We Are They

We Are They


We Are They is a band made up of 6 very different musicians who all agree that music should be fun and exciting. They love playing together, and their energy and enthusiasm shows. They write all of their music and do not follow any one genre, they just let their imaginations take them where they may


We Are They was formed by a math teacher who brought together 6 very talented students from very different musical backgrounds. They practiced after school and performed at every school function, including a city battle of the bands where they came in 3rd out of a long line up of contestants. Once it came time to graduate, the students decided they wanted to stay together and pursue music as their careers. They began playing out at venues all over the Phoenix area. Their unique style and high energy, fun shows have made them very popular around the valley. People who have attended the show to see another band, have stayed to watch We Are They once they heard the first few notes of this amazing sound that comes from such young musicians and powerful drum beats from a tiny, girl drummer. The band has been chosen over many older, more established bands to play at huge venues such as the Glendale Arena and for the Blue Angels stunt team. Their influences range from Korn to Mozart, and their music reflects their vast diversity of musical tastes. The band writes all of their songs together, collaborating until they have all had a say in the song. They will work and re-work a song until every member of the band has given their stamp of approval. This unique system of quality control has created a phenomenon of their music being well liked by any audience they have performed to. Even the naming of their fist CD release followed this pattern. Some members wanted to have a self titled debut album while others were strictly against it wanted something uniqu and a little crazy. They finally came to a great compromised and titled the CD. "Self Titled." All members got exactly what they wanted! When they are not practicing or performing, they are hanging out together at each other's houses, going to the movies, or doing anything else they choose so long as they get to be together.


LP: Self Titled 2006
EP: We Are They Bonus CD 2007

Set List

PMP (Punk Metal Polka)
You're All I Have
House of Gold
Follow Me
Marigolds and Rainfall
Death in Numerical Order
The Obsession (A Night with Chuck Noriss)

This is our 40 minute set list. We can play up to 3 45 minute set lists, and we can change the list to add some slower songs and some harder songs.