BandHip HopPunk

A new foundation and approach to the future of Hip Hop! Doctor Who, the Good King, and Understanding the Unorthodox are the Immortals, legendary warriors of great wisdom and power. Join them as they battle their arch enemies the Cynics, the Cyborgs, and the Demons to save your souls!


The Immortals do not live as a united people on a territory of their own, but are scattered around the world and across history. The only bond between them are oral traditions called the Rules transmitted from teacher to student. The creator of the Rules is unknown, lost in the antiquities of time. The Rules are never enumerated, like a body of laws, but they are quoted according to the circumstances. They are taught to newborn Immortals by Immortal mentors called First Teachers. The new Immortal usually does not learn about their situation until they meet another Immortal willing to teach them. This Immortal is referred to as the First Teacher. The First Teacher teaches the new Immortal the Rules of the Game, how to use a sword and the tactics needed to achieve victory at all costs, for to fail is to die.


Immortals - Coming Down Like Babylon released 2006
Doctor Who - The Coming of God released 2007
Ominous Roundtable - Operation: Doomsday (New Release
Immortals - Encounters of the Third King (Coming Soon)

Set List

Our performance ranges. We are able to adapt to the crowd and the allotted time of the venue. Our sets can have a minimum of 4 songs to a maximum of 12, mixed with improv, crowd control, and DJ participation.