We are Patterns

We are Patterns


We are a unique combination of folk acoustic guitar, funky bass lines along with smooth jazz electric guitar and drums. We put it all together and call ourselves We are Patterns. We are a young and talented act coming out of the Midwest region.


We Are Patterns, a young group of four talented musicians, bring a set of unique styles together to create a fresh sound influenced by funk, folk, jazz, blues, alternative and even hints of metal.

Vocalist and rythym guitarist Alex, hailing from a town with a population of only thirty, grew up with a background in choral voice. Inspired by his father's garage band at an early age, Alex began writing songs on an acoustic guitar and performing them at local venues with various other local musicians, including Pat, the bassist of the group.

Bassist, Patrick, grew up in the small town of Spring Grove MN. Wanting to do something out of the norm in this small norwegian town, he decided to pick up bass guitar and found his way into a country variety gig where he learned much of his knowledge of music. Being in love with Flea's funky styles of the Chili peppers, much of his bass lines derive off of a funky jive! With Patrick being random and friendly there is never a dull moment when this band is together!

Lead guitar player, Ryan, set his roots firmly in Blues, and Jazz. His biggest influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and Charlie Byrd. Ryan teaches guitar lessons at his very own studio and hopes to one day play in the pit of broadway musicals .

Drummer, Mr. Dustin, is one of the most random, outgoing charcters to be around. His roots are in Metal, but Dustin has spread his talents to include many genres.

With such eclectic backrounds, these boys are able to bring their unique and original songs to excited audiences of a wide varieties.


You can find our unmastered four song demo on here.
-Patterns in the Ballroom
-Short Bus
-Do Not Use on Broken Skin
-Closing In

Set List

-Patterns in the Ballroom
-Short bus
-Do Not Use on Broken Skin
-Closing In
-Rock Pillows
-Tomorrow Too
-It Took another
-Blame Her

Amsterdam - Guster
Chinese Children - Devender Banhardt
We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab for Cutie