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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock New Wave




"Baeble First Play: The Grooveable Synth Rock Of FAIRCHILD"

We are down to ride this retro 80s synthpop/New Wave trend for as long as it lasts because -- let's be honest -- we love it. And the latest act bringing something new and exciting to this field are Melbourne alt-rockrs FAIRCHILD. With a touch of Depeche Mode, a hint of Flock of Seagulls, and a healthy dose of Future Islands, FAIRCHILD bring both a contemporary and infectiously classic atmosphere to their new track, "Breathless." We've got the premiere of the track's lyric video which is minimalist in presentation but with the immensely groovable nature of the track, we're confident the melodies will worm their way into your head. - Baeble Music

"Fairchild – Breathless [TMN PREMIERE]"

This week always has such a strange feel to it, at least for those of us in the states. Being a holiday week, everything seemingly slows down, giving us the opportunity to focus on more than just the daily grind. With that in mind, we’ve been fortunate enough to dig back through submissions and hand-select gems that deserve some of that newfound time and attention you have. And today’s focus is all about Manchester-based indie rock act Fairchild.

After experimenting for years, trying to nail down their sound, this six-piece teamed up with producer Catherine Marks, who has previously worked with acts like Foals and Wolf Alice. After a two EPs, a double A-side, and some touring through Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America, the act is now back in the studio and ready to release some more greatness to the masses.

Today’s single, “Breathless” will be available on SoundCloud immediately following our premiere. Boasting an intricately layered soundscape rife with wavering guitar licks, haunting synths, and understated percussion, it carries a powerful persona in a matter of minutes. The melancholy lyrics add an additional memorable edge to the entire experience, leaving us eagerly looking forward to the next listen through.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Fairchild by following them on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. We can assure you that more material is on the way soon. - The Music Ninja

"Fairchild - Breathless"

Sounds like: Foals, Jungle, Cathedrals

Fairchild has been touring for years, but it wasn’t until 2014 when they finally shared their greatness with the masses, teaming up with producer Catherine Marks (who's worked with the likes of Foals and Wolf Alice) to release their debut EP Burning Sounds.

Their newest release from the EP, “Breathless,” has many intricate layers but is strung together by a synthy beat and deep bass that emits a smooth, sensual vibe. It's the kind of jam that makes us want to throw on some shades because it's just that cool. The ending is so emotionally charged that it leaves us craving more.

“Breathless” is only the beginning for Fairchild, as they plan to continue a streak of new releases well into 2016. - Indie Shuffle


We first featured Australia-via-Manchester sextet Fairchild back in June, when we wrote about the upbeat nu-wave pop of ‘Nom De Guerre’. Since then we were lucky enough to have the group play a spellbinding, hip-moving set at November’s Sucker Club show – our monthly night of live music.

Now they come out of the traps once more armed with new single, ‘Breathless’. Perhaps their vibiest moment to date, the opening is all slinky, throbbing basslines and clipped drums as shards of guitar and synth lay layers of dry ice around your feet. It’s classy, subtle songwriting. Adam Lyons’ rich vocals float, pushing out an alluring, weaving melody.

On ‘Breathless’ Fairchild find a new level. New space. New songwriting craft. We’re calling it – this is their best moment to date. - When The Gramophone Rings

"Fresh Faves: Batch 177"

WOO – INDIE BABY! Fairchild are from the Australian Gold Coast, but now reside in Manchester – er, why? Did I miss something the last time I walked down Salford Quays? Sand, sun, blue sea, tall, tanned, lean … oh yeah sorry, music review right.

Indie boys, Fairchild, are a sextet (don’t come across that very often) who most recently recorded a Double-A side, mixed by dab-hand Marks, in the hallowed musical ground that is Assault and Battery. There will be further releases in 2016, which for this indie-chick is a good thing, because current single Breathless, is a pretty neat and catchy track of the guitar grazing ilk, if ever I heard one.

Full of looping guitar sequences, enticing piano riffs, and way down low, seductive bass, this is one cool drive in an open-top down the Gold Coast on a warm, balmy night! The drumming has a nice lazy vibe and the vocal is “mellow-man” given extra gorgeousness by the inclusion of pretty sexy, “deep n dark” backing.

This is laid back indie so chilled it’d cool your Fosters in less than 3 minutes, and I totally dig it.

Fairchild are a band over whom I’ll be keeping a watchful “gaze” during the coming twelve months. - Fresh On The Net

"TRACK OF THE DAY: Fairchild -Breathless"

Synthesizers? Check. Guitars? Check. A sexy, sultry vocal? Check. These parts when amalgamated together become Fairchild’s new single ‘Breathless’. A slow dance of intoxicating indie rhythms and danceable, slow-burning melodies. It’s delightful.

The band have travelled far to find their new-found home, across continents and oceans, we also find their new cut is a collaboration of cross-national means. The track was recorded at their studio on the Gold Coast of Australia, but produced in the UK with Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice / Foals). Imagine the airmiles.

‘Breathless’ is taken off the band’s forthcoming EP, due out in the new year. - Bitter Sweet Symphonies

"FAIRCHILD - Breathless"

Upping sticks from your hometown to move elsewhere for a better chance of fulfilling your musical ambitions is nothing new, but FAIRCHILD took it to quite an extreme level. Earlier this year, the six-piece group left Australia's Gold Coast and took up residence in Manchester. Travelling to the other side of the world is a bit different than heading to the city from your country home. Whether the move has successfully opened more doors and brought them more opportunities is perhaps something only they will know. What is certain is that they have the ability to stand a fighting chance of making it.

'Breathless' was actually recorded in Australia during a "four-month period of brainstorming". The song was built using sections and contributions from each member of the band, eventually resulting in a sound that echoed some of the new-wave, '80s sounds they loved. With so many indie-rock bands opting for garage stylings or a lo-fi approach, 'Breathless' is a breath of fresh air. It sounds streamlined, complete and ambitious, mixing synths with guitars and offering a smooth finish that's not so slick that it begins to lose its personality. The track will be on FAIRCHILD's forthcoming new EP which will go some way to letting us know whether their extreme efforts have been worth it, early indications suggest so. - The Sound of Confusion


Comprised of brothers Adam Lyons (vocals) and Nathan Lyons (keyboards), along with Patrick Huerto (guitar), Tommy Davis (bass), James Alexander (drums), the Gold Coast, Australian-born and now Manchester, UK-based sextet Fairchild have developed a growing international profile for an 80s inspired, hook-laden synth pop sound. The sextet’s latest single “Breathless” further cements the band’s reputation for 80s inspired synth pop; however, while their previously released material was rousingly anthemic, the new single is slow-burning, sensual, and moodily atmospheric in a way that’s reminiscent of The Fixx’s “Saved by Zero” as four-to-four drumming, swirling electronics, slowly cascading synths, shimmering guitar chords played through layers of reverb are paired with Adam Lyon’s soulful crooning and a slinkily sexy groove.

Produced by friend and frequent collaborator Catherine Marks, best known for her work with Foals, The Killers and Wolf Alice, the single not only reveals a subtle refinement of the sound that first won them international attention, it also inspired a change in their songwriting process. As the story goes, the time the members of the band spent writing “Breathless” actually inspired a series of pre-production jam sessions and songwriting sessions over the course of four months that had each band member contributing ideas unencumbered and unhindered by genre expectations. At times members of the band worked individually and in small groups, sometimes swapping instruments, sharing ideas and thoughts on bits of grooves, riffs and beats and as they did so they began to see and feel even more parallels between their recorded efforts and their influences.

From listening to “Breathless,” I can tell you that the song is arguably the most self-assured, loosest and sexiest song that they’ve released to date, and that seems to stem from the songwriting sessions that birthed it. Granted, if you were familiar with them before, it’s a subtle refinement of their sound but the hooks are sharper and laser focused. And while their material had always been emotionally direct, the new single pairs that directness with a deeper commitment to setting a particular mood. Be on the lookout for a new EP from the Australian-born, British-based band sometime in 2016. - Joy Of Violent Movement

"Fairchild - Hot Rod"

I had the pleasure of reviewing Fairchild’s “Nom de Guerre” a few weeks ago, and was thrilled to stumble upon the other half of their Double A-Side single, “Hot Rod.” Both songs became available on iTunes in the UK on June 22. For us stateside, you can enjoy them right here for the time being.

While the sister single reminded me of Foals (compliments!), “Hot Rod” is drenched in Fairchild’s signature noise, also heard on “Dancer.”

The band is very thoughtful when it comes to naming their songs. Titles hint at the overall tone. “Dancer” is delicate and lovely, of course. “Hot Rod” is aggressive and unrelenting. This fiery, explosive track will shake you awake during your 3 p.m. workday slump. It will leave you flushed. It will leave you flustered.

I love everything these Australian emigrants produce. There will be more in store for 2015, just wait. - Indie Shuffle

"Premiere: Fairchild - 'Hot Rod'"

Fairchild have always believed in chasing their dreams.

Perhaps that's why the Australian group decided to move to the other side of the world. Swapping their southern hemisphere home for Manchester, the group introduced themselves via the 'Sadako' EP.

Now, Fairchild have confirmed plans for their next step. Double A-side single 'Hot Rod/Nom De Guerre' will be released on June 22nd, with Clash able to premiere 'Hot Rod'.

It's a bombastic synth-fuelled return, with the band matching an anthemic, muscular chorus to some blinding synth work. - CLASH


Intrigue, curiosity and fascination led to us wanting to know more about Australian born six-piece, Fairchild, and their latest release ‘Nom de Guerre’. If you are wanting 5 minutes out of your day to delve into a 5 minute track that delivers a message with an 80s edge, holds a vision of a post punk ethos and has a sunny but industrial vibe, then this song titled after “an assumed name under which a person engages in combat”, is set to be your jam.

The track is rich, deep and diverse travelling along with rhythmic rising and falling guitar riffs, running up that hill drum beats, laid back detached vocals, a passive aggressive bass line and glistening synths shining all over it. In its final throws the song escalates, building pressure, increasing the tempo, intensifying the melody and harmony, running away with itself then leaves you with a sudden anticipatory hum hanging in the air. All of these elements fit to deliver an atmospheric, distinctive cinematic moment.

‘Nom de Guerre’ is a double A side single joined with a darker, deeper track called Hot Rod and has been produced by Catherine Marks alongside the now Manchester living sextet. Available from the 22nd June on Canvas Sound label. - When The Gramophone Rings

"Fairchild - Nom de Guerre"

Sounds like: Foals, Kid Runner, Little Red

I’ve been a fan of Australia’s Fairchild for a few years now, and was delighted to see a new single pop up in my Facebook feed. Thank you, sponsored posts!

I’ll cut right to the chase: this song is completely fantastic. Three seconds in and I’m hooked. It’s love at first listen. Others have drawn comparisons between Fairchild and Foals before, I haven’t heard it so clearly until just now. Adam Lyons voice straddles the androgynous line between beautiful and masculine. “Nom de Guerre” contains all the frustration and clamour as Foals, but with traces of sweetness possessed by bands like Friendly Fires. I can’t sit still with this in my ears.

“Nom de Guerre” is the first track of the band’s upcoming double A-side single release, which will drop on Monday, June 22 in the UK.

If you’re new to the six-piece act, be sure to check out our previous reviews of “Burning Feet” and “Dancer.” The band has promised “new material throughout 2015” so sink your teeth in now and hold on tight. - Indie Shuffle

"Summer Ready Indie Rock With Fairchild"

Sometimes, you just need a straight up indie rock jam to blast at full volume with a catchy chorus and crisp guitar licks to boot. Fairchild has got you covered on this base with “Nom De Guerre, ” which has a Foals-esque vibe to it; the guitars provide the essence of the groove, while the vocals are fairly mild. The electronic elements add a nice layer to the tune, cutting in and out with bursts of synths here and there. All in all, it’s a fine summer jam, so turn it up and get with it. - Austin Town Hall

"Fairchild – “Nom de Guerre”"

Why would anyone leave the sunny and beautiful shores of Australia’s Gold Coast for England’s industrial heartland of Manchester? Nothing against Manchester, but if you’ve been to the Gold Coast you’ll know what we mean. But then again, Manchester isn’t just a sprawling urban centre, but it’s also one of Europe’s preeminent music factories. The city has spawned the likes of Joy Division, New Order, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, Buzzcocks, The Smiths, Morrissey, David Gray, The Bee Gees, and many more. As such, it’s understandable to find out that Australian sextet Fairchild recently made the long journey to the centre of England.

Despite the move, the band’s sound hasn’t changed. “Nom de Guerre”, which was released last week and will be part of a 7″ split single, is quintessential ’80s-inspired indie rock. The delayed guitar sound, the shimmering synth, and the driving melody recall the era when Tears for Fears, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and INXS reigned the radio waves.

The second single, “Hot Rod”, just dropped on Wednesday. It’s a synth-driven, indie-rock song that still is ’80s-esque. It’s not a dance number by any means, but is a darker, pulsating, track. Whereas “Nom de Guerre” might draw you in, “Hot Rod” is punishing.

The split single comes out June 22 via Canvas Sounds. You can also check out Sadako, a six-song EP Fairchild released last year. It’s available in its entirety on SoundCloud. Find their music for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

Fairchild are Adam Lyons (vocals); Nathan Lyons (keyboard), Tim Voeten (guitar); Patrick Huerto (guitar); Tommy Davies (bass); and James Alexander (drums).

“Nom de Guerre” is one of 23 singles on the June 12th edition of The Weekend Showcase, a weekly playlist featuring new music from around the world. It’s a great soundtrack for your weekend (and maybe many weekends to come). - The Revue

"Fairchild announce new single "Hot Rod/Nom De Guerre""

Following the release of their "Sadako" EP last year, and their relocation to the UK, Australian outfit Fairchild have announced details of their new double A-side single "Hot Rod/Nom De Guerre", which is their first since moving to Manchester, and it looks like the scene has rubbed off on them, with big hooks, a certain whiff of New Order and strong sing-a-long choruses.

You can listen to the festival ready AA-side track "Nom De Guerre" just below. - It's All Indie


Essentially the lovechild of The Foals and Friendly Fires, Fairchild’s latest track succeeds where others fail thanks to Adam Lyon’s emotive, almost androgynous vocals that elevate the track to a new level, especially in the absolutely gorgeous middle-eight. - London On The Inside

"New Entry: Fairchild Unveil New Single "Nom De Guerre""

Manchester, UK via Australia indie rockers Fairchild have unveiled their brand new catchy single "Nom De Guerre".

The song, produced and mixed by Catherine Marks, will be released (UK) as double A-side single on June 22nd via their own label Canvas Sounds. - Kool Rock Radio

"LISTEN: Fairchild – Nom De Guerre"

Aussie band Fairchild have recently up-sticks and moved to England, and with the relocation comes new music from the six piece. Following on from last years ‘Sadako’ EP is a AA-side single. ‘Nom De Guerre’ is the first track to be released – an infectious Foals-esque anthem of epic proportions. Bubbling with boundless energy, smouldering vocals and vibrant indie rock rhythms.

The sting of betrayal is a hard pill to swallow but like they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and when you’ve been burned, it’s always best to get back up on your feet and come out stronger, this is something that Fairchild eloquently practise on ‘Nom De Guerre’. Bold, infectious and incredibly catchy. Fairchild have won our vote.

The single will be released on 22nd June, via Canvas Sounds. - Bitter Sweet Symphonies

"Track Of The Day :: Fairchild - Nom De Guerre"

Australian outfit Fairchild - now residents in our very own northern territory of Manchester - follow up their ‘Sadako’ EP of last year with a new double A-side single: ‘Hot Rod'/'Nom De Guerre’.

Released on June 22 via their own label, Canvas Sounds, ‘Nom De Guerre’, while we are not so keen on the chest hair on display on the cover - see below - this is a very good track; conveying both a vibrant sunny Aussie spirit in its pounding beat and the laid back vocals of Adam Lyons, together with touches of our own Foals and Friendly Fires in its composition.

Both tracks were produced by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice) at Australia’s Luna Studios and mixed at London's Assault & Battery Studios. Marks also worked on the band's debut EP ‘Burning Feet’, which was released in April 2014.

Having previously supported the likes of Flume, Neon Indian, Parachute Youth and The Griswolds, Fairchild play their own single launch show on June 23 at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester. - Little Indie Blogs

"REVIEW: Nom De Guerre – By Fairchild"

Fairchild are a six-piece indie rock band originally from the Gold Coast, Australia and now based in Manchester, UK. Their single Nom De Guerre was released this week and is the first off their Double A-side record which is due out in the UK on the 22nd of June 2015. Having just played at Indie Week Europe, the band are on fire with this excellent track, that starts with a glorious, high-pitched synth melody, combined with a dramatic-sounding drum beat, which sets the mood immediately for the track with its optimistic tones. What follows is the introduction of the lead guitar, a rock beat and a bass line that brings to mind Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean initially, before changing to a more simplistic riff. The chorus is a triumph, and the dramatic drum beat of the introduction returns breaking the song down to a punchy and strong sound. The lead vocals are stunning with harmonies in the background which really allow the sound to expand and shows the gorgeous melodies this band is capable of. The bridge is a cut-back section with mainly bass drum in percussion, with great synth chords in the background, combined with plucked guitar riffs that bring to mind the delay/reverb sounds of The Temper Trap. The addition of a marching snare to the bass drum helps in building the bridge back to the track’s wondrous chorus. A fantastic song from Fairchild. - Records Press

"Fairchild stream sophomore EP 'Sadako' [405 Premiere]"

Not many bands can say that their first overseas tour took them to Japan, but that was the case for Australian indie outfit Fairchild. It was there that they found the inspiration for the title of their EP Sadako, named after the book 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes', which tells the story of a Japanese girl who was two years old when the Hiroshima bombs fell. She then became devastatingly ill and was told of the myth that says if you create 1,000 paper cranes it will heal whatever ails you. A friend of vocalist Adam Lyons made those 1,000 paper cranes for him as he went onto University to wish him luck, and I'd say it gave him luck and then some. All of those cranes hang above Lyons' bedroom, where the Sadako EP was recorded and produced.

The band took their sophomore EP to Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice, The Killers) to mix it, who also recorded and produced their debut EP which came out earlier on in the year. Below, you can stream that EP - reminiscent of The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, or Cayucas, it's an accessible sound with dreamy guitar lines and effortlessly smooth vocals that almost anyone can find something to like in and is one of my favorite EPs of the year. - The 405

"New Music: Fairchild"

Six piece indie rock troupe Fairchild hail from the sub-tropical sunshine harbouring Queensland, Australia. This is appropriately reflected in their penchant for delivering songs filled with shimmering guitar hooks and soaring choruses, evoking the glittering turquoise hued waters backed onto pristine golden sand beaches adorning the aforementioned Gold Coast region.

Lead vocalist Adam Lyons joins older brother Nathan Lyons on keys, guitarists Patrick Huerto and Tim Voeten, bassist Tommy Davies and drummer James Alexander on their follow up to debut EP ‘Burning Feet’ released back in April with the ‘Sadako’ EP (released on 17th November). Mixing duties again fell into the hands of Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice) as a continuance of their mash up of introspective moments in juxtaposition with expansive chorus soundscapes.

Lead track ‘Arcadia’ – supported by an innovative stop-motion video capturing the vibrancy of the record – bounds in with frenetic dual guitar overlays, pounding drum beats and palm muted echo effects suitably reminiscent of ‘Holy Fire’ era Foals. The instrumental cacophony partially dissipates making way for meandering vocals, underpinned with feverish electro rhythms and lurching into powerfully sustained refrains, imitative of Leeds’ cult mid noughties disco-rockers The Sunshine Underground.

The following songs on the ‘Sadako’ EP are what set the band apart from any comparisons to commercially acclaimed dance floor rock contemporaries. The embryonic layers of slow burner ‘Outside’ comprise an atmospheric jangling guitar swelling to a vocal depiction of aching frustration as Lyons sings, ‘If it seems like no one will let you win, just scream it louder’. Staccato guitar notes are then interspersed for a broodingly reflective tone.

The contrasting sentiments to the energetically infectious ‘Arcadia’ continue on ‘Stay Young’, incorporating electro pulses and stabbing guitar notes, which underpin the cries from Lyons to embark on a mind-set of eternal youth. This segues into the sombre tendencies of ‘Waiting For It’, which teasingly threatens to erupt above the pounding bass drum throughout, until the outro, where crashing instrumentals appear amid sky-scraping vocal shrieks.

Penultimate track ‘Strangers’ has an intro which encapsulates Radiohead style acoustic subtlety, before juggling sonar pulsed electro with a blend of elevated and resonating vocal dynamics alongside shifts in guitar pacing for an exhilarating rush.

The filtering synth landscapes of the increasingly thundering ‘Running Bear’ close an EP portraying a band capable of disseminating a contrasting mixture of sounds within their output to date. Hopefully this promises that future releases will give us a refined sonic texture for this group, who have much more to say than many of their currently revered peers. - CANDID Magazine

"Premiere: Fairchild - 'Arcadia'"

Hailing from Australia's gorgeous, palatial Gold Coast, Fairchild have always had an international viewpoint.

The band's first overseas tour took them to Japan, with the country's incredible culture leaving an indelible impression.

New EP 'Sadako' owes its title to 'Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes' - a book written by American author Eleanor Coerr, about a young girl growing up in post-war Japan.

Infused with ambition, Fairchild blend frenetic, post-punk inspired drumming with anthemic songwriting. Mixed in London, 'Sadako' drops on November 17th via Canvas Sounds.

Clash is able to premiere lead track 'Arcadia'. All fizzing guitar lines, piercing vocals and powerhouse drumming. - CLASH

"Video Premiere: Fairchild “Arcadia”"

Australian indie rock outfit Fairchild have artsy fun in a new black and white, stop-motion video for “Arcadia,” a dance-inducing single off of their upcoming EP Sadako. Every frame from this free-spirited sequence was printed onto A4 paper, hand painted, and photographed back into the timeline to create a stop motion affect, which, all told, equaled a whopping 4000+ frames. This attention to detail extends well beyond the video, however, as the song’s lush guitar tones, thumping bass, and dance beats converge in striking harmony for singer and frontman Adam Lyons to showcase his tender, hypnotizing pop vocals. The combination of propulsive musical dynamics and frenzied imagery creates one helluva experience, and we have a good feeling you’ll be spinning this one again and again. - Alt Citizen

"Fairchild – Stay Young (Midnight Mix) [TMN Premiere]"

If you’re into softer indie rock and music with a message, you’ve come to the right place. Fairchild, an Australian indie group, just released their US debut EP titled Sadako. With a sound resembling indie powerhouses like The Temper Trap and Two Door Cinema Club, Fairchild’s music speaks to its audience in incredible ways.

Here we have an edit of one of their singles titled “Stay Young”, which is a track that best represents the band’s sound in our opinion. The tune starts off with some fast-paced drum lines, soon to be driven by these delicate muted guitar melodies. Adam Lyons, the singer of the group, provides us with vocals that are pleasant and emotionally driven. The lyrics are nothing short of wonderful, as they appeal to the younger generation through a powerful message.

With such positive energy in their music, Fairchild manages to create a sound that is refreshing and universal. The midnight edit adds a more progressive drive to the epic track without being overdone. With this release, Fairchild is set to make a name for themselves by making their US debut. Make sure to check out the rest of their EP, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. - The Music Ninja

"FAIRCHILD: Stay Young (Midnight Mix)"

Australian 6 piece band Fairchild’s latest epic-rock single “Stay Young” off their debut Sadako EP has received the remix treatment, dubbed the Midnight Mix. The mix adds a universal and progressive feel, intensifying the message behind this anthem of a generation. With an upcoming move from the Land Down Under to the UK, this remix should help put these guys’ distinct indie sound on the map! - Kick Kick Snare


While Fairchild released their debut Burning Feet EP to critical acclaim earlier this year, they’re keeping the ball rolling with the Sadako EP set to drop on November 21. It’s clear that these six Gold Coast bros definitely have struck a chord with global audiences, as they’ve already managed to tour throughout Asia and North America despite their humble discography. Here, they’ve handed us a RDIO playlist of their favourite influential alt-rock anthems, featuring infectious hooks and pop-laced instrumentation – just the way we like it. Sadako was mixed by Catherine Marks, who’s also worked with the likes of Foals and The Killers – so it’s no surprise that both of them appear here. Have a listen below, and scroll down for an explanation of each of their picks: - Groupie Magazine

"Chill out with Midnight's Mix of Fairchild's "Stay Young"

The clocks have changed, and as dusk falls upon our windows earlier than we would like to get used to, it goes without saying winter is here, whether we like it or not. So with the changing of seasons comes the changing of musical preferences as we turn those towards warmer melodies and deeper singles to get us through the cold times. Summer was all about bright uplifting medlodic sounds. Call it the change of seasons, but I personally am turning towards more indie leaning less upbeat music, and more tunes to put my headphones on, chill out, and get lost in. Today's winter tune comes courtesy of NJ based label Ok!Good Records and their group from down under, Fairchild.

Hot on the heels of their first US debut with the Sadako EP that dropped just this past Tuesday, the band felt it would be a good time to release some additional music. Lucky for us, the musical treat is packaged in a sweet remix of the heart warming love ballad "Stay Young" reworked by Midnight. With lyrics such as "Times will change and drift by, endless moments that never end" or "And stay young – just stay young," has me drawing up images of Neverland and the eternal hope of truly embracing a 'Forever Young' mentality. To put it simply Carpe Diem and push play below. - Earmilk

"FAIRCHILD - Dancer"

Sounds like: Foals, Bloc Party, The Temper Trap

Gold Coast-based six-piece Fairchild first formed as a band back in 2005 while still in high school, so you could say they've taken the scenic route to get to where they are today. Originally starting out as a covers band (they called themselves Fairchild Republic), they progressed from demoing to releasing their debut EP, Ships are for Sailing, back in 2010.

After hooking up recently with UK-based producer Catherine Marks (Foals, Editors, The Killers), the band now have three singles as part of a self-titled EP scheduled for release this year. The first was the tropically-infused "Burning Feet."

Marks' influence has obviously rubbed off on the band, because they've developed a deeper, more commanding sound. Second single "Dancer" is a great indication of this new direction, drawing clear references to some of the more epic indie rock bands like Foals and Bloc Party. For a band of six, you'd expect a big sound, and Fairchild doesn't disappoint; "Dancer" builds throughout, with driving choruses, echoing vocals and powerful arrangement -- which especially comes in to play at the two minute mark.

For a band who's been around for so long, it's nice to see they're starting to make some waves. - Indie Shuffle

"Song of the Day: FAIRCHILD - Dancer"

Initially formed in 2005 as Fairchild Republic, Gold Coast’s FAIRCHILD create unabashedly grand, electronic rock music that evokes the current generation of UK stadium stars. Although the then-quintet started the band in school, frequent touring of their home country led to the now-sexted becoming the boys’ main focus. Although they produced some recordings in 2010, the band decided to reinvent themselves as FAIRCHILD, producing a three-track EP with fellow Australian Catherine Marks behind the boards that found the band exploring stadium-sized textures not unlike the ones that Muse and the Killers successfully mined in the mid-00s. Although “Dancer” isn’t a straight-up banger, it’s atmospheric trance evokes the same rhythmic thrill through an emotional push and pull. Over soft synthesizers and twinkling, echo-drenched guitars, the band shifts seamlessly from quiet tension building verses to storming choruses, as Lyons’ vocals bleed through the mix. Like a fellow group of Aussies 'Cut Copy' who captured the emotional spectrum of a dancefloor a few years ago , “Dancer” is a nuanced, strikingly evocative tune that reveals a little more soul with every synth note. - KEXP

"Daily Download... Fairchild - Figure It Out"

This summery track by Fairchild is the title track of their debut EP with similarities to Two Door Cinema Club and Swim Deep. Grab it while it's hot! - It's All Indie


We’re so thrilled to share the latest music video release by Australia’s swooning six piece alt-rock group, FAIRCHILD.

The video is comprised of the last seven years of the guys out on the road, live shows and just their general experience, which was all edited together by their very own bassist, Tommy Davies.

Generally speaking the montage technique can be overdone and not perceived as unique, but actually I’d like to say it totally works here! The montage style matches up wonderfully with the high pace single and it gives you an interesting “insider” look at what the boys of FAIRCHILD have been up too and allow for a faint insight into what the rocker dudes are like. I mean I’m sure all the die hard fans of the sextet are melting with the visual exposure of the guys!

So check out the video while it’s still hot off the press, before it hits the crazy digit play count. Make sure to check out some more of their music on their Soundcloud page, they are stellar musicians - Vanscene


Many of us will know them as “Fairchild Republic” a group of Gold Coast kids producing some inpsiring new sounds.

It was until they met and worked with “Catherine Mark” (Foals, Editors + The Killers) earlier in 2013 that the Queensland lads decided to rebrand them selves with a few new things.

“Dancer” is their second release of the highly anticipated new 3 track EP. Captivating sounds of lust and want, FAIRCHILD do no wrongs in solving a broken heart. At times I sense a sort of Yannis/Foals influence, Its only early days for this relaunched brand. Keeping to their roots, and bringing in these new sounds. FAIRCHILD will soon be a common name on our tongues. - adamNOTeve

"Watch: Fairchild – Dancer"

‘Dancer’ is off FAIRCHILD’s debut 3 track EP out now: https://soundcloud.com/wearefairchild - Tone Deaf

"Song of the Day: “Dancer”"

Dancer by FAIRCHILD! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath or over on the left sidebar throughout AMBY. Enjoy! - A Music Blog, Yea?

"VIDEO: Fairchild release new video"

The Australian band Fairchild (formerly known as Fairchild Republic) have released the video for 'Dancer'. It is one of 3 tracks from the self-titled EP, which is available for streaming and download via the band's SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/wearefairchild - Artrocker

"Stream: Fairchild – Burning Feet"

Today we have a slightly different style than my normal posts, bringing you the up-and-coming Australian Indie-pop group Fairchild, with their new single Burning Feet. This song is a smooth flowing, up-tempo pop tune. I keep thinking that it should have come out in the 1980′s, but then I check the release date and see that it came out just 2 days ago. So nope. Not the 80′s. Damn.

It sounds like it though.

Fairchild is set to release their debut work in the form of a self-titled EP at some point in July. And yes, Burning Feet will be featured on it. This will be the first work released under the new moniker, which is an evolution from the band’s previous name: Fairchild Republic. This band is brand new. Hell, their website is a little over a week old.

Fairchild reminds me of Imagine Dragons to some degree. Also, the vocalist reminds me a lot of (DATED OBSCURE REFERENCE WARNING) Todd Pipes from Deep Blue Something, especially in their hit song: Breakfast at Tiffanies (/END DATED OBSCURE REFERENCE).

Working with producer Catherine Marks, Fairchild is closing in on their first production, and thus, chance to be noticed and develop into a band with a much larger following. Marks has worked with bands such as Foals, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Killers. Needless to say, she has a history of success, especially with bands that fit a certain criteria, which Fairchild fits right in to.

Be on the lookout for the July release of Fairchild’s self-titled EP and any singles they might release before then. The best way to get info about this artist would be to check out their website. I’ll be posting an update on the band as soon as their EP comes out, including details on how to nab it for yourself. So give the band from down under a listen, and Get Your Earz Wet! - The Eargazm

"FAIRCHILD - Burning Feet"

Gold Coast 6-piece Fairchild’s recent reinvention has resulted in their debut self-titled 3 track EP, mixed and produced by Catherine Marks, of Foals and Interpol fame. With a new direction, the band seems to have taken a positive step forward with fun danceable tunes, and an almost anthem-like quality.
Opening track ‘Figure It Out’ is an enjoyable indie tune, with an uplifting feeling. With a quick pace and some tambourine action, this song has definite sing-a-long potential. Vocally it is clear and has the right amount of emotion, and would be a great outdoor festival song.
Second track ‘Dancer’ takes a different path, with an electronic vibe, and a slightly darker tone. It has an airy atmosphere, and a slow building tempo that creates a little bit of suspense and intrigue. Vocally it is almost breathy, like a loud whisper. The chorus is instrumentally layered, and danceable, taking a queue from the mathrock genre. It has an earnest quality to it, which makes it instantly likeable.
The final track ‘Burning Feet’ goes back to the previous fun light tone, although a little more simple in its instrumentation. Focusing more on vocals, it reminds me of Little Red. The chorus has its maraca backing and rhythmic guitar, making it another great summer track.
This EP is perfect to listen to leading up to festival season. It’s summery and light, and full of energy making it great on those hot days chilling with your friends. Fairchild have made a great move with these tracks, and having already established themselves as great touring band, I suspect we’ll be hearing more and more about them in the coming months. - Casual Band Blogger

"FAIRCHILD - Burning Feet"

Sounds like: Between Borders, Shout Out Louds, Imagine Dragons

I'm truly blessed to be living in Australia, what with all the talent that we seem to be churning out across the nation. Fairchild, or Fairchild Republic as they were formally known, are yet another upcoming Aussie indie pop band hailing from the Gold Coast in Queensland.

"Burning Feet" is their very first offering under the new moniker, and it's good ol' catchy indie pop with the band's trademark bouncy guitars and sweet, sweet melodies.

With production partner Catherine Marks in the building, it seems like they could be onto something special here (considering she's helped build the success of some pretty awesome bands like The Killers, Foals and Death Cab For Cutie -- they're doing pretty well these days, right?).

Also, let it be known that Fairchild is no stranger to live performance. They've shared the stage with a wide range of Indie Shuffle favorites including Neon Indian, Parachute Youth, Last Dinosaurs and Flume. - Indie Shuffle

"Oz Band on the Radar: Fairchild"

First up, is a DIY indie pop band from Oz that music lovers in the United States need to hear because we think they’re pretty amazing, and so far, have remarkably received almost no coverage from the tens of thousands of indie music blogs on the web. The band is Fairchild, formerly Fairchild Republic, from the Gold Coast of Australia. Fairchild is one the most popular new indie pop bands in the cafe right now, thanks largely to the incredibly catchy retro-pop hooks and dance grooves of the masterfully produced single, “Burning Feet,” from the band’s self-titled debut EP released on July 24th.

The band scored a huge victory when the respected producer and mixing engineer, Catherine Marks, signed on to produce the band’s debut EP. Marks has produced and mixed for talented bands like Foals, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Interpol, and White Lies. Based on her accomplishments, Marks clearly knows how to pick talented artists that she wants to work with in the studio. Plus, she usually works with signed bands, so the fact that Marks choose to work with Fairchild also says a lot about the band. “Burning Feet” will ultimately be a top DIY track of 2013, and their self-titled debut EP is one of the best debuts of the second half of 2013. It’s time for this band to break out in the U.S. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Launchbox: Fairchild"

Fairchild are an Australian Indie Pop band set to release their long awaited début EP ‘Burning Feet’ on April 25th through Canvas Sounds.

Their Indie Pop sound reflected through addictive melodies and potential live anthems, their sound reminisces a blend of Two Door Cinema Club and Saint Raymond.

A perfect sound to unveil a release in the Summertime, these guys fire out upbeat Indie platforms with synth flourishes in an almost translucent dynamic.

Title track of the forthcoming EP, ‘Burning Feet’ is one that could be shooting across the main stage of a festival with its energy and ambience. Whereas, ‘Dancer’ illustrates the more mellow and chilled side of Fairchild. Capable of taking things down a notch and still producing wondrous contemporary Indie numbers.

A band with massive potential to pull their niche this year. - Fortitude Magazine

"FAIRCHILD - Burning Feet"

Another indie pop from Australia, FAIRCHILD just released a video clip titled Burning Feet. Track Burning Feet was taken from their debut selftitled EP produced by Catherine Marks. Sounds Records in collaboration with Canvas, plans their debut selftitled EP will be released globally on 25 April. Unfamiliar with his name? Please watch the clip of Burning Feet FAIRCHILD as introductions below. Enjoy! - Free! Magazine

"FAIRCHILD – Burning Feet | Music Video"

I always try to listen to Australian bands when they find their way into my inbox. The Sun is always shining out there and I think it has an effect on the kind of Pop music they make. I say that to introduce you to Indie Pop band FAIRCHILD and their brand new single titled “Burning Feet”. It serves as the lead single and title track to their forthcoming EP which will be released on April 25 via Canvas Sounds. The recently released James A Haigh directed music video for “Burning Feet” looks good as well plus it makes for interesting viewing, with the male band playing famous female film roles in the video. - Conversations About Her

"FAIRCHILD – Burning Feet (Official Music Video)"

Burning Feet’ is the title track off FAIRCHILD‘s debut Burning Feet EP out April 25th, 2014. With that said the record is an upbeat melodic tune that will capture your attention right off the bat with a light and airy beat. The vocals are effective and will hold your attention like no other. Hit the play button and get ready for one hell of a feel good hit. The video features a hipster vibe ruled by a couple of gorgeous women who portray the band throughout. Awesome track, cool video, check it out below! - Hype Hits

"Fairchild | Burning Feet"

In case you weren't aware we're pretty big fans of Australian music here. I could go on to list all the bands we've wrote about in the past but there really is too many from Dark Bells and Gosling to New Navy and Glass Towers, the list goes on and on. Now it's the turn of Fairchild to join the same ranks as they return with a fresh new video for their EP's title track Burning Feet. Taking a stab at the stereotypical and quite often controversial music video's that plague our screens the band members swap roles as they're forced to dance around in rather revealing attire. I don't even want to know what the model sculpture is meant to represent! Check it out above. The EP will be released worldwide on April 25th through Canvas Sounds. - Scientists Of Sound

"[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Fairchild - Hot Rod"

... and much like a Hot Rod this track is full of theatre, character and has a epic start to the track that can easily soundtrack any hot rod race - I swear they've written this song with that in mind! Anyway, Fairchild have come a long way since their Indie-Pop beginnings and the new cut "Hot Rod" is a step in the right direction as most great bands are now evolving into something bigger.

The band have wanted to succeed on a bigger stage for a while, and even migrating for 5 years Manchester in the UK was an option, which they took up!And it looks like Fairchild want to be at the forefront of the UK music scene, by judging this song alone they're going to be there quick! Their AA-side single "Hot Rod"/"Nom De Guerre" will be out 22nd June via their label Canvas Sounds. This is a big statement indeed, if you want something you can go and get it, and get their new single, it's amazing, and that's why it's TRACK OF THE WEEK! - It's All Indie

"Song of the Day: Burning Feet by Fairchild"

Fairchild is the newest break-through band from Australia, reaching us lucky listeners in the Northern Hemisphere. , and if you’re into the likes of Haim, Foals, or Cayucas, you’ll love Fairchild. They just released their EP Burning Feet on Friday, and the title track also has a new video, featured below! There’s a solid dance beat, dreamy guitar playing, and a cheeky video to go along with it all!

The band has actually been around for almost 10 years but with several line-up changes, opening slots on tour, and many cover songs. Now that they’ve settled into a hopefully permanent band and some original music, they are getting the attention they deserve!

If you’re a fan (like us!) of our southern neighbour Seattle’s indie rock station KEXP, you can catch them live on May 14th doing an in-studio set that will air that morning! Bands that go through KEXP tend to explode, so you’ll want to tune in if you can! For now, check out “Burning Feet” which will be my summer jam at the beach this year. - Vancouver Music Review

"Fairchild – Burning Feet"

“So tie the ends and we’ll go crazy just for one last time. It always happens differently when I’m around.” Australian indie pop band Fairchild just dropped out an amusing, sexy and cool music video for “Burning Feet” which is a track off their debut EP out on digital release worldwide on April 25th through Canvas Sounds. The video has a hilarious storyline, and we find some scenes look better than the original. We are sure you all know what we are talking about. Just perfect for this good mood song. Watch out as they will also be heading off overseas in May for shows in Toronto, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Singapore. - C Heads

"Fairchild Proving To Be True Gentleman With Burning Feet"

It’s been a while in the making but Fairchild are making their debut with ‘Burning Feet' EP and proving they are true gentleman. The band has been around since 2005 but has undergone several line-up and name changes to finally release as the well-oiled indie pop six-piece we see today.

Producer Catherine Marks, of Foals and Howling Bells acclaim, has helped to create a distinct sound for the bands debut; which will be released to the world digitally on Friday April 25. In anticipation of the release, the band have just put out a new music video for the title track 'Burning Feet' directed by their drummer James Haigh.

On their string of international tour dates, Fairchild will draw from their experiences touring through Japan, Hong Kong, China and support of the likes of Neon Indian, Parachute Youth and the Cassette Kids to produce their contemporary, catchy tunes. - AAA Backstage

"Burning Feet EP (Fairchild) | 3/5"

SINGAPORE — Gold Coast sextet Fairchild is entirely DIY and has been thriving on its wits and musical ability. Although the band has labelled this as its debut EP, it has two previous albums under its previous name Fairchild Republic. Significantly, this EP was produced and mixed by Catherine Marks, who has worked with heavyweight indie rockers like Foals, The Killers and White Lies. This presumably gives us a chance to hear Fairchild with better production values. And based on a proper listening of the three tracks on this EP, it’s fair to say that working with Marks has paid off handsomely. The tracks fairly bristle with dance energy and pop smarts. The contemporary indie pop references are there for modern listeners to lap up — the African guitar riffs, the disco rhythms and the singalong choruses all mark Burning Feet, Dancer and Figure It Out as songs that the kids will absolutely love. Available for download from https://soundcloud.com/wearefairchild. - Today Online

"FAIRCHILD - Burning Feet"

unashamedly indie, the guitars and harmonies sitting quite comfortably over keyboard sounds that are just about retro enough to be heading back into fashion. Fairchild’s pop can soar up, but unlike many doesn’t appear to look patronisingly down on you from those heights. Songs like Dancer have the summery choppy strum of an English summer of late last century, and it’s shiny enough for the world to have a look. Is all very polished, until little moments like the whistle solo breakdown of the title track shows there’s still some dorky humanity as well. - TheMusic.com.au


It’s taken a while, but this coming Friday will see the release of Gold Coast six piece Fairchild’s debut EP ‘Burning Feet’. They’ve been busy getting things right first though, going through a variety of line-ups and names before launching themselves with their current title at the beginning of 2013.

It’s not that they haven’t been busy since their inception in 2005, having toured through Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and supported the likes of Neon Indian, Kids of 88, Parachute Youth, Red Riders, Parades, Cassette Kids, Canyons, Pigeon, Battleships, The Khanz, Cub Sport & Northeast Party House.

Burning Feet has all those prerequisites to make it good in this day and age – these African sounding guitars, a liberal dose of disco, bounding enthusiasm, and the sort of tune that will make you feel good inside and treat your face to an unexpected smile. Its indie pop at it’s feel good freshest.

It’s accompanied by a video, directed by the bands drummer James Haigh, that shoots down a few preconceptions about making rock music videos and is genuinely funny and sweet at the same time. - Backseat Mafia

"Daily Video: FAIRCHILD, Burning Feet"

It is not every day you see a music video which successfully makes pointed, sly commentary on what constitutes a “sexy” (or, arguably, “shocking”) video and the gross and ridiculous ways women’s bodies are used in music videos by utilizing a potpourri of visual touchstones that encompass Titanic, Star Wars, Ghost and the videos for George Michael’s Faith, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Jennifer Lopez’s I Luh Ya Papi. And those are just the super obvious ones that I caught in the two times I watched it.

But FAIRCHILD, from the Gold Coast, Australia, have pulled it off. Plus the song at the heart of it all, Burning Feet, from the EP of the same name, is a charming pop confection. - Now This Sound Is Brave

"FAIRCHILD – “Burning Feet”"

Australian indie pop band FAIRCHILD, have just released a fresh new video for ‘Burning Feet’- the title track off their debut EP. - Groundsounds

"New Music – Fairchild “Arcadia”"

There must be something in Australia’s water. There has been such a wide variety of great musical acts to come from the region. Fairchild is one of the really good ones and we’re checking out their latest single, Arcadia, which precedes the release of their Sadako EP. Sadako is out on the 21st of November via Canvas Sounds.

Arcadia is an epic indie rock track that will make your day. The band has always had an international outlook and we think that this might have influenced their music because it sounds very British.

You’ll love this band if you’re a fan of Foals or Two Door Cinema Club. - Drop Your Drink

"Just for Kids: Sadako by Fairchild"

It’s springtime in Australia, so winter’s most energetic music is going to come from that area for the next few months. First, I’ve found Fairchild, who provide power pop that is the appropriate amount of fun and drama to their lyrics. Their first single is “Arcadia,” with a funky accompanying video.

Where the toe-tapping rhythm meets drama in “Arcadia,” the rest of Fairchild’s latest EP, Sadako, follows suit. It builds into anthemic choruses, but something feels so familiar in them; I am reminded of the powerful chords on Coldplay’s Parachutes. “Outside” is nostalgic, but not for the past, for the present. It is full of emotion, as is what I find the strongest track on the EP, “Waiting For It”. The buzzing guitars and horse-trot rhythm; then the anthemic chorus comes in, meant to be whispered rather than shouted. - The Music Court

"FAIRCHILD - Arcadia"

Arcadia is a lively and radiant single off Australian indie rock band Fairchild’s forthcoming EP Sadako, out in North America on November 18 via OK! Good Records. The vivacious, passionate dance rock song wiill give you the urge to get up and move. There are plenty of pop hooks, like in Two Door Cinema Club’s infectious music, and plenty of rambunctious plucky rhythm, like in Foals’ music. Fairchild released an amazing stop motion video for the song this week, one that looks like it took a lot of time and meticulous work to create. - I Heart Moosiq

"Fairchild – Arcadia"

Following last April’s debut EP Burning Feet, Australian indie-rockers Fairchild are about to release Sakado, a new extended play inspired by Eleanor Coerr’s book Sakado and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Arcadia is the first song to be taken from the record and shows the six-piece’s skill to create strong, infectious melodies. With its pounding drumming, the shimmering guitars and the powerful voice of singer Adam Lyons, Arcadia will thrill you just like Two Door Cinema Club’s best songs did. - Going Solo


Fairchild are an Australian sextet who have just released their latest single Arcadia taken from the forthcoming Sadako EP (out 17th November on Canvas Sounds). Arcadia is an upbeat tune with tropical guitars that is reminiscent of acts such as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, or Phoenix.

The Sadako EP’s simple, almost abstract title harks back to their love for Japan, the first place they toured overseas. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes was a book written by American author Eleanor Coerr and tells the story of a Japanese girl who was two years old when the devastating Hiroshima atomic bomb was dropped. She became very ill and was told of the legend if you make 1,000 paper cranes it can make you better. Feeling inspired by this story, a friend of vocalist Adam Lyons made him 1,000 paper cranes for good luck while he was at university. They hang above his bedroom, where the band recorded and produced the EP.

After spending two months working on the six-track EP, it was mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice, The Killers) at London’s Assault & Battery Studios. Marks also recorded and produced the band’s debut EP Burning Feet. The last 18 months has seen the band tour through Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America including showcases at Canadian Music Week and Music Matters. - Indie Is Not A Genre


Fairchild are a 6-piece rock outfit originally from the Gold Coast, Australia, but now residing in Manchester. We have fallen for the deliciously rich sound that Fairchild produce, merging influences from rock and synth-pop. Following the release of their ‘Sadako’ EP last year, and their relocation to the UK, the band have just announced details of their new double A-side single ‘Hot Rod/Nom De Guerre’.

A million miles away from the grey skies of the North of England, ‘Nom De Guerre’ is a killer of a track with incredible depth achieved through the formation and build of instrumental and vocals. The track is driven by pounding beats, vocal harmonies, and a web of sun-drenched riffs and keys, all delivered with an infectious energy that pours through every note.

Second track ‘Hot Rod’ continues to drive forward with a heavy wall of sound and lingering keys, however brings a much darker, brooding feel to the release. The rock influence is much more evident here, but bursting out alongside thrashing guitars and drums is the subtle synth element that Fairchild experiment with so well.

The single is released on 22nd June on their label Canvas Sounds, with both tracks produced by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice) at Australia’s Luna Studios and mixed at London’s Assault & Battery Studios.

Having previously supported the likes of Flume, Neon Indian, Parachute Youth and The Griswolds, as well as also having toured through Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America – the band are fast building their live profile in the UK. You can catch Fairchild at Night and Day Café, Manchester, on June 23rd - Beat2aChord

"Sadako EP (Fairchild) | 3.5/5"

SINGAPORE - Aussie sextet Fairchild - Adam Lyons, vocals; Nathan Lyons, keyboards; Tim Voeten, guitar; Patrick Huerto, guitar and Tommy Davies, bass and James Alexander, drums - continue to enhance their reputation with new EP, Sadako. Strong melodies, dancey rhythms and familiar indie pop arrangements demonstrate the group’s intent to break into the international market. Certainly, they have given themselves the best opportunity possible with this impressive showing: References to Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys abound as the band find a balance between memorable songwriting and body movement appeal. The six tracks are consistently of high quality without a filler amongst them. The only criticism might be that sometimes the songs sound too similar and there isn’t too much of a range in musical presentation. Notwithstanding this drawback, tracks like Arcadia, Stay Young and Waiting For It managed to stand out from the crowd to merit repeated plays. The band will make a big move to the United Kingdom to pursue their musical dreams and this EP is a strong indication of the possibilities ahead for Fairchild. - Today Online


Listening to electronic tunes day after day, it's always refreshing to hear something that reminds me of the old school classic bands we grew up with. Resonating with that classic California summer sound, alternative Aussie band, Fairchild, brings us back with their Two Door Cinema style. Titled "Stay Young", their latest release got reworked by uber talented producer Midnight. Masterfully, Midnight managed to keep the classic instrumental elements that make this song completely intact, while giving it a new fresh sound. Available on iTunes, stream the track below. Enjoy! - Stoney Roads


'Burning Feet' EP - April, 2014

'Sadako EP' - November, 2014

'Hot Rod // Nom de Guerre' - June 22nd, 2015 (UK)

'Breathless' EP - February, 2016



Australian, Manchester-based, six-piece FAIRCHILD are set to continue their streak of 1980s musical praises with the release of new single ‘Breathless’ – a slow, sensual, four-to-the-floor rollick into unchartered territory. Produced by friend and collaborator Catherine Marks (Foals, The Killers, Wolf Alice) and recorded on the Gold Coast, lead singer Adam Lyons was given the opportunity to oversee mixing at Assault and Battery Studios in London.

‘Breathless’ instigated a series of pre-production sessions, with each band member contributing ideas unhindered by genre expectations. FAIRCHILD worked individually and in small groups, at times swapping instruments, sharing half-baked riffs, beats, bites and grooves during an exacting four-month period of brainstorming and began to recognize parallels between their recordings and the songs of the 80s bands they’d always loved.

Speaking on the track, Adam Lyons explains, “Breathless is the most personal song I’ve ever written and it was built inside a computer. We didn’t play it as a band until we recorded live in studio with Catherine. The gap between creation and performance is what gives the song its personality. Or sexuality, as Catherine might say. In the studio we focused on presentation because the song was already there. It always had been.”

In February 2015, FAIRCHILD moved from Gold Coast, Australia to Manchester, UK to concentrate efforts on music without the distractions of home. Brothers Adam and Nathan Lyons have continued expanding their label and management company, Canvas Sounds, in their new city with a current string of fresh releases from each of their signed acts. ‘Breathless’ is part of this broader push by Canvas Sounds to encourage collaboration, support unsigned musicians and trial methods of songwriting and recording previously unexplored by its artists.

Band Members