We Are Standard

We Are Standard

 Bilbao, Basque Country, ESP

We Are Standard return this Autumn 2011 with an outstanding new EP. They have finally converted their live show which is full of enery and rhythm into their music. The EP is a change of sound and attitude but one that will leave everyone wanting more.


We are Standard began as a whirlwind with a demo recorded at the end of 2004, which earned them the Project Demo competition of the Benicassim Festival and started gaining interest from the whole of Spain, and from here they performed many concerts in other countries: France, Holland or Belgium amongst others.

Their first album, 3.000V-40.000W, was released by Mushroom Pillow in 2006, and obtained rave reviews and their live show was recognised as one of the best in the country, on stage they stand out above any other band in Spain and guarantee a party and a dance.
They also obtain the appreciation of the critics, earning the award of Radio Nacional de De España (equivalent of the BBC in Spain) by OJO CRITICO. The single “On the Floor” was included on the advertisement of tv of the Benicassim Festival in the UK and France and 3 videos were recorded for its promotion. The album was released in France and in July 2007 in The United States via Minty Fresh, now under the name We Are Standard and with features in Blender and Spin Magazine amongst others.

In 2007, the single The Mpossible Mixes comes out, where Lou Reed’s “Waiting for my man” version stands out as dancefloor filler in their live shows.

Their following album is published in November, 2008. An album with a major artistic ambition produced by Andy Gill (Gang of Four) and which includes a remix of their single “The Last Time” by Arthur Baker (responsible for the sound of New Order). By then, they are on the front page of the prestigious Mondosonoro magazine and their first video of the single has everyone on the forums blazing, edited in vinyl and with another remix by Cazals.

By the end of that year they took part in the CMJ festival and return in 2009 to South By Southwest and to Canadian Music Week in Toronto. They are finalists in the award of Premios de la Música to best Alternative Rock. Their video “The Last Time” is the winner in the UFI (equivalent of AIM) and FIVA 2009 awards. Their second video “The first girl who got a kiss” comes runner up at the International Festival of videos Lemonpop and reaches the final stages of LunaKrea in Vitoria.
After a summer where they performed in nearly every festival (fantastic set at Benicassim, Contempopránea, South Pop, etc) they win the award for Best Spanish Band at the MTV European Music Awards. They also won the award Premio Evolución 09 for music.


Lp - 3.000v-40.000w - 2006
Lp - We Are Standard - 2008
Lp - The Golden League (remix album) - 2010