Watertown, South Dakota, USA

We Are Counquers


Emerging from the band formerly known as HeSaidSheSaid, Nikao is ready to hit the rapidly changing metal scene. With a new name, a new line-up of members, and some new music, this team of 6 musicians is preparing to take over with an entirely new sound. Shying away from the generic song layouts, mediocre lyrics with auto-tuned vocals, and cliché synthesizers, Nikao is getting back to the basics of what music should sound like. Some adjustments to equipment have been made along with a few tweaks in writing styles which is sure to please listeners. Nikao is currently preparing music and is hoping to hit the studio in the summer of 2012 to release an EP. Until then, their first single, Kansas City, Misery (recorded at Roosevelt Records in St. Paul, MN) is available for your listening pleasure. Be sure to like the page, give the new song a listen, and spread the word to your friends.
Be blessed and stay brutal.


Kansas City, Misery

Written By: Nikao

I can't get away from the mess that I've made
If I said I didn't crave the taste of her lips
I'd just be lying through my teeth
My hands are steady and my pulse is racing
Feeling pressured I caress her body
I won't fight this battle again
I gave her everything
I gave myself away
I never thought it would end up like this
I searched for satisfaction
I tried to fill this hole
But now I'm in too deep and it's too late to let go
I can't feel anything
As I'm torn limb from limb
Temptation is chasing me
It's the cancer that's filling my lungs
It keeps spreading
We've worked so hard and we've come too far
Let's get it right this time, let's get it right this time
I don't want to watch this all fall apart
Let's get it right this time, let's get it right this time
It's just clockwork
Time is the test
I can't keep going on like this
I won't settle for complacency
But I can feel the walls closing in
I'm losing sight and I struggle to breathe
God please don't leave me here (I'm right here)
Please don't leave me hanging high and dry (I'm right here)
God please don't leave me here (I'm right here)
Defenseless and left alone to die
If your hands cause sin then cut them off
If your eyes cause sin then gouge them out
Eye sockets empty, I have but one hand
Lord take the other from me


Kansas City, Misery - 2012 (Single)