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"We are the Grand"

Hailing from the sun-drenched stretches of Santiago come The Grand, bringing an edge and a freshness to the Liverpool scene in which they are currently inhabiting. Although they have been together as a band for around two years, to watch them live is to see a band woven together by chemistry that seems to have been brewing for even longer. For a band so new to, well, being a band, they are completely void of the look of terror that so often resides in the eyes of bands who are less experienced.

Luckily though, they don't brinker on overconfidence on stage to the point that it becomes boring for the audience, with the band seeming to have naturally struck a balance between comfort and excitement in their stage presence. Their songs certainly captivate with ease taking a storytellers approach - referencing everything from obsessive teenage lust (Kiss You), the down-trodden life of a misguided girl (Janet Brunette) and heartbreak (Come Now). It would be easy to lump them in with similar sounding bands such as The Kooks or even The Strokes as their music seems to have the wide-eyed charm of the former and the more sultry edge of the latter, but there is something else there which gives them an identity all their own. I wouldn’t wish to associate them with popstar has-beens by saying they have some kind of “X factor” but maybe that’s the only way to describe it...

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The Grand



We are the Grand announce their arrival on British shores. Relocated to Liverpool from their native Chile We are the Grand distil the melodic melancholy of Merseyʼs finest with the passion and rhythmic pulse of home. Established in Santiago We are the Grand quickly garnered attention in September 2009 with features in South Americas Rolling Stone magazine and appearances on Chilean prime time television.
Comprised of Seba Gallardo (vocals/synth), Richie Bustos (bass), Matías Peralta (drums), and Fer Lamas (lead guitar) write and play the sort of songs that summers are all about, all hope, all love, all loss.