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Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Pop




"Coyote 'Proof of Life' (album stream)"

Charlottetown combo Coyote have five members, but their sound aims for something much bigger. Before their EP Proof of Life is released on September 9 through Fountain Pop Records, it's available to stream here on

Opener "Your House" begins with a piano figure reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem's "All Your Friends" before swelling to a surging rock climax. Elsewhere on Proof of Life, there's a hint of funk to the palm-muted guitar licks on the dance-rock grooves of "Old News," while the title track is the most urgently upbeat song here, and closing cut "Toothache" is delivered with quiet restraint before swelling to a cinematic (yet still fairly restrained) finale.

The EP was recorded with Colin Buchanan of Paper Lions. Hear it all below, and check out the band's Canadian tour schedule here. - Exclaim!

"Coyote releases Proof of Life on September 09... announces Canadian tour dates"

Charlottetown’s Coyote releases Proof of Life on Tuesday, September 09. The band is hitting the road in support of the release. Dates include:
Sept. 06 – Amherst, NS – Teazer’s Pub
Sept. 13 – Victoria, BC – The Metro (Rifflandia Festival)
Sept. 17 – Edmonton, AB – Black Dog Free House
Sept. 18 – Saskatoon, SK – Vangeli’s Tavern
Sept. 22 – Sudbury, ON – The Townehouse
Sept. 23 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe Tavern
Sept. 24 – Ottawa, ON – Pressed Café
Sept. 26 – Fredericton, NB – The Capital
Sept. 27 – Springhill, NS – Sociables Afternoon BBQ
Sept. 27 – Halifax, NS – The Seahorse Tavern
Sept. 28 – Mount Stewart, PE – The Trailside Café
Full of longing and reflection, Proof
Life captures the tensions of growing up, youthful romance, friendships and their failings. 
dynamic hooks, 
The band has also released a live performance video for the song “Future Love,“ which was recorded at The Sound Mill on Prince Edward Island. Watch the video HERE.
For more information on Coyote, visit: - Pittsburgh Music Magazine

"PREMiERE: Coyote "Old News""

Charlottetown, PEI’s Coyote was pitched to me as a mix between Echo & The Bunnymen and LCD Soundsystem, and that was one drink I’d happily down in a single gulp. The band have built a recognized name for themselves in Atlantic Canada since starting out in 2011 with a kinetic live show and infectious debut EP, Tracks, and now they’re ready to take on the rest of Canada and beyond.

A new release is on the horizon this summer, produced and engineered at home in Prince Edward Island with Colin Buchanan, and to get the party started they’re debuting the single “Old News” today on Quick Before It Melts. They’ll be celebrating the single release with a show at Fishbones Oyster Bar in Charlottetown, on June 13, 2014, but before that folks in Ontario can catch them June 7 in Sudbury for the Long Weekend Festival, and June 10 at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern; on the 11th of June they’ll stop in la belle province for a show at Montreal’s Quai des Brumes. - Quick Before It Melts

"Coyote Releases Proof of Life on September 09, announce tour dates"

Charlottetown’s Coyote releases Proof of Life on Tuesday, September 09. The band is hitting the road in support of the release. Dates include:
Sept. 06 - Amherst, NS - Teazer’s Pub
Sept. 13 - Victoria, BC - The Metro (Rifflandia Festival)
Sept. 17 - Edmonton, AB - Black Dog Free House
Sept. 18 - Saskatoon, SK - Vangeli’s Tavern
Sept. 22 - Sudbury, ON - The Townehouse
Sept. 23 - Toronto, ON - The Horseshoe Tavern
Sept. 24 - Ottawa, ON - Pressed Café
Sept. 26 - Fredericton, NB - The Capital
Sept. 27 - Springhill, NS - Sociables Afternoon BBQ
Sept. 27 - Halifax, NS - The Seahorse Tavern
Sept. 28 - Mount Stewart, PE - The Trailside Café
Full of longing and reflection, Proof
Life captures the tensions of growing up, youthful romance, friendships and their failings. 
dynamic hooks, 
The band has also released a live performance video for the song “Future Love,“ which was recorded at The Sound Mill on Prince Edward Island. Watch the video HERE. - Pittsburgh Music Magazine

"Proof of Life - Coyote (review)"

Charlottetown band Coyote formed in 2011 and made friends with debut album Tracks, which earned them four Music PEI Award nominations, including Album of the Year. At East Coast Music Week 2013 Coyote was awarded the first ever People's Choice Rising Star Award and they recently released a follow-up mini-album Proof of Life. This is accessible and melodic pop-rock fare with a hint of the '80s in there, via the keyboard sounds. The EP was recorded crisply by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions).

Coyote have been howling their way across Canada on a tour that closes out with East Coast gigs in Fredericton (The Capital, Sept. 26), Springhill (Sociables BBQ, Sept. 27), Halifax (Seahorse Tavern, Sept. 27) and Mount Stewart PE (Trailside Cafe Sept. 28). - New Canadian Music

"Exclusive Video Premiere: Coyote - "Proof of Life""

Hailing from Charlottetown, Coyote (Josh Carter, Bruce Rooney, Evan McCosham, Bradford Rooney, and Mike King) are a pop-rock fivesome who released their new EP Proof of Life on September 9th. The EP is packed with jubilant pop songs, lively hooks, and contagious dance-rock grooves. To accompany its release, Coyote created a fun video documenting their lives on the road for the EP’s title track Proof of Life — seeing a band in their natural element, touring, can’t help but make a music lover smile. Watch the video exclusively on A Music Blog, Yea? below, and follow updates from Coyote here: - A Music Blog, Yea?

"We've Got Our Eyes On... Coyote"

Home Base:
Charlottetown, however four of the five band members are originally from the Belfast/Montague area, excluding Mike King who hails from Springhill, Nova Scotia.
On the scene since:
Coyote formed in late 2010 and this April will mark the one-year anniversary of the addition of drummer Mike, solidifying the group. The four lads from down East grew up together and always shared a passion for playing music. After playing together and separately in various musical projects around Charlottetown, they found their niche with the formation of Coyote, a serious endeavour packed with potential.
What you’ll hear them play:
What some might label as “progressive pop rock”, we bring a ton of energy to our original song writing. Full of uplifting pop rock elements, lots of vocal hooks, and tasteful tones, we create a dynamic wall of sound that catches the tapping toes and fancy feet of any audience member, young or old.
Musical Influences:
Everything from Big Band to 90′s dance music, to funk and singer-songwriter. Each member draws from all kinds of personal influences and manages to register a new take on pop rock. We love music that is upbeat and full of energy and we love to be able to give people the opportunity to take that energy and make something of it.
How Coyote got their name:
We were looking for something short and snappy, something that grabs your attention but is simple and easy to remember, so we chose Coyote. As an afterthought, we realized that perhaps it was a more suitable name than we originally thought. The coyote is a very resilient species, using the pressures of human development to its advantage and proliferation, unlike some of its relatives who haven’t faired so well. It can be a tough go as a band, with all the competition and pressures out there in the industry, so you have to be resilient and find a way around each challenge to succeed. A note to Island residents: we won’t eat your chickens.

Coyote's first EP, "Tracks" was released March 9. Album art by Rachel Soucie.
Since forming Coyote, what have been the most memorable experiences/performances? How has Coyote grown as a band?
It’s been an incredible year for us and it seems like each month we experience growth on and off the stage. Between jamming with Mike King for the first time in a Island basement far from his home Springhill this past April, putting the finishing touches on our first EP in December, and performing at the ECMA 2012 warm-up show as a segue to our participation in the Breakout Stage at the upcoming ECMAs, there has been no shortage of memorable moments for us and they will continue to shine through. However, it’s in between the resumé-building showcase opportunities and successes that we find special moments as a band in little things: meeting and bonding with other musicians along the way, seeing new faces out at shows, and being pushed by the support of our family and friends.
If there is anything we’ve learned as a band to date, it’s that we’ll never stop learning. Every stage we play, every person we meet, every time we practice, we are always learning and growing. As a group immersed in a creative environment, it’s only natural that being around the same four other people that you’ve known so well and for so long, ideas and personalities can start to clash. These moments help us grow, too. We trust each other and share the same passion for what we do; we all work and care for the best interest of the group.
On what it takes to be successful:
Our band philosophy is this: work hard on the music, work hard outside the music, maintain the vision of the group, and never forget that it never gets easy. We don’t expect to make money and we focus on balancing our lives to be able to support what we love to do. There are many challenges to advancing in the music industry but we feel that by taking every step to improve ourselves and by absorbing every experience that we’ll continue to learn and expand. Oh yeah, and don’t beat any dead horses.
Looking ahead:
We just released our first EP, “Tracks” (available for sale at Back Alley Discs, through Coyote’s official website, and at any of the band’s live shows) and we’re excited for the ensuing release tour throughout the Maritimes. In April, we will be showcasing at ECMA 2012 in Moncton, which will be a great opportunity to bring our live show and fresh EP to the table. Beyond the spring, we’ll be hitting stages both indoor and outdoor with our EP material and a host of new songs. We have a special appreciation for the atmosphere of music festivals, so we hope to be a part of some of the great festivals that the Maritimes has to offer. Also on our list is expanding our range beyond the Atlantic Provinces. - G! Magazine

"Coyote: Proof of Life EP"

LCD Soundsystem Meets Echo and the Bunnymen

Coyote is a five-piece from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and PEI, of course, is Canada’s smallest province. Despite the fact that the band comes from a tiny place, Coyote’s sound is large and cavernous, often belying the fact that there are five people in the group. The press materials describe the outfit as “LCD Soundsystem meets Echo and the Bunnymen”, but, if you listen to their Proof of Life EP, you’ll know that those two reference points don’t really meet at the same time. So, yes, opening cut “Your House” sounds like James Murphy, while “Melody Harmony” is a lot like Ian McCulloch’s band during their classic period. It’s a bit strange, in a sense, that Coyote draws inspiration from Echo, as there was a Canadian band in the ‘80s called Chalk Circle that was basically Canada’s version of that group. (If you can find 1987’s Mending Wall, do hunt it down as it is a stellar record.) In any event, the Proof of Life EP is an intriguing concoction, even though it doesn’t rise above its obvious influences. And vocalist Josh Carter is a dead ringer for Bono, strangely enough.

“Your House” is interesting in that it has a “All My Friends”-style banging piano riff, complete with squiggly keyboards that you would ordinarily find on a Cars LP. It rises triumphantly, showcasing Coyote’s grasp of the anthemic. “Old News” boasts a very ‘80s teen movie feel to it, and has a fluid groove that may get you tapping your foot to the beat. “Future Love” offers a pulsating keyboard riff that transmutes into a funky rock ditty. Final song “Toothache” is a slow and cold ballad, with stabby keyboards providing a counterpoint for a gently plucked acoustic guitar. Overall, the Proof of Life EP is strong stuff, and manages to sound somewhat original without breaking free of the groups that have inspired Coyote’s signature style. It’s also great to hear music out of Charlottetown, as only a few Canadian bands—Two Hours Traffic (RIP) and Boxer the Horse come to mind—have really made inroads out of the local scene. If you’re seeking something that references the past while keeping a foot in the present, Coyote is a band that you should explore. - PopMatters

"Coyote (PEI) Music Review"

My trusty photographer and I made our way up the stairs in a journey from one end of the country to the other. My experience thus far with East Coast music has been with bands primarily from Nova Scotia, and as my daughter has PEI blood, I was looking forward to seeing what the music from her daddy’s home would be like. It was great-upbeat, with that “East Coast” feel I have always loved. If this band is any indication, PEI is certainly worthy of their own showcase. It looked like the crowd agreed with me, as they surrounded the stage to bop and weave to the tunes. They were a little heavier than most East Coast music I am familiar with, but they managed to do so without losing the friendly, happy party tone. Sadly, it was too loud upstairs- the room isn’t big enough for that kind of volume, and it made it difficult for me to really appreciate the music. - Music Page

"Coyote (review)"


Proof of Life

(Fountain Pop Records)

Coyote se démarque sur la Côte Est comme la plus récente exportation de la scène pop de Charlottetown, sur l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Plus de deux ans après les balbutiements prometteurs d’un premier maxi, la formation insulaire Coyote met sa théorie routière en pratique sur Proof of Life, avec plus d’incision et de confiance.

Ce deuxième effort pourrait très bien se nommer preuve de pop. Il faut le dire, la bande sonore feels good du mois, Coyote le fait à fond, car le groupe originaire de Charlottetown incarne l’exubérance joviale du début de la vingtaine. Allons-y donc avec une sorte d’hommage à All My Friends de LCD Soundsystem, entrecoupé d’une power pop rebondissante (Proof of Life) et de tounes pop parfaites, où le facteur danse n’enlève rien à l’intelligence musicale de Coyote (Old News). Mentionnons également au passage les tonalités de guitares huppées de Melody Maker. Même la nostalgie des années 2000 coule tout naturellement dans les chants de gang de Future Love. Chapeau, la bande semble prête à passer au prochain niveau.

Proof of Life manque d’assurance à mi-parcours, particulièrement lorsque Coyote se met de l’avant de manière vulnérable (Toothache). Le groupe excelle dans son intention festive, maniée avec agilité. Si cet élément permet au mini-album d’être mémorable, il doit toutefois être garroché avec fermeté. C’est particulièrement vrai grâce à la réputation scénique qui accompagne Coyote. Il n’en demeure pas moins qu’en alignant deux titres de la solidité de Your House et Old News, le quintette peut partir à l’assaut de la scène pop canadienne. - BRBR


La formation pop insulaire Coyote a fait, bien malgré elle, la une de tous les médias des Maritimes : les instruments du groupe ont été volés, le 22 août, au petit matin, le jour d’un concert!

« Dès que j’ai sauté dans la fourgonnette, je me suis aperçu que notre équipement n’était pas entassé jusqu’au toit, comme à l’habitude, » résume Bradford Rooney, claviériste de Coyote.

Le quintette perdait ainsi trois guitares, une basse, deux synthétiseurs et un piano électrique, tout juste avant le lancement d’un nouvel album et de leur première tournée canadienne.

« Nous avons paniqué, mais on a loué des instruments puis on a joué le soir même. Évidemment, un chèque de paie n’allait pas nous faire de tort dans ces circonstances. »

Dur coup, surtout que le quintette fut dépouillé de ses outils, en plein dans leur Charlottetown natal. Le lendemain du vol, des membres du groupe ont foulé les trottoirs du centre-ville afin de repérer leur appareillage.

« On a reçu un coup de fil d’un type qui a vu quelqu’un se promener avec une housse à clavier, tout près de chez mon frère, c’est-à-dire l’endroit où notre fourgonnette était stationnée au moment du vol. »

Enfin, le groupe ne mettra pas bien longtemps avant de découvrir le pot aux roses; pendant ce temps, en plein cœur de la ville, le même individu tente de se débarrasser de guitares le plus rapidement possible.

« Dimanche, en quatre heures, les policiers avaient retrouvé la personne et trouvé six des sept instruments. »

Tout est bien qui finit bien. Enfin, presque : une guitare électrique manque toujours à l’appel, une Gibson Midtown Custom, dont le sort est incertain.

« Tous ces instruments sont mis en vedette sur notre album. Leur valeur n’est pas que musicale, mais sentimentale aussi. »


Ce nouveau disque servait d’ailleurs de prétexte à cette entrevue avec Coyote. Si le groupe roule sa bosse sur la Côte Est canadienne depuis 2010, Proof Of Life marque un tournant pour la bande, réputée pour la solidité de sa pop en spectacle.

« Nous aimons le son live et c’était notre but de transposer cela sur un disque enregistré en studio. Ça marche avec les musiques et les paroles, qui sont très feels good. »

Les membres du groupe affirment que si le concept de proof of life demeure objectif, il sert de synthèse de l’esprit qui habite l’exubérance de Coyote, autant dans ses hameçons que dans les textes.

« Nous sommes tous d’abord des amis proches, puis les membres d’un même groupe. Même si ces chansons sont écrites par Josh (NDLR: leader de la formation), nous pouvons tous nous y reconnaître et ces chansons deviendront nos souvenirs, tu vois. »

Coyote carbure au moment présent, comme en témoigne sa quête de preuves de vie. C’est dans ce contexte que le groupe aura l’occasion de savourer leur première tournée nationale, une réalité qui semblait impossible il y a six mois.

« On nous a offert d’offrir un concert au festival Rifflandia, à Victoria. On a reçu d’autres offres dans l’Ouest du pays, puis une fenêtre idéale s’est ouverte, surtout avec la sortie d’un album. »

La route est longue au Canada, certes, mais cela ne convainc pas le groupe de quitter leur île natale. Avec raison.

« J’ai toujours eu l’impression qu’il y a un avantage à habiter à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Music PEI nous a toujours encouragé puis on a eu accès à des subventions. Même à Charlottetown, il n’y a que 35 000 personnes, mais la scène musicale se porte très bien. »

Coyote part d’ailleurs à la conquête du pays avec certaines idoles régionales dans le rétroviseur.

« Paper Lions et Two Hours Traffic ont percé le marché national et ça nous inspire. Ça doit dire quelque chose qu’ils sont toujours restés près de l’île. » - BRBR

"Coyote (review)"

Coyote have been kicking around Prince Edward Island for several years now and Proof of Life is their second EP. The Charlottetown five-piece formed around guitarist and singer Josh Carter, bassist Evan McCosham, and brothers Bruce and Bradford Rooney on lead guitar and keys, with Nova Scotian Mike King rounding things out on the skins. Together, they peddle a sort of bubbly, guitar-driven pop sound that has one foot in the now and the other in the eighties, most notably those anthemic sing-alongs that Echo and the Bunnymen or U2 did so well. The band appear to have tightened things up a bit since their first record, 2012's Tracks, which seemed to offer up equal parts promise and premise. Here, though, Carter's songs are more robust, with Bradford Rooney's keys featured front and centre in the mix, especially on the catchy opener 'Your House' and the revved-up title track. Those ought to keep the kids dancing, but for my money the cutesy 'Old News' is exactly that, a bouncy throwback to the best of the MTV years, a guilty pleasure that, windows closed and curtains drawn, we can all have some fun with. - Canuckistan Music

"Coyote - "Old News" [SoundCloud Song Stream]"

The Skinny: Coyote has offered the first preview of their forthcoming Proof of Life EP, set for release on September 9th, 2014. The band is now streaming the propulsive new song "Old News" via SoundCloud - stream it just above.

Hailing from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Coyote is a pop-rock band blending influences as diverse as LCD Soundsytem and Echo & the Bunnymen. Over the last two years, the band has gained a reputation for their dynamic and lively performances and will take that energy to the road as they embark on a Summer tour that sees them perform at festivals such as Lost Weekend Festival, FollyFest, and Evolve.

Tour Dates:

06/06 - Sudbury, ON @ Lost Weekend Festival
06/10 - Toronto, ON @ The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
06/11 - Montreal, PQ @ Quais des Brumes
06/13 - Charlottetown, PE @ 1864 Week in Victoria Park
06/13 - Charlottetown, PE @ Fishbones
06/29 - Gagetown, NB @ FollyFest
07/05 - Moncton, NB @ Tide and Boar
07/11 - Antigonish, NS @ Evolve
07/18 - Fredericton, NB @ The Capital
07/25 - Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse Tavern - PureGrainAudio

"Howlin' Maritimers: Coyote at Quai des Brumes"

Ever since moving to Montréal five years ago, Quai des Brumes has been one of my favourite small venues. I’ve seen multiple good shows in this narrow bar on St.-Denis, and often they were acts I’d never heard of, pleasant surprises. I’ve always found that the place just feels good, too—warm, welcoming, what have you. It makes me happy to be there.

So imagine how happy I was when I heard that some good old boys I know from the Maritimes were coming to play at Quai.

The boys in Coyote all hail from my neck of the woods—Maritimers, all coming either from PEI or Nova Scotia. I have some great memories with a few of them, and great love for them as humans, and it had been years since I had gotten to hang out with any of them, let alone see them make music together.

I wander into the bar and start doling out hugs. There are tables right up to the stage, and the ones in the front filled with semi-familiar faces, Maritimers I haven’t seen in years and years, old friends and new, mostly all transplants that have moved here. The boys were pleasantly surprised by the turnout, an almost-full house for bands that are, as of now, relatively unknown—but working hard to get recognized.We Are Monroe were on the bill offering local support. This four-piece’s post-punk-flavoured rock is scrappy and upbeat, lead by powerful vocals and backed by solid rhythm-work. They deliver a solid live show, and they know it—their EP, released on their bandcamp page, is a live recording designed specifically to get you to come out to see them perform. I respect that, as a huge believer in live music.

Coyote took to the stage and a few of the more enterprising young Maritimers started pushing back the tables to make a dancefloor—to the visible annoyance of the waitress. Understandable.Lead by Josh Carter’s unique and powerful tenor and the harmonies packed around it, Coyote’s songs are generally light-hearted and well-arranged, featuring a good mix of acoustic and electric sounds. Bruce Rooney’s effects and pitch-bending on lead guitar add a Modest Mouse-like feel to a lot of their tunes—not surprising, since Bruce is a self-confessed huge fan. And major fun for me, because so am I.

Their musical, highly danceable songs also bear the certain je-ne-sais-quoi of Maritime rock—a bit of a jammy, almost two-tone vibe that seems to be present in a lot of the talent coming out of these tiny powerhouse provinces. The boys are tight, too; their songs are full of starts and stops that to pull me in and keep the ear entertained. Bradford’s keys and Evan’s bass add depth and complexity, while Mike’s drumming is solid and just a little funky. A talented little knot of Maritimers, Coyote puts on a high-energy live show, all packed with moxie. You can tell these boys have worked hard, played harder, and will continue to do so.

If you’re a fan of Plants and Animals, Modest Mouse, or Kings of Leon, consider giving Coyote a bit of your attention. - Forget the Box

"Music PEI Relives Nudie's House of Rock with Live Videos from Two Hours Traffic, Paper Lions, the Meds, Coyote"

Each year, Music PEI Week celebrates the finest music from the Maritime province. As the organizers plan for the event's 2014 instalment, Music PEI has released four live videos showcasing one standout show from the 2013 edition.

The videos come from Nudie's House of Rock, a conert that kicked off Music PEI Week on January 25 at the Mack theatre in Charlottetown. Hosted by local songwriter Nudie, the gig featured two band at a time onstage, trading off song for song. Between tracks, Nudie interviewed the groups.

For a taste of music from that show, watch four high-quality live videos below. These include Two Hours Traffic playing their bouncy anthem "Audrey," Paper Lions grooving their way through the tuneful "My Friend," the Meds serenading the crowd with the impassioned rock slow-burner "Animals," and Coyote performing the folk-rock number "Lazy Jane."

This should give Canadian music lovers a taste of what to expect from House of Rock in 2014. Music PEI Week will run from January 24 to February 1, so expect more details to be fleshed out in the coming months.

Music PEI is non-profit member services organization devoted to helping local musicians advance their careers. Learn more about it here. -

"Tour Time"

There’s a pop-rock band that’s relatively new to the Canadian music scene. In a short time this five-piece from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island have released an EP, toured the Maritimes, played the Halifax Pop Explosion, Evolve, and the 2012 East Coast Music Association’s Breakout Stage. We’re talkin’ months here. And in a time when music is so accessible it still takes time to build and earn the right to call yourself a travelling band.
Coyote’s a travelling band. Matter of fact, they’re on the road as you read this. Probably at a Petro-Can in that part of New Brunswick that’s more French than English and you’re not sure which to use at the cash.
The boys are currently bombing around with fellow Islanders, Two Hours Traffic, for the Atlantic leg of their North American tour in support of THT’s new LP Foolish Blood. Once they wrap up that tour they’re right back out on a mid-March run of their own. First, they hit Halifax for the ECMAs. If you’re worried you’ll miss them, cheer up, they have at least five shows, two of which will be acoustic.
Continuing west, Coyote will eventually land in Toronto for two showcases at Canadian Music Week. One at Cabin 5 on the Canadian Music Fest Stage and another at the legendary El Macombo on the Music PEI Stage.
Here’s a rundown of their ECMA shenanigans:
ECMA Showcases:
Thursday, March 7: Pop-Rock Stage, The Palace (it’s new apparently) 9pm

Friday, March 8: Rising Star Stage, The Schooner Room, Casino Nova Scotia
Music PEI Island Sessions, Durty Nelly’s, 10:30 pm
Saturday, March 9: Opportunity Stage (acoustic), The Delta Halifax, 2pm
Molson Late Night Stage, The Delta Halifax, God knows what time! (TBA)
Coyote will also be hitting the ECMA Members Lounge sometime over the course of the weekend for an acoustic set. We’ll let ya know. - Guff Magazine


Coyote is a dynamic Charlottetown band known for upbeat songs and energetic live shows, and when they take the stage at Halifax Pop Explosion on October 22, a second time for the band, the Seahorse Tavern is guaranteed to become a sweaty mess of music fans dancing, stomping and having a blast.
Having been on the scene since 2010, the group of five friends and their pure indie-pop sound have gained the attention of musicphiles across Atlantic Canada, and have played a number of festivals including the East Coast Music Awards Breakout Stage, The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival, and Showcase PEI.
In 2012 the band released their first EP titled Tracks – a collection of light-hearted tunes (mostly) designed to get you up off your butt. With layered instrumentation, the album features a balanced emphasis on the music and lyrics – a blend that earned them four Music PEI Award nominations, including Album of the Year and New Artist of the Year.
You can catch Coyote playing on October 22, sharing the stage at the Seahorse Tavern with Take Part and the Bad Lads and a secret surprise guest. - Mixtape Magazine

"Coyote Laying Tracks"

A five-piece pop-rock collaborative from the mean streets of Charlottetown, PEI, young guns Coyote have been pushin’ their debut EP, Tracks, since its release in March 2012.
New to the scene but not the music, Coyote have been plowing away, quickly becoming another great Island act to shake the Maritimes. In December 2011, I met singer and guitar player Josh Carter at a house party in Charlottetown. We spent a good deal of time talking about song writing, how to figure out the key of a song and what makes an effective melody. After giving their EP Tracks a sound listen I can see now how important those elements are to his band’s music.
Bruce Rooney (lead guitar/vocals), Evan McCosham (bass), Bradford Rooney (keys/effects), Mike King (drums/vocals) and Carter’s style of “indie” pop-rock isn’t the type of music I gravitate towards naturally. Personally, I like to be able to pump my fist, strut down the street or bust out a couple quick pelvic thrusts when given the option. That said, Tracks is a fine example of what “pop-rock” should sound like. Too often people use “indie” or “pop-rock” as blanket terms for a genre of music. To me pop-rock isn’t Headly or Simple friggin’ Plan. Bands like those don’t even deserve to have their names mentioned in a poorly planned comparison to anything resembling rock. Pop-rock is light-hearted, feel-good, sing it out loud when no one’s lookin’ kinda stuff. Catchy melodies and harmonious guitars wrapped up in a warm blanket of unwavering rhythm parts. Bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and even Queen in their latter days were termed “pop-rock”, now it’s Maroon 5 and ****ing Fall Out Boy. But I digress.
Overall, Tracks is mixed well. I would have liked a brighter snare drum tone, more guitar solos and generally louder, bigger instruments on certain tracks, however that doesn’t seem to be Coyote’s bag. Which is cool. A lot of the music and vocal melody remind me of the late 2000s Canadian pop-rock band, Pilate. Very expressive and expansive guitar arrangements over solid, firm rhythm work, along with the sensibility and experience to know how to build drama and bring a song home effectively. And Coyote do just that on most of their tracks. Others, not so much.
Forgive my frankness, but I really only enjoyed four of the seven recorded tracks. I’m not saying the other three tunes are bad songs, because they’re not, but I think if they had of release five tunes instead of seven it would be a much tighter EP.
The opening song “Fossils” is mixed well for the type of tune it is and is an enjoyable listen. Some layered vocals and a more pronounced guitar solo during the lead break for the final few bars (like the tasty solo on track five, “Introduction”) would’ve beefed this bad boy up into single status.
The previously mentioned “Introduction” is easily my favourite track. The opening psychedelic effects build the intro and pull your ear into the first verse and opening stanza: “Catchin’ fireflies, right outta the air/Say it burns, I know it burns, I do not care/ Set fire to your passion, through candy and thrills/ I’ll see you again, with whiskey and wine and two purple pills,” is awesome. We are in no way endorsing taking pills of any colour (up with hope, down with dope), but the lyrical content, however contentious, is a nice breath of fresh air in a time where “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy/but here’s my number, so call me maybe?” is what’s considered popular lyrical content in music these days. It’s great seeing local musicians striving for better. “We can do better!!”
Songs like “Wood Islands” and “Robin Hood” have a mainstream, modern rock, Kings of Leon type of sound. Carter pushes his vocals in these two songs in particular and I’m left wondering if he could have gone a little higher because he hits those parts well and in tune. The musicianship on these tracks is fantastic. The tasteful, timely guitar work and steady, opportune drum and bass lines are what hold this album together as a unit.
As it stands, the record peaks on track five, takes a dive on track six, “Wolf in Sheeps,” but makes a comeback with the final track, “Robin Hood;” a solid melody complete with grit, grime and yet another classy guitar solo. The peaks and valleys were likely a conscious decision during the recording process and it does work early on but I can’t help but wonder what kind of effect the EP would have if “Introduction” and “Robin Hood” were paired together to as the final two songs.
So, if you’re into that Paper Lions, Two Hours Traffic, Kings of Leon brand of rock music, you’ll certainly enjoy Coyete’s Tracks. And if not, you’ll still be able to appreciate this record. A solid release from a solid live band.
- Dave Lidstone - Guff Magazine

"Git Yer Shotguns, There’s a Coyote on the Loose"

Original, catchy, and lyrically gold. - The Cadre

"Coyote Leads a Wild Pack at Hunter's"

With a charged sound fueled by skillfully creative guitar, sweeping keyboard effects, distinctive vocals and a rhythm section "locked up tighter than a drum" (as my father might say), it's no surprise that Coyote has gained such a prominent following in the past year and a half. - The Guardian

"Artist Spotlight On: Coyote"

" 'Tracks' is filled with uplifting rock songs that are sure to energize you with euphoric sounds." - The Argosy


     Tracks (2012) EP

     Proof of Life (2014) EP

     Fossils (February 2012)

     Teethsinker (July 2012)

     Old News (June 2014)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Coyote are a 5-piece rock band from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Despite hailing from Canada’s smallest province the sound produced by this charismatic quintet is anything but. Their latest release, Proof of Life is an EP full of massive, jubilant pop songs that could sound at home bursting from rock radio or a college station. Recorded by Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions), Proof of Life is ambitious, loaded with the dynamic hooks, sharp, propellant keyboard lines, and soaring, emotional choruses that typify the energetic Coyote live show.

At the core of the Coyote sound is the confident voice and poignant songwriting of front-man Josh Carter. Full of longing and reflection, Proof of Life captures the tensions of growing up, youthful romance, friendships and their failings. Carter’s lyrical sincerity is delivered with undeniably catchy melodies, and an earnest, hopefully triumphant energy.

Since their inception in 2011, Coyote has toured relentlessly, performing at every manner of festival and rock club in the region. Proof of Life is a crisp, more robust follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed debut Tracks, and it perfectly captures this talented, road-tested group in full stride.

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