We Are Rebels

We Are Rebels

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

"1992 Is The Year That Planet Earth Got A Little Bit Doper, 2011 Is The Year It Had It's Overdose". Our Music Makes Everybody Else's Music Look Like What The F**K's. We Take Pride In Our Creative Wordplay And Catchy Choruses.


It all started in bedroom in Metro Atlanta, the thought and the manifestation of those thoughts and emotions into actual music and actual fans. September 2009, senior year, high school ..that's when we came together as "We Are Rebels" ..because that's what we were. The outsiders, the weird ones, the outcast, THE REBELS. Our music is what bridged the gap between the current trend and the unbeaten path. We do what we love and we love to make music. I believe music makes the world go round and we're just creating our own orbit rather than getting caught up in someone else. We Are Rebels [W.A.R.] Peace can't exist without [W.A.R.] Be yourself and allow others to do the same. That's what it means to truly be a Rebel. Inject the DOPEness into your veins and get high in our ambiance.


The Influence EP (June 2011)
1992: The Overdose (Nov 2011)