We Are Hex

We Are Hex


We Are Hex is known for playing an abrasive form of noisy pop music both compliant and contrary to music trends of the past and present.


More than, less than, more of, less of.
The root of We Are Hex lies in its individual members' collective desire to write the songs that all their favorite bands either forgot to write or just never got to writing, while at the same time spiking the vein of something completely different and new.
Initially, We Are Hex began as an earnest attempt at capturing a modern twist of the vibrations laid out by bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide, My Bloody Valentine, the Silver Apples, the Birthday Party, the Stooges and several other groups the threesome initially hoped to somehow emulate just for kicks, and why not?
Subsequently, despite their best attempts We Are Hex, to their credit or not, has ended up sounding nothing like any of the aforementioned bands. Instead they have found their own steady footing playing noisy, drony pop-influenced rock 'n' roll, becoming a band more interested in sonic grandeur and sound itself than sounding like anything or anyone in particular.
We Are Hex cut their teeth musically in a previous band, logging in over 250 shows and several tours coast to coast in under two years, they are now set to take the same tone of seriousness with this current project. Having already played a handful of live dates around the Midwest, treating people to songs interlaced with a barrage of atmospheric, warm sounds and dense, shrill feedback, We Are Hex is currently setting their sights on recording a full-length record for release, somehow, in early 2008.


Summer 2007 3 Song Tour Demo
contains the tracks:
1.) Secret Speed
2.) Five Minutes with the Thief
3.) Tired of White Nights

Info: Various demo recordings done at Azmyth Studios and Phantom Manor Studios.

Debut Full Length "Loomers Versus Lurkers" to be released: April 2008.

Info: Coming Soon.

Set List

Typical set list contains 6 to 8 songs. We try to keep our sets around the half hour mark.