Montréal, Quebec, CAN

This is our story, Our legend. Remnant for the ages and memories long gone. Enjoy brothers and Sisters. Enjoy the lost sound of revived harmonies, for We Are the Messengers. For We are the bearers of tale. For We Are... FABLE


Fable saw life late in 2006 in Sherbrooke, QC. Things really started to get going for them in December 2008 as they were declared “Best New Band in Canada” by the GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands) Challenge. That gave them a chance to perform at the World Finals who took place in London, UK. and that opportunity really gave them a chance to expose their talent acrross the globe.

Fable didn’t had time to catch their breath that they were already chosen the “Artist of the Month” @ Radio NRJ 106.1

2009 finally showed up for Fable which allowed them to expand their popularity. Their venues include places such as : Le Medley, Le Club Soda, Scala Bar, Le Vieux Clocher de Sherbrooke & Magog, La Grande Traversée du Lac Memphré, Le lac des Nations, Les foufounes Électriques and much more.

Fable launched “Critical View”, their first EP, which included 8 tracks, all home recorded, on January 19th 2010 and is now promoting their material all across the country. Join them in support for local music. Rock live, Rock loud, Rawk On!



Written By: Vincent Gosselin

I am every fraction of your time,
Every fragment of your mind,
The task over your desk you are not home to…

Fight, all the emotion that you hide
All the stuff that you bury inside,
The adrenaline that keeps you awake, again, all night…

We are the good, we are the braves,
The slaves that work for you all day,
We are the future of this earth,
Let us discover what its worth,
You stole my home, you stole my life,
You stole everything inside,
And all that is left for me now,
Has seemed to disappear somehow…

I am every promise that you broke,
The engagements that you’ve choked,
I am every dream you had that burned in smoke so…

Try, to remove the guilt inside
To rebuild yourself a new life,
Try to be forgiven for all the times you were away…

And rise on the top of the dreams you have,
Show them all who’s gonna laugh last,
Until it’s done I won’t give up, no I won’t rest…

Unspoken… the words I hear,
Redemption is what I will always fear,
Now it’s your turn, to bend and break,
To bear the weight of your mistakes,
You stole my home, you stole my life,
You stole everything inside,
And all that is left for me now…
Has seemed to disappear somehow!


Written By: Vincent Gosselin

I have a question for you if I may,
A million reasons to throw you all away,
Now all my hope has died in a lie,
And my last tear has died inside my eye...

You thought that you were strong enough for me,
You needed to see how fragile things can be,
You made a mess than drowned in excuses
You still don't know why you're the one accused.

Where do we go now?
What do we do now?
Why don't we know how?
We lost it somehow.

Cheating hearts and divided throne,
You wanted to guide the kingdom on your own,
And the seeds that we sew will eventually be grown,
But the only thing is they grew up in the stone...

This is your smell all on my skin,
This is your footprints in my sins,

This is the end of you and me
This is the end of you and me
This is the end of you and me,
This is the end,
This is the end, of, YOU...

One More Time

Written By: Vincent Gosselin

For many years I dreamed of stories I can’t tell,
The time bomb ticking away rings inside my head.
But I don’t wanna see you worried,
As I leave, you must proceed.
Remember the day you told me to stand up,
One more time.
We’ve made this war,
And we’ve made it for some better time for us to live,
Cause what’s coming next is hard to save.
So I’m on my way,
And I’m going out to find myself.
And I,
I’m starring at the edge,
The edge of the reasons,
That pushes me to love this flag in my hand,
I slowly close my eyes, to wake up in this one way
That’s driving me away from what I know...
And I just needed time to prove myself,
To show you who I am,
But now I figured out that I am done and I...
I just wanted to be your angel,
To safely bring you home!
But now no matter what you’ll never be alone,
You’ll never be alone...
Woh oh oh!
Woh oh oh!
Oh oh oh!


Demo : Workoholik (2008)
EP : Critical View (2009)

Set List

We actually have 20 songs. Here they are :

Rolla' Coasta
Creating Tragedies
From Above
Alive & Well
The Hole
All that We Are
The Listening
Urban Poison
Everything I Am
One More Time
Monster’s Ink
Thx 4 Being U
December Flower
Card Castle
Social Academy
3 Mile Scream
Forever Failure