We Are Ugly (but we have the music)

We Are Ugly (but we have the music)

 Oxford, England, GBR

I'm a one man bubbling, squelchin thumping acidtechno Army! We are Ugly... essentially exists to get everyone dancing and bring back hazy memories of the peak of 90's raves and festival chaos when everyone had a grin on their face and danced with boxes and fish (little and big)


We Are Ugly..... was formed as a side project to my work with Thin Green Candles; an Oxford based Psychodelic-Techno-Rock band. To date date We are Ugly.... has played a variety of local gigs (including the Oxford Punt, Wheatsheaf, Port Mohan and The Bullingdon Arms) as both the headliner band and support slot for such acts as The Evenings and Fuzzy Logic. And have also recivedradio play on BBC introducing and various podcasts, The focus is now much more on We Are Ugly.... and developing the live stage experience - I feel that Truck is the perfect forum for this development following in the grand footsteps of Unicorn Kid, Keyboard Choir and Space Heros of the People.

We Are Ugly... has a philosphy of music as chaos refusing to follow in the conventional footsteps of other electronic acts forming a truely unique live experience for the listener. We Are Ugly sound ranges from, early acid house, 90's rave, big beat, industrial and trance offten withing the same song.


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