East Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Unprepared are those kids from the neighborhood, playing autobiographical jams fueled by crazy ex-girlfriends, nights at the bar, and a decade of partying.
If the Monkees were the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a 70's southern rock band with Beach Boys harmonies and rapid fire lyrical runs...they'd be us.


We're ten years old!

Late in the Summer of 2002, a few buddies were grabbing a couple rounds at a local pub. Flirting with the girl behind the bar, one of them mentioned that they were a band (he was terrible at flirting).

The bar offered them a gig for the following weekend--which would have been exciting, if they actually had a band (they didn't).

But after a few days of constant practicing and lots and lots of beer, that one show led to six months of weekly gigs--and ten years later, we're still writing and playing our own music.

We're a six-part-harmony guitar army of brothers and cousins (we keep it in the family), influenced by the bouncy melodies of The Beatles, southern rock guitar riffs, 80's hair band flair, life in the 90's, crazy ex-girlfriends, pop culture references, and lots of late night partying.

Good music is crucial to the show (obviously), but having a good time is always the top priority, for the band...for the crowd... for the guy counting the money...

We're Unprepared, but we're always ready to rock.


Room Full of Chairs : 2003 Self-Released

The 901 Sessions : 2005 Self Released

Unprepared:Bootlegger's Bag--Live Jams: 2009 Self-Released

Set List

1 outplayed.
2 watch we walk away.
3everybody down.
4 lost souls.
5 Sitiations .
6 ironclad.
7 shine.
8. Villain of the story.
9. Big Picture.
10 too late .

1 Fake it til you make it.
2. Know myself.
3. Kryptos
4. Jam block.
5. black Wine.
6. Beginning of the end.
7. Stranded.
8. Stop.
9. Ride on
10. slap bass

1. Check your levels.
2. Where's Dan.
3. Crazy.
4. Walk w me
5. how long.
6. The wait
7. How Long? (64 Miles of Shoreline)
8. 25 to life


Neil diamond
Gin blossoms
Counting crows
The Gambler