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"Nas, Rock the Bells 2012: MC Welcomes Lauryn Hill, Scarface to the Stage"

"Accompanied by his band Z, Nas, dressed in all black, ran up to the front of the stage to a packed crowd, rapping "The Don" from his Life Is Good album."....

"The rhymer then took the stage back for "Bye Baby" and had Eddie Cole sing the hook, the lead singer of his touring band Z, delivering a stellar performance. After "Daughters," Nas covered "I Know I Can" and "Can't Forget About You" with Chrisette Michele's lyrics taken over and given its justice by Cole.' - Boombox [Aol]

"Mariah Carey Honored as BMI Awards Icon"

Rapper Nas kicked off the festivities with a live medley that included "Daughters" and a heartfelt rendition of "Bye Baby" featuring Eddie Cole[Lead Singer of Z], the velvety-voiced nephew of the late Nat King Cole, while Future provided hip-hop presence with "Magic," "Same Damn Time," and "Turn On The Lights."
- Rolling Stone

"Nas, HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh, Tue 26 Jun"

Not many rappers have had a consistent career spanning over two decades alongside ten successful studio albums. But Nas, real name Nasir Jones, showed Edinburgh’s HMV Picturehouse exactly why he is one of the world’s greatest MCs.

An uplifting warm-up was provided by Glasgow-based rapper Kobi Onyame, who showcased quality UK hip hop with his song ‘Protect Myself’, as well as inspiring the crowd with ‘Inner City Lights’ and his new release ‘Dreams’.

Jones, complete with a six-piece live band and support from DJ Green Lantern, then appeared looking healthy and youthful, dressed in a casual grey sweatshirt emblazoned with Life Is Good in order to promote his tenth and newest album.

‘Let’s take it back to the start’, the Brooklyn-born rapper declared before performing timeless hits from his platinum-certified debut album Illmatic, including ‘N.Y. State of Mind’, ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ and ‘The World is Yours’.

Although these classics are almost twenty years old, Jones delivered them with a passion and conviction that made them relevant to the present day.

Image Courtesy of Marc Marnie
The über-cool looking band, with one particularly animated electric guitarist, took Jones’ music from hip hop to heavy rock by thrashing out tracks such as ‘Hate Me Now’ and ‘Sly Fox’. Even the famous ‘Für Elise’ piano melody from ‘I Can’ was turned into a guitar riff.

The music was smoothed out when Jones told anecdotes about his father, jazz musician Olu Dara, before their collaboration ‘Bridging the Gap’ was performed.

Image Courtesy of Marc Marnie
An MC whose beats have been as consistently strong as his raps, live renditions of ‘Got Yourself a Gun’ and ‘Made You Look’ were simply sensational.

The freshness of Jones’ recent song ‘The Don’ and the consciousness of his new release ‘Daughters’ highlighted that this golden-age rapper has the musical maturity, dedication and longevity that others do not. No wonder life is good.
- The Central Scene

"Nas @ HMV Picture House, 26 June [with Z]"

Nas & Z performance given a 5 out of 5 start rating! Z given special notice about taking Nas' show to another level. - The Skinny (UK)

"Nas & Z (his live band) - Hip Hop Is Dead 2/2/12 Indianapolis, IN @ EA Sports Madden Bowl XVIII video"

Nas Indianapolis Bud Light Hotel Bud Light Budweiser EA Sports Madden Bowl Football Super Bowl XVIII - NME TV

"Nas & Keri Hilson’s Band “Z” Releases Solo Project"

As the world has come to discover, music is a universal way of expression that can transcend any frame, penetrate the soul, and withstand generations of affairs. And as the members of the band Z view it, music is a final beckoning, a opportunity to capture the essence of what is real. For the modern day artist is a storyteller, a provider of truth, and a symbol of society. Z is eager to share the gravity of their music, their passion for beauty, and their spirit for life. Growing up with Jazz, Gospel,and Rock n’ Roll as Z’s main foundation, the group of young men from Long Beach (CA) now draw from a rich, deep palate of genres and influences that are a result of unending curiosity, global travel, and multi-cultural living environments. Formed in 2005 with drummer Margis Miles, bassist Dustin Moore, trumpeter Tom Terrell, and front-man E. Cole, Z gained reputation through demanding swagger and energetic performances, and created the unexpected sound of an upbeat and harmonious musical incantation.

In 2008, Z was called upon to record a track on hip-hop legend Nas’ Untitled album. Their rocking feel came much to the liking of the rapper, and shortly after they became Nas’ permanent live band, accompanying him on several major international tours and effectively incorporating tasteful musicality and unbounded impulsive energy to his performances. Z has appeared on television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Wendy Williams Show, with the acclaimed Nas, Keri Hilson, and Kanye West. The group also backed up RnB/Pop singer Mario in numerous concert performances, and has been steadily used for years by RnB icons Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore to both sustain a smooth backing while supplying an electric presentation in their famed live shows. Finally, Z was recently featured in a large-scale Broadway-style production of Man In The Mirror, a Michael Jackson tribute show that toured globally. Coupled with Z’s rooted foundation and passion, their knowledge and experience have propelled their ascent not only as a burgeoning Southern Californian band, but a musical restorative to the entire world. - Peace- Canada's Street & Style Magazine

"Z's The Promise"

Z's The Promise - SolShock

"An Interview With...Z"

Interview with Music Website. - Evident Noise


Arize - The Prequel

The Promise
Miami Heat
Wake Up



Z -– Band, and galactic believers from Long Beach,
California. Nas’ live band debuts their album, and
after performing in front of a 30,000 seat sold-out
venue at the Sydney Opera house, industry buzz
surrounds the self-released album “Arize - The
Prequel.” Currently “Z” is on the "The Illusionists"
international magic tour that includes cities in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Formerly known as "Mulatto". Z is an onward-looking, fresh balance of international dance, hip hop, 70's jazz, and 80's pop music. "We are believers in possibility. When we compose our music, we think of the vast world we've seen, and dream of the limitless universe and the creations we add to it."

The result of Z's mixed genres and modalities is
what they call “Galaxy Music,” a statement that
alludes to the goal of being the first band to play in
outer space. Z is well on that path, scoring big gigs
along the way as NaS’ touring band, also appearing
on the rapper's "Untitled" studio album. They have
been featured on the Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live with Nas, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, and Lil' Wayne; they've performed with Jay-Z, Tech N9ne, Pete Rock, Mario, Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore in shows across the globe.

Lead singer, Eddie Cole, embodies the group’s stamp in music history lore- as he is the great-nephew of jazz legend Nat 'King' Cole. In fact, as the band's front-man, Cole is a dynamic triple threat; co-producing most of the group's music, rapping in lyrical droves, and employing a vintage
velvet singing voice borrowed from his late

Dustin Moore (Neon Phoenix), bassist and Grammy
-nominated producer, heads much of their musical
direction. His unique style can sound like Michael Jackson, Common, Miles Davis, and Pink Floyd thrown into a blender at high speed.

Trumpet/ Keyboardist Tom Terrell rounds out the group, which began in 2005 after their high school jazz band practices. In 2010, Z was the featured band and arrangers in a Broadway-style production of "Man In The Mirror," a Michael Jackson tribute show that toured globally. The current touring project, "The Illusionists," is a modern, high-energy, high-art magic show production in which they composed the original score.

The band name and symbol is comprised of inverse numeral 7’s to form the letter Z.
"We chose Z because it's not just a name; the imagery represents us in various ways. The letter Z stands for the omega, as in the alpha and omega, beginning and end. The ‘end’ suggests transformation, so we, in essence, represent transformation. And our bottom line is the message. We aim to create enchantment and electricity from a zealous and hopeful place that believes.” Z delivers their debut experimental-pop album, "ARIZE - The Prequel" as a free online download. For music, video, photos, and more, take a journey to Planet Z at www.iBelieveInZ.com