Orlando, Florida, USA
BandMetalHard Rock

F.I.L.T.H is a modern, American heavy metal/metalcore band in the styles of bands such as Soulfly, The Butcher Babies, Pantera, and Slipknot. They have a live show reminiscent of the shenanigans and debauchery that were so prevalent in 80s bands such as W.A.S.P, KISS, and King Diamond. F.I.L.T.H brings you the heavy sound of modern American metal styles with the bounce and groove of hard rock. Experiencing F.I.L.T.H live is a completely separate and awesome thing.


To contact F.I.L.T.H for booking or press inquiries: f.i.l.t.hnation@gmail.com

To date, F.I.L.T.H has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such amazing acts as Fear Factory, Saliva, Straight Line Stitch, Green Jello, Hellyeah, Evanescence, In Flames, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, OTEP, and Mushroomhead, as well as a number of incredible national touring acts.

The bands origins can be dated as far back as 2009 when Bassist Mike Vettel and Guitarist Mike Andes had already begun writing what would be the foundation of F.I.L.T.H. The pair enlisted new members for the project only to realize later the lineup would ultimately have to change. “There was a lot going on at the time…” recalls Mike Andes, “…the timing just wasn’t right for the direction we wanted to go…” The two then decided to put the project on hold.

Almost a year later, they were introduced to drummer Freddie Hull. “I was playing with Kevin Palmer (Trust Company) before I stepped away from playing….I hadn’t played in almost 12 years. By the time I was introduced to Mike and Mikey, I was playing in a local cover band…” For the next several months, the trio talked about putting it all together and in early 2011, headed into the studio and started to go to work. “Freddie came in and branded his own style to the chemistry that Mikey V and I already had….he just fit…” exclaims Mike Andes. Soon after, the three began the search for, what would ultimately be the next piece to the lineup. And it didn’t take them long before front man Eric Mann brutally filled the void they were searching for. F.I.L.T.H. was born. “I hadn’t been in any bands before. I had done some promotional work and what have you, but I’d never been in an actual music project. For about a year, Mike Andes had hit me up about trying out, but the timing was never right.” Mike Andes remembers, “I had seen both Eric and Freddie perform on stage and I’d already worked with Mikey V, so, I knew that the chemistry was there and the showmanship I was looking for was prevalent..…I just had to put them all in one room and see if it worked.”

Over the next year the band pressed on working, writing, playing shows and incorporated guitarist, Matthew Twifford. On September 6th of 2013 the bands first EP dropped. Although a five member band at the time, guitarist Matthew abruptly left the band shortly after. "We spent about a year writing with Matt, but things in his personal life were changing. So, he left to pursue other things....it was tough to see him go.." says Mike Andes.

The band moved on, and with their debut EP almost a year behind them, the word was put out. Not long after, in late 2014, guitarist Josh Lyons stepped in to fill the spot. "Josh is raw material…" says Mike Andes, "...we've already started writing with him and plan on hitting the studio to record our second EP with him next year.."

Pushing forward, bringing their music and their somewhat controversial and completely unique live show to fans of heavy music everywhere, you may enjoy it, you may be offended by it.... whatever the case may be, F.I.L.T.H. asks you only one question.

Will you be a part of F.I.L.T.H. nation?


F.I.L.T.H EP(2013)
1. The Quiet Song
2.  Soft
3. Dirty
4. Criminal

An Ode To Decay: The Armageddon Strain (2016)
1. Intro
2. Timebomb
3. Anthem for the Rejects
4. Disconnected
5. Affluenza
6. Cannibal Priest (The Ballad)
7. The Armageddon Strain

Shotz [LMFAO Cover] (2018)
Alarm Clock [Acoustic] (2018)