Dead Again

Dead Again


Dead Again are a raging sludge/grind/hardcore/whatever band that play devastatingly heavy and ugly music about slasher films, outer space and the occult. Crushing, visceral and visual; they carve their of nefarious niche in the world of heavy music.


Dead Again was formed in late 2011 in a diesel soaked dungeon by members of Anion, Rotting Hills, and Swallowed Whole with the intent of combining a devotion to riffs with their mutual love of 80's horror, sc-fi and the occult.
No scene points, no genre devotion - just a desire to create devastatingly heavy and ultimately ugly music with graphic and visual imagery interwoven into the music. Riff driven and intense, the music stands apart with an underlying foundation of heavy sludge, healthy doses of abrasive grind and ugly hardcore mixed in to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

Dead Again have recorded their first full length LP, entitled “Occultus Lake”, with famed producer/engineer Jesse Gander (Bison BC, Japandroids, White Lung) at The Hive Creative Labs in Vancouver, BC. “Occultus Lake” is currently available digitally with cassette and vinyl releases to follow in early 2013.
A dense and raging album, “Occultus Lake” combines the best of various subgenres (sludge/grind/hardcore/doom) into something unique and furious whilst building on a very visual foundation of classic horror and sci-fi literature and films, as well as the occult and dark arts.

Having played with bands such as The Great Sabatini, Head Hits Concrete, and Anion, among others, the live show that Dead Again puts forth is something not soon forgotten and they have gained notoriety for their intense performances.

Dead Again has been receiving extremely favorable press for “Occultus Lake” with features in Exclaim!,, The Georgia Straight and Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, among various other blogs and zines.

Dead Again are currently booking shows/tours for 2013 in the US and Canada, as well as possibly Europe, to support the release of "Occultus Lake".


"Occultus Lake" - Full length LP

Set List

1) Preacher, Bloody Preacher
2) The Sleeper Has Awakened
3) Chestburster
4) Empty Burial
5) Post Secondary Decapitation
6) Body Parts and Power Drills
7) Occultus Lake
8) A Torn Mouth
9) The Lament Configuration
10) Shapeless Horror
11) Bug Hunt

Total Set Time: Approx 25 minutes.