The Broken

The Broken

 Sacramento, California, USA

"No's like killing Christmas" You want a band that brings the goods every time they play? You want a live show that has people talking months afterward? You want your event to rock? Hire The Broken...


Sacramento rock quartet The Broken started off as the the acoustic driven The Corey Nitschke Experience featuring songwriter/vocalist Corey Nitschke, drummer Chris Carrion, bassist Jesse Niebolt and virtuoso guitarist Mat Venable. Formed in early 2008 for a specific retreat, The Corey Nitschke Experience quickly gelled and embarked on The Experience tour in April of 2008 with the addition of Bryen Robinson on percussion. They were well received throughout California and returned home to begin recording their 1st studio album.

The band then dissolved to pursue other life experiences. Over the course of the next few months each original member found themselves broken...financially, spiritually and emotionally...and a new group was born. Without Robinson and Venable but with the addition of rock guitarist Paul Hightower they came together as The Broken, using their new experiences to color a decidedly different brand of rock 'n' roll. Their 1st two singles, "Wake Up, Wake Up" and "Misericordia" have been acclaimed by critics and fans alike as modern classics...


Take What's Mine: 2010
Maeby(EP): 2010
Misericordia (Single) 2009

Set List

30 min. Set

Wake Up, Wake Up
Carry On
Who I Am
Drives @ Midnight