The Dudes

The Dudes


So, Al Green meets Modest Mouse in an elevator and they strike up a conversation about relationships...


The Dudes, a Calgary-based band, are currently supporting their latest release: "Blood Guts Bruises Cuts", a CD containing 13 alternative rock songs that contain an emotional blend of Al Green and Modest Mouse, of soul music and early 1990's distortion. Dan Vacon, singer-songwriter for The Dudes since their start in the late 90's, has an ability to draw audiences in through his distinct vocal style - a mixture of strong pop melody, sly double entendres, and pure soul. Armed with their latest release, The Dudes are currently breaking out of the Calgary independent music (where they were voted Calgary's 'Favourite Band of 2006' by FFWD Readers) and touring in hopes of spreading their understanding of true rock and roll soul...

Also, Scott Ross, drummer for The Dudes, has the 'Best Moustache in Canadian Rock and Roll' for 2006 (CBC Radio 3).

Just in case you didn't know.


Blood Guts Bruises Cuts - Full Length, LOADmusic (EMI), Canada, 2009

Brain Heart Guitar - Full Length, LOADmusic (EMI), Canada, 2006

Brain Heart Guitar - Full Length, One Four Seven Records (Vital Dist.) - UK/Europe, March 2008

Beekeeper - EP, Selfreleased, 2004

This Guy's The Limit - Full Length, selfreleased, 2001

Set List

1. Mom 100
2. The Fight
3. Girl Police
4. Turning All Red
5. Fist
6. Ghost We're Buried On
7. Do The Right Thing
8. Dropkick Queen
9. Don’t Talk
10. Pretty Lies
11. Mendoza Line (Whoa Caroline)
12. Ever Been To Taiwan?
13. Not S'pose To Call
14. Mr. Someone Else