San Antonio, Texas, USA

Angular guitar riff's howl, and bass tones growl Sunn(((O, producing a punishing mass of sound. The drummer powers the audial assault wave with limber chops and a flourishing visual chemistry. A singer heads the outfit with a viscous vocal array, seething like a caged animal with emotional problems.


For the past 3 years, Sohns has toured the United States leaving a thick trail of broken windows, torn bits of black shirt, and blood, shrouded in a strong musky scent wherever they pass.They are working diligently on "To Ward It Off And Drown It Out" the upcoming full-length to be released in the next few months after recording at the lauded Red Room in Seattle under the watchful eye of Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes, Pelican) and mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches (Converge, Malady). Calling to their forefathers in bands like Refused and Song of Zarathustra, this band's bracing catharsis, is an organic living structure, that physically touches and engages the audience through the utter physicality of air being pushed through speaker cabinets, if not by wild traipsing of the singers touchy attitude and body language.

To Ward It Off And Drown It Out:
In December 2009, Sohns flew to Seattle, Washington to record their debut full-length record at Red Room Studios with producer/engineer Chris Common. Over the two week recording session, the band exercised all of their available passion and intensity towards the albums creation, producing a sound that was not only heavy in every aspect, but dynamic with an incredible subtlety. After the songs were mixed, Alan Douches mastered the record, concentrating the vicious sound and bringing the album to it's long awaited conclusion. For the artwork, the band felt it was necessary to work with someone with close ties to their culture and surroundings. Subsequently, local San Antonio artist, Joe Vega was charged with designing the artwork and layout, to encapsulate all of the feeling and energy and turn it into visual lingo. Sohns feel that this record is an apt representation of how they feel about punk rock and its future.

The final version of the record is nine tracks and 37 minutes long. Moving seamlessly between tracks, the record is meticulously sequenced to develop throughout its duration and evoke an overwhelming sense of movement through its harsh environments and melodic respites. Sohns has produced this undulating, crushing sound through its own self-awareness, experimentation with song structure, and love of vintage amplification. Taking influence from their peers and predecessors, such as At The Drive-In, The Blood Brothers, Refused, The Jesus Lizard, and Converge, Sohns channels the inspiration and energy found in those varied sounds into their own boisterous exhibition. The band; with Producer, Common; has most ably translated their tinnitus inducing live show into a focused, 37 minute punk record.


Ripe and Rot - EP (upcoming release in June)

To Ward It Off And Drown It Out - LP

Werewolf - Split w/ TGLH

Eating Death Mountain - EP