Bears from Space

Bears from Space


A fresh combination of indie folk and rock infused with a touch of magic and great stage presence. Playing original songs and offering a twist on covers, Bears from Space bring a fresh sound to their supercharged set.


Bears From Space are an independent rock / folk trio out of North West Arkansas. The members of the band have played music together in various capacities for the last six years. Bassist, Alexander Lantz, and guitarist, Mark Zebley, blend their musical talents to write innovate and unique music. Primarily performing original music, Bears From Space are entertaining, high-energy, and lots of fun! Influenced by everything from U2, The Killers, Tom Waits, and Jim Keltner - Bears from Space brings something new to the Indie scene.


LP - "Bears from Space" (2009)

Set List

Sets run one to two hours, including original songs:
Lost Call
And I
Low Fare
Accura Commercial
Top of the Morning

The band also covers:
Party in the USA
When the Streets Have No Name
When Your Heart Stops Beating