give us a record deal....NOW!...please.


The summer of 2006 was hot. Blackouts plagued the city and crime increased. The streets were filled with violence and filth. The bars were overcrowded, and the parks were empty. The police did not care, the public turned a blind eye, and the media was indifferent. Everyone feared the next doomsday. No one slept, no one cried, and no one moved. Everyone was waiting for something better or worse to happen; something to break the stagnancy. This is when Bombers was born.

Hard earned money bought them the tools, and years of life changing experiences would provide the songs. Tired of standing on the sidelines, it was time to start telling the world how they felt about this place and all of its people. John Oliva and Sean Walsh, along with Jimmy Doom (06-07 drummer), loaded all of their gear into a 9x16 foot basement in Queens and started working on the formula for the resurrection of their rock and roll dreams. There is nothing better than playing music for people who care, so thats what they would do. Within three months, Bombers caught the attention of local and regional promoters and found themselves opening for bands like The Living End, Bayside, The Sleeping and many more. They have worked with bands such as Switchfoot, Mest, Hawthorne Heights, and feature ex-members of A Late Design and Man Explodes.

Bombers are a band out to give the world something honest. They have worked hard for their opportunities. They are not out to sell you something false, but rather uphold the integrity of music for its loyal lovers. Sean and John have played sold out shows, traveled the world, and lived "the life". They have had experiences that are priceless and now intend to give you what is real. Lend them your ears and listen for Bombers.


Bombers s/t(2006) E.P.
"the basement tapes"(2008) E.P.

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