Celeste is a hardworking rockband from Oslo, Norway. Some people think the band sounds like Coldplay meeting Muse spiced with a little bit of Queens Of The Stone Age.


Remi Andrè Pernell Nordby (guitar), Espen Skjærlund (bass) and Øystein Indrevær (drums) formed Celeste september 14th 2006 when Bjørn Thomas Andreassen left the band Blend. The members live in Lillestrøm, close to Oslo, Norway.

The members of Blend played together for over ten years, and when Bjørn left, the three remaining members wanted to continue with music. They chose to start completely from scratch, and the music is a bit different now than it was in the Blend-period. Celeste is closer to the rock-genre than Blend was, but the music still contains many of the same preferences.

Celeste spent the end of 2006 and almost all of 2007 creating new songs, but they played some gigs as well in between. In 2008, they also played some gigs, in addition to the recording of the EP "Bring It Back EP". The EP came out on the 27th of April 2009, and the song "Panic Attack" reached the norwegian charts with 13th as highest. They've also played a lot of gigs during 2009.

A new album is finished late 2009!


Bring It Back EP (2009)
1. Panic Attack (highest on the norwegian charts: 13th (week 21, 2007))
2. Bring It Back
3. Mellow
4. Too Late To Say Goodbye

Set List

2. Get Down. Scream Out
3. Too Late To Say Goodbye
4. Mellow
5. Could I?
6. If I Had A Say
7. Take It Slowly
8. I’ll Wait For You
9. Time Won’t Pay You Back
10. Ignorance
11. Let Me Go
12. Save Me Now
13. (Standing Together) In Grief
14. It's Your Call
15. Like Never Before
16. Bring It Back
17. Don’t Leave Now
18. Panic Attack