New London, Connecticut, USA
BandPopHip Hop

Hip/Hop fused electronic sound that will make you move. High energy with authentic meaningful lyrical content that will inspire you. Diverse delivery and multi-genre based music that can reach out to any audience. Faith driven, hard working, and dedicated to reach peoples heart.


Its never easy sharing your convictions, values, and beliefs in today's
society however, its that adversity and challenge that has made N.U.
LIFE who they are. Committed to sharing their faith in God through the
medium of music. They simply express a perspective of moral truths that
when fused together with sound create an unforgettable experience. It's
like entering into a place of rest that makes ANYONE wanna dance, sing,
and challenges the listener to consider that good music has no
boundaries. A breath of fresh air for anyone that needs a word of
encouragement. Its the kind of talent that some consider a blessing
directly from heaven.

Lead vocalist Valerie Grace delivers a soft and beautiful sound that
grabs your heart. Vocalist J. Water and Daniel Garceea deliver clever,
precise, raps that provide just the right amount of swag even for any
secular main stream artist. However, Never shying away from
occasionally demonstrating their lyrical ability and position as true
respectable MC's. All of this is carefully orchestrated to deliver there
hope in God and belief in Gospel of Yahweh.

They all have a story: hopeless, alone, abandonment, dysfunctional
family, drugs, confusion, but their hope & surrender in God has
become the driving force behind what they do. Now they share all they
been through in order to impact lives that are possibly facing similar
situations. Come hear their story and listen to how their old lives
became a N.U.LIFE.



Written By: Valerie Garcia, Jonathan Ayala, Daniel Garcia

I want to, want to be with you


EP-Grounded 2009
LP- 1 WAY--Radio Single-(One Day) - Released 2012
Music Video-- "One Day" Released 2012
SIngle- "I need a Change"
Single- "To Worship"