Weathered Sol

Weathered Sol


Weathered Sol is a young and fresh take on the blues. We put emphasis on live performance and offer a new approach to a traditional American sound. Our band is led by vocalist Matt Gentile who can blow the doors off any venue we play.


Weathered Sol was formed by five friends from Middletown, NJ in 2009. What makes this band unique is the fact that each member draws influence from a distinctly different genre, ranging from the blues to folk; from soul to metal - resulting in a distinct blues sound. Our stage presence is what sets us apart from other bands - five musicians (with 4 additional musicians on occasion) who vibe completely off each other and love what they do. It's straight music from the soul.


2010 - Single - Every Time It's You (played on 90.5)
2011 - EP - Self-Titled