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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Live Review 4/12/05"

They might think they're scientists, and they might be the most scorching unsigned band in the US right now, but tonight this Brooklyn-based trio look more like sinister '70s PE teachers. At least, their handle-bar moustachioed bassist Chris Cain does, while All-American frontman Keith murray is more like Dominic Masters' healthy alter ego. Fittingly, he's almost as well-polishedas We Are Scientists' tunes: 'Lousy Reputation' is all moody glamour-pop, while 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt' is aggravatingly catchy, fidgety art-punk. Whether We Are Scientists will become the world-straddling melodicists Hot Hot Heat should have been, or just the latest hipsters to jump aboard the Killers' cash-cow remains to be seen. Either way, they're coming to a drive-time radio near you soon.
-Denmark Hill - NME


The Wolf's Hour (tracks available at wearescientists.com)
Safety, Fun & Learning (In That Order)


Feeling a bit camera shy


*So what's your story?
In the summer of 2001, we responded to an offer from the band We Are Scientists to relocate, all expenses paid, from Los Angeles to New York City. Brokering the deal from both sides, we quickly accepted and hopped the next steam train out of town. We Are Scientists became the Superman to our unusually pathetic Clark Kent. By day, we fumble pick up lines, choke on cigarettes, and wear those fucking P.E. coach-style shorts. By night, same pretty much, but on stage.

*How would you describe We Are Scientists to people who have never seen you before?
A three-tusked mastodon. A triple mohawk. A flight from New York to L.A. with three layovers. Physically, the We Are Scientists are not imposing. We are of medium height and slight build, but together weigh enough to be a linebacker, a linebacker of the steam engine, straight-arming, bone-snapping variety. All of us wear corrective lenses. Each has his driver’s license.

*How would you describe your music?
A question no band likes to be asked. Kind of like asking a writer to describe her work using a guitar solo. But there are a couple of things that characterize our sound right now, and we're prepared to reveal them. First there are melodies, some of them catchy. They can be found in the vocal lines and often, yes, god help us, the guitar lines. Second, and lastly, we try to have each instrument do something distinct from what the other instruments are doing as often as possible. So for example the bass doesn't just play the root notes of what the guitar is playing, and it doesn't necessarily hit when the bass drum is hitting. We call this approach, which we didn't invent, and which many people do much better than we do, Advanced High Level Sectional Articulation. In fact, we don't call it that; we don't really refer to it by a special name, we just do it. We did invent that term, though – 'Advanced High Level Sectional Articulation.'

*What was your first show like?
One of our first shows – it may or may not have been the very first, we can't remember – was in a dorm building's courtyard at a small college in southern California. There was no stage and Michael had only heard the songs a couple of times, most of them for the first time earlier that day. It's generally considered by rock historians and other people of minimal worth to be the finest, most precise, most explosive, most inspiring rock show of all time, and one of the top two or three performances of any kind, musical or otherwise, ever. People fainted dead away; this sentence is not related to the rest of the paragraph.

*How would you describe your fans?
Lucid, discerning people with amazing taste and salacious physiques.