This Drama

This Drama

 Tenerife, Canary Islands, ESP

A relentless yet slitheringly seductive presentation of pure punk rock. Glorious. Furious. Uncompromising. Laced with hardcore tinges and a hint of late 80's gutter, it's the type of music you see described as Punk 'n' Roll on gig flyers. And this is what This Drama do.


The Wasted Youth is glorious. It's furious. It's uncompromising. It's punk rock laced with hardcore tinges and a hint of late 80's gutter. It's the type of music you see described as "punk 'n' roll" on gig flyers. And it's what THIS DRAMA does best. One part conventional instrumentation and one part spaztastic attack, a battling theme of familiarity and surprise propel this red hot set of four new songs with roaring rock riffs, pummeling drums, jarring tempo shifts, a palette of powerchords and venom-spitting vocals. Although the band hails from the Canary Islands, make no mistake...these aren't sunshine-soaked tourist tunes. Produced by ex-The Ghost Of A Thousand guitarist Jag Jago, who is known for his work with The Maccabees, Your Demise, Mastodon as well as his expertise at capturing ferocity in the studio, The Wasted Youth is a relentless, explosive, mouth-watering assault of punk meets rock n' roll. This Drama lays it all out there and yet again, the payoff is huge.

"Obsessively influenced by the spirit and the brawn of early SoCal punk rock scene, we deliver high-energy music fueled by urgency and intensity that feels, sounds and smells just like THIS DRAMA should" says lead vocalist Asdrubal Marichal. He adds,"Our songs have always been about being proud of living outside of the established social order...making our own way, far from theentrenched ideas, values, needs and culture of a what we believe to be a dying society. We are the losers. We are the wasted youth. And yet still, we are proud of it...proud to live our lives and dreams on our own terms, no matter what anyone thinks. So, more than ever before, this album...these songs...are an ode to a lifestyle, to a counter culture and to everyone who keeps it alive."

The Wasted Youth was recorded in September 2012 at Brighton Electric in Brighton, UK (The Ghost Of A Thousand, Architects, The Cure, Foals, The Maccabees). Produced and mixed by ex-The Ghost Of A Thousand guitarist Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Your Demise, Mastodon, The Xcerts, Bastions). Engineered by Mike Lord. Mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Jensen (Deftones, Green Day, The Hives, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio). This Drama's full-length debut "San Diego XIII" (2009) and follow-up EP "Tarantula Mata" (2010) were both released on Deep Elm Records. Their music has been featured on numerous TV shows and in projects for Monster Energy, MTV, Vans, Fuel TV, Activision, Planet Eclipse, Teton Gravity Research, Mastercraft Boats, Ski-Doo and The Warped Tour.


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DEEP ELM SAMPLER 12 (Deep Elm, 2014)
OX 107 CD-COMPILATION (OX Fanzine, 2013)
10 Aテ前S DE KTC (KTC Domestic Productions, 2013)
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ROCKZONE SAMPLER 60 (RockZone, 2010)
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FMAC 4 (Mckenzie Muzik, 2009)
DEEP ELM DVD 3 (Deep Elm, 2008)
THE EMO DIARIES 11 (Deep Elm, 2007)
FESTIMAD TASTE 4 (Fundacion Autor, 2007)
TIGER MEETS LION (Hardware Music, 2006)
ROCKZONE SAMPLER 12 (RockZone, 2006)
RADIO EXPLODES (Hardware Music, 2005)