You won't understand it but you'll totally « get » it. Because Swedish lyrics sounds good. Especially if combined with indie metal and punk, a raw distorted sound, falsetto harmonies and furious screams. Riddarna is something you haven't heard before and it makes you want to dance and sing along.


Unloaded from Gotland, the little island lost in the Baltic sea, to Göteborg, these three knights (« Riddarna » in Swedish) are into rock music. Their music? An unstoppable furious train of melodic noise. As soon as a song of theirs begins, the end of the world can happen anytime. Half psychedelic stoner punks, half kings of neo grunge, those nice fellows can whistle in a song, then shout like maniacs. Guitars are their swords. Honesty, their helmets. And Swedish lyrics, their horses. Swedish lyrics? Well, it is less important to understand a chorus than to actually « get » it, right?

Some reviews:

“Riddarna awakens another Frankensteins monster”
- DN (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“Most of all it sounds like a band playing music like their lives depended on it”
- Gaffa (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 5/6)

“Right now, Riddarna makes the most vital rock music in Swedish since Bob hund was puppies.”
- Göteborgs Posten (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“I like the fact that there’s full throttle and good songs”
- Norrbottenskuriren (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

”my eyes gets filled with tears of joy when listening to this in the middle of the Eurovision Song Contest hysteria”
- Södra Sidan (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 5/5)

“I am speechless and happy”
- Blaskan (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 5/5)

“There’s no doubt about the fact that this is very talented Swedish rock”
- Corren (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“The whole band feels uncompromising”
- Dalarnas Tidningar (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“Riddarna is a healthy injection in swedish music”
- Motala och Vadstena tidning (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“Scewed music that doesn’t limp”
- Norra Skåne (Album review of “Bakom Molnen”: 4/5)

“Rock is dead, long live Riddarna! If you are not a music puritan, you are probably already dancing.”
- The Gothenburg Post: (Album review of the debut album: 4/5)

“It is simply wonderful. Lyssna, rock’n'rollen är död bounces and jumps like Bob Hund on amphetamine that only knows two chords, and it is probably this year’s best Swedish song.”
- Gaffa: (Review of the debut album: 5/6)

“Wow! That’s the first impression after listening through Riddarna’s energetic debut album. An album full of raw hard-roaring rock’n'roll and distorted desperate singing. Filled with echoes of 80's punk and 90's electric Thåström. Refused and Pascal mixed with a large dose of stoner rock. A modern rock’n'roll that Dennis Lyxzén would kill animals to make today. “
- Kulturbloggen: (Review of the debut album: 4/5)

“… I fall unreservedly for the album which could very well be the best Swedish album this year.”
- Tidningen Kulturen (Review of de debut album)

“The Cross by Prince, Bob Dylan Drifter’s Escape and Glömma Allt by Riddarna. The common denominator? Great songs with two chords.”
- Sonic

“Ruthless real rock without washed-out sweat smelling Iron Maiden-shirts.”
- Cabinstreet.se

“…the debut lands somewhere between wacky 60s psychedelia rock and 90s alternative.”
“In conclusion: I never knew brain damage would be so amusing.”
- Swede+Sour


Glöm allt! - Släpp allt! (EP 2010)
Känner du som jag (single 2011)
Riddarna (debut album 2011)
Helvete (single 2012)
Bakom Molnen (album 2012)
Det kommer aldrig att gå (single 2012)