Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Folkland is an experience, blue collar stories with with a white collar delivery! For fans of, "Outkast to 3 6 Mafia", diversity is our aim.


"Folkland", the dynamic duo (Lemar French & L.O.S.) hail from the up and coming city of Pittsburgh P.A. Know for their high energy performances and charismatic style of music, Folkland can deliver everytime! "Lemar French", currently employed as the Head Engineer of the recording studio "Ya Momz House", has for over 7 years perfected his craft working with various acts on a national level. Some of these acts include: Young Buck, Lil Scrappy, Rhymefest, Malik Yoba, Carl Clemmons, etc. Known for his attention to detail, perfectionist is more commonly his I.D. when it comes to music. "L.O.S." artist/writer grew up on the opposite end of the city as his partner Mr. French. Developing his skill and talent from countless shows and viral video performances L.O.S. has also worked with a sleuth of people on a local and national level. Together the two form Folkland, named for the abundance of people they've either helped or grew to know throughout their journey in music and consider every contact family. Feel free to checkout their music and receive exclusive updates/music, etc.

n. 1. (O.Eng. Law) Land held in villenage, being distributed among the folk, or people, at the pleasure of the lord of the manor, and resumed at his discretion. Not being held by any assurance in writing, it was opposed to bookland or charter land, which was held by deed.


"The Darkage" (Mixtape) 2006 - L.O.S.

"Alien Green" (Mixtape) 2007 - Lemar French

"Chronicles Of Robin Leach" (Mixtape) 2008

"No Fans Just Critics" (Mixtape) 2011

"Badlands" (Album) 2012