the group's first single, "Regret."

“‘Regret’ is a little bit more like the EP," Trevor Bartlett told HuffPost Entertainment. "There’s two songs on the record, ‘Regret’ being one of them, that I wrote about a year and a half ago. But there’s a lot of variance on the record, and overall it is very ambient. I think the album bumps -- we use the term bump a lot -- much harder than the EP. Dynamically, it gets big and loud. It turned out to be a really emotional record and dynamically, from beginning to end, we wanted it to be able to tell a story. Through imagery in the album artwork and through the songs and lyrics, it tells a pretty clear story."

Releasing the single with a video by Levi Mlinar, Bartlett explained, "The visuals in the video are all based on concept photos throughout the albums artwork. They are all in different segments of the projection videos at the listening party as well. We wanted through the art of this record to try and emote the best we can through simple hand gestures."

Album opener “Fiction” kicks things off with a few piano chords before some quick picking and snare rolls turn on the jets. It's a different gait for the band, but it suits them well. "Wander" demonstrates the band's impeccable ability to layer without overwhelming, pairing infectious vocal harmonies with off-time claps. Washburn really drives the band on this track, taking lead just after the two-minute mark with a groovy progression, a few wobbles coming in at the end. Elements of tracks like "Regret," "Brighter" and "Clouds" will remind listeners of their earlier work, and proves that the fingerprint of former producer Aaron Marsh has not been totally dusted off. The piano-led "Find the Words" closes the album with a gripping, disarming confession, Bartlett letting out one last conclusion that will undoubtedly leave listeners in tears: "I'm sorry that I cannot tell you what's rotting in me, it's hollowing me."

“The whole record plays like a relationship, like between you and a loved one," Bartlett said. "In the beginning it’s more playful and new, and then it gets into this uncertainty and then moves towards kind of a resolve. It took us a while to come up with the title, but ‘Of Brighter Days’ is basically saying we’re not sugarcoating reality and life, but, in the same sense, life isn’t all awful.”

"Of Brighter Days" hurts just as tenderly as it embraces you, but such is the unavoidable reality of intimacy. Extremely well-paced, the album's order leaves no room for hiccups, making listening from start to finish mandatory. Listeners will get vibes of bands like Mutemath, Minus The Bear, Mew, Copeland and Circa Survive throughout the record, and while Author's debut has begun to etch out a sound that is their own, it's the band's heart that will be what remains.

"Of Brighter Days" will be released digitally on Jan. 6, 2015. For those in the Atlanta area, the band is having an album listening party and art show Nov. 18 at 9:00 p.m. - Ryan Kristobak

"Doomtree, Grammar, Author, Sarah Lou Richards: This week’s Minnesota record releases"

Author come in at the poppier end of the dreamy sound that characterizes local acts like Solid Gold and GAYNGS. Relying more on songs than soundscapes, Brighter Days sounds like the sort of album John Lennon might have made in 1994 if he’d survived to collaborate with Jon Brion. - Aaron Bolton


Artist: Author
Album: Of Brighter Days
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Label: Unsigned

Minneapolis’ Author have been riding a wave of praise since the release of their debut EP, People Are Alike All Over, a lush offering that left alternative music fans weak in the knees and hungry for a follow-up. Now, two years later, the four-piece is back with a well-rounded LP that not only meets, but exceeds all expectations.

Carefully crafted from start to finish, Of Brighter Days is a record defined by details. From the glassy opening of “Fiction” to the tender closing of “Find The Words,” every hook, riff, and bridge exhales a profound sense of self, resulting in a cohesive collection that only grows more vivid with time.

Delicate piano chords kick things off, but are quickly overpowered by smart guitar lines and driving percussion. Vocalist Trevor Bartlett takes the reins without hesitation, and all at once it becomes clear that Author excels as a single unit; no one band member shines, but rather, their combined efforts work as one to create melodies that are both memorable and utterly airtight. This aptitude becomes even more apparent with the ebbing rhythms of “Forget,” which could almost pass as a forgotten Death Cab cut if not for its complexity and depth. The more laid back sibling of the previously referenced opener, it’s a prime example of the type of vibrant arrangements that lie ahead.

“Regret,” the album’s lead single, maintains a similar sense of purpose despite its mainstream sensibilities. Lofty harmonies hit home as Bartlett expounds a heartbroken sermon, eventually swelling to a powerful conclusion worthy of any alt-rock rotation. “Wander” is equally enthralling, built around a bevy of layered vocals that I can’t help but compare to the Bee Gees. Still, this song is a far cry from the dance floor ditties of yesteryear; subtle synth, rolling drums, and happy handclaps move as one to construct a backdrop that is both introspective and upbeat.

Dueling vocal lines dominate “Extraordinary,” and the result is breathtaking. A haunting, airy track, it is without a doubt one of the group’s most impressive undertakings. “Clouds” also acts as a welcome break from the norm, relying more heavily on synth than its predecessors, while “Shadows” is similarly charming despite its familiar chord progressions. Not to be forgotten, the closer, “Find The Words,” again puts Bartlett’s velvety croon at the forefront, allowing listeners to slowly drift into melancholy contemplation.

For most, finding a sound that is uniquely their own takes time, and often, multiple attempts, but this is not the case with Author. Of Brighter Days is fluid and focused throughout, and lacks the loose ends that so often cripple similar releases. An impressive debut that is more than worthy of your time, stream it here, and pick up a copy wherever music is sold.

SCORE: 8/10 - Kyle Florence


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Author is an Indie Rock four piece from Minneapolis MN. Their most recent release "Of Brighter Days" dropped on January 15th 2015 and they're currently on tour in support of the release.
Their previous release "People Are Alike All Over" , dropped May of 2012.

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