Goodnight Ohio

Goodnight Ohio


In three words we are melodic indie rock, in more words we are a four piece that pull in influences from several different genres. We have been likened to Eels, Manchester Orchestra and Explosions In The Sky.

Our band mantra is "make the nice bits sound nice and the loud bits sound LOUD "


Since forming in late 2011 we have spent a lot of time perfecting our sound. Being a band with many different influences is not as easy as it sounds. Crafting songs so the verses feel like Bon Iver and the end sounds like Nirvana took many hours of blood sweat and tears.

Our song structures are like ice cream with razor blades in, a sweet and tender start with a cutting sharp finish. We don't write songs in a conventional way, we have a 6 minute instrumental followed by a 2 minute song with no chorus.

The live show is our real strength as we love to use dynamics to engage audiences. Our songs can go from the hush of just a voice to everyone turned up to 11 in a split second. Every set is a journey of dynamics and styles, keeping audiences captivated. We are a band that believe in the power of the live performance and it's where we really deliver.


Wait and Then Bleed - First single from our first E.P due out in the Summer of 2013.

Set List

We Need To Talk
The Reprise
Wait and Then Bleed Intro
Wait and Then Bleed
Parties Over