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WEBEHI - After Party 2013 EP
- release date on Dec. 18, 2012

First Single: Dream Chalice

+ more than 50 releases coming soon!

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WEBEHI is an American Bass-Pop duo consisting of MKHAT (age 22) & MONSOON (age 27). The group formed on April 20th, 2012 in Beverly Hills (BE-HI), California, after a decade of music & performance development under various alias names. Their music incorporates a theme of cannabis, festivals, sustainability, extreme sports & beautiful women, all gone wild.

WEBEHI seeks to educate people about the importance of sustainability & cannabis through a variety of music, visual, fashion, arts & lifestyle projects. It is a fact that our current system of agriculture is failing and over 1 billion humans are starving every day. Vertical agriculture (verticalfarm.com) and cannabis hemp cultivation are the only real, yet simple solutions to an overburdened Earth and its soon-to-be 9 billion inhabitants by 2050. WEBEHI promises to dedicate the majority percentage of our earnings towards these humanitarian goals.

The group commonly refers to their music genre as "WILDSTYLE," which is defined as a progressive tempo movement between musical rhythms throughout a live performance, album, or mixtape. They are particularly focused on emerging tribal EDM genres such as Moombahton, Wildstep, Dutch House, Carioca Funk, Baltimore, Dubstep, Kuduro, Boombahchero, Jungle, Hardstyle, Trap, Juke, Mambo, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, & Digital Cumbia.

To put everything in perspective, imagine LMFAO partying in Amsterdam at The Cannabis Cup with Cheech & Chong, at a Bassnectar, Diplo, Laidback Luke, & Tiesto concert with special guest Daft Punk playing in a mayan pyramid ... uh, yeah ... its kinda like that ... Then you realize you're actually just tripping at Burning Man. But wait, thats just a flashback you're actually in Vegas, gettin' classy poolside at a bangin' Ibiza party.







North + South America


**WEBEHI only plays in locations where cannabis has been de-criminalized at a minimum, with priority bookings for medical marijuana municipalities. Large festivals are the exception to the rule and we will still review each proposal individually.




+ Wildstyle Tribe SC Group:

Tracks: http://soundcloud.com/groups/wildstyle-tribe

Mixes: http://soundcloud.com/groups/wildstyle-tribe-mixez


Wildstyle is ... tribal variants of the following genres:

Moombahton - Moombahcore - Wildstep - UK Funky - Disco House - Electro House - Dutch House - Thrash - Progressive House - Tech House - Carioca Funk - Bounce - Breaks - Baltimore - Dubstep - Kuduro - Boombahchero - Jungle - Juke - Mambo - Drumstep - Drum n Bass - Hip Hop - Glitch Hop - Digital Cumbia - Barefoot - Slow Step ... back to Moombahton