We Are Lions

We Are Lions


"We Are Lions are from Hollywood, and they're not trying to sound British on their debut album, but the connection to Radiohead, Coldplay, and U2 is impossible to miss" - AllMusic.com Video EPK @ http://www.wearelions.net/press


Since the release of their 2005 debut, WE ARE LIONS' music has roared into the ears of youth nationwide and topped the charts of popular websites such as Purevolume.com and Smartpunk.com.

The 2005 offering, "Eight Arms Made This" (At One Records) first introduced the band to the music world. Distributed nationwide at Tower Records locations, this record expanded the bands fan base out of Southern California. One review on AllMusic.com compared We Are Lions' musical direction to that of rock greats U2, Radiohead and Coldplay, while sites like Punktastic.com simply stated, "I can see these guys getting picked up at a rather large level, I really can." This positive response helped them grab a spot on the Vans Warped Tour by winning the annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest.

While publications like CAMPUS CIRCLE have featured the band in their L.A.Underground section, there is nothing underground about the music contained on their upcoming release, "You'd Better Believe." Slated for a fall 2008 release, this new disc will find the ears of a much broader audience and make it quite simply, music for the masses. Although you may soon find your brother, neighbor and dog humming the hooks of We Are Lions, the bands creative integrity remains in tact.

"You'd Better Believe" was produced by Tim Patalan (Lovedrug, We Are the Fury, Sponge) and packs 11 tracks, ranging from the rock ballad, "Hold On To It" to the catchy upbeat tunes "Bravo Bravo" and "Every Chair I Sit In Is a Rocking Chair." Songs like "Sorry" are pre-destined to become stadium rock anthems, while songs like "Summer Romance" are just that, your next summer's romance soundtrack.

Singer Atom Whitman's lyrics are universal. They explore life's many internal perplexities and virtues, delivered in such a way that almost anyone can relate. It has become very apparent that We Are Lions' focus is intent on the careful crafting of songwriting itself, resulting in an entire album of irresistible melodic hooks.

Ask any person who goes to a We Are Lions live performance and they will tell you that on stage is where the band truly comes alive. Each member feeds off the music and energy produced under the spotlight. They work as one message, one yell, one revolution; bringing the audience to the front lines. We Are Lions is a band built on a genuine love for music and their songs display a wide span of emotions. It's not uncommon to find to find yourself at a We Are Lions show, in a venue full of fans simultaneously chanting the lyrics "two stabs, to my side, I'm screaming, through this smile, but I'm so happy you're happy."

The band was founded in Los Angeles in 2001 by four longtime friends Atom Whitman (vocals/guitar), Matawaran (guitar/keyboard), Reza Rasoli (bass), and Matt Quarnstrom (drums).

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Hold On To It

Written By: Atom Whitman

And on the day you become old
you'll think of everything you've ever sold
and realize there're things you miss
Like the kiss of fingertips
as they gently pressed against your lips
that wintercoat that kept you warm

We grow up, settle down
we bury our feet and we stand still
don't hold out
just hold on

Forward I'm marching on
I travel with no end
We've both come so far now darling
we can love again

A little boy just learned to swim
his worried mother she calls out to him
he says he wants to see just how far he can go

It never ends
let's not pretend
we're only friends


Written By: Atom Whitman

I'm getting sick and i don't know why
I keep good health, i sleep all night
i'm just here waiting for the time to come
when i wont ask questions or have to run
I'm generous with all my friends
but when it's not returned thats where it ends
I'm grateful for this lesson learned
and i pray someday you'll get your turn

Patience is a virtue but too much will hurt you
I'm done taking my time
Patience is a virtue but too much will hurt you
that's why I'm making you mine

I'm careful now, i'm learning fast
if you hesitate, they'll run right past
I was young and you were too
and now we both know what not to do

All that's left to write is wriiten on this page
all that's left to speak are things I'll never say
all that's left to hear will echo in this room
and all that's left to do is say thank you

Every Chair I Sit In Is A Rocking Chair

Written By: Atom Whitman

When you grow up you're set up for let down
Young and hopeful, you drink up and you get down
You're scared of love, someone left you and you're upset now
but if you don't fall, someday soon I swear you'll forget how

And I can't wait for the day when I'll calm down
some may say that the day will never come

Asking questions, but answers are not what we wanted
Put on our makeup, but faces are not what we flaunted
We sang our lungs out, the crowd they just got up and taunted
and I'm scared now love, but my heart is not what is haunted

And I can't wait for the day when I'll calm down
some may say that the day will never come
But I just trust fate and I've sat here so patient
if it's today, then we'll count this as day one

Hold on, I'll be home soon
and you know there's always room
because you've been here before
you've heard all the lines
counted the words and you've seen all the signs
they all point back to you


2008 - You'd Better Believe
1. The Architect's Daughter
2. Hold on to It
3. Bravo
4. Every Chair I Sit in is a Rocking Chair
5. Lovers and Fighters
6. Power and Glory
7. Sorry
8. The Greco Roman Goodbye
9. Summer Romance

2005 - Eight Arms Made This (At One Records)
1.Lovers and Fighters
2.La Vendetta Dulce
3.If Humans Had Scorpion Tales
5.Dancewell Parallel
6.The Greco Roman Goodbye
7.Mrs. Modern Home
8.The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World
10.Suicide Note C.1982
11.Coma Casino
12.Songs of Flightless Birds

Set List

30-45 min of all originals