Pow Wows

Pow Wows


Pow Wows are a garage-punk creature with one foot planted in the swamp and the other bouncing away at the sock hop. Mixing elements of psych, twang and R&B, the group uses its influences to create a powerful celebration of the rock 'n roll era.


Pow Wows came onto the Toronto underground scene in the summer of 2010. Early gigs set the tone for their reputation as authentic garage and punk rock players, with performances alongside such underground heroes as the Zoobombs and No Bunny. Being loyal children of 1980s technology, the group recorded some impromptu sessions in their rehearsal space and self-released a cassette called Nightmare Soda.

At their next show, opening for legendary Pittsburgh Garage Rock legends The Cynics, the cassette found its way to Cynics Guitarist and Get Hip Recordings co-founder Gregg Kostelich. Within days plans were in motion for the tape to be mastered and pressed onto 180 gram vinyl and released by Get Hip, with a subsequent U.S. tour supporting The Cynics to follow. Further trips to SXSW and various U.S. and Canadian cities have solidified Pow Wows' status as a powerful new band to watch out for with their original brand of off kilter, dark and rhythmic roots punk. The band remains on Get Hip Recordings with 2 singles released on vinyl as well as the heartily celebrated Nightmare Soda LP.


Nightmare Soda LP/CD (Get Hip Recordings)
Killing Me 7" Single (Get Hip Recordings)
Shock Corridor 7" Single (Get Hip Recordings)