weather weather

weather weather


Singer/songwriter meets Danish traveler and weather erupts into musical storm. Danish traveler travels away and the other half is left with memories, melodies, and an EP. He is now faced with the challenge of finding musicians and playing gigs, weather permitting.


twice the weather, twice the excitement. the weather is unpredictable. it might be sunny soon, it might be a hurricane. enjoy it.


Coat Check

Written By: Jozef Racek

Like a motion picture
It all moves like Hollywood
Sights are not the same without you
Water doesn't taste as good
Leave our bodies at the coat check
Oh I wish we could

Like an action figure
You are moved by someone else
Parralized you'd be without them
A visit would do you good
Leave your heart at the station
Oh I wish you could

Like a tropical storm
Inside me it will destroy my mind
Leave it at the off-ramp
Oh I wish I could
Then it would be surreal
Yeah, it would be more real


weather EP (December 2007)

Set List

Deaf and Blind (4:00)
A Deer in Brights (3:20)
Worst Liar (3:00)
Bees (3:40)
Coat Check (4:00)
Your Message (5:00)