Big Rapids, Michigan, USA

Entertainment at its best using audio, visual, and even physical elements, WEDDG puts the audience at the center of every performance. Guitar and vocal harmonies atop mighty grooves and beats, wrapped in layers of synths, delivered by the enchanting stage presence of each band member.


Watching Weddg play is an experience that no one forgets. Weddg takes the audiences' energy, processes it, and releases it back at them in their performance. Their performances have been marked as top notch in all corners of the state of Michigan

Weddg has played many gigs of all calibers at various venues across Michigan, competed in band battles, and festivals alike, and opened for Mushroomhead in December of 2009!

Included, Weddg has become a staple on The Carnival of Chaos festival. There alone, they have performed alongside some of the best Rock, Hard Rock and Metal bands to be offered; including national acts like; Taproot, Mushroomhead, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Within Chaos (08 Ozzfest band), Sponge, plus many more.

Weddg plays for charities and fund raisers - donating generated merchandise sales that day to the event. They personally organized a concert in their hometown (Big Rapids, MI) to raise money for The Relay for Life, which was hailed as a great success by the organization.

Weddg's full length album, 'From The Ruins', released on July 18th, 2008 features 13 songs and has propelled them to the next level. They now seeks to open their repertoire of venues and expand their fan base. They are currently working on recording their next album and hope to release it late 2010 to early 2011.

Weddg finds inspiration in the music of Metallica, Shadows Fall, and even Pink Floyd while staying true to their own unique sound. While performing, they seek to emulate the fury, aggression, and passion of Slipknot or Nirvana. The band is comprised of six members with similar, and very different musical tastes. This keeps the music of Weddg similar, but very different from those who have inspired them.


The People (Under the Stairs)

Written By: Weddg

In all your hatred in all your glares
We're still living and no one cares
We thrive in the dark with unanswered prayers
We are the people under the stairs

We are
We are
We are the people
Under the stairs

My dreams of release, are your nightmares
Open the door, unless your scared
Step on inside, come if you dare
We are the people under the stairs

Our peace of mind, got left behind
You'll never find, what's locked inside
Our peace of mind, got left behind
You'll never find, what's locked inside

They call it noise, but this is my life
They call it noise, but this is my life

We are the people. Under the stairs.
We are the people. Under the stairs.
We are the ones, for whom no one cares
We are the people, under the stairs
We live for the future
We're left in the past
We live in the pretense
We suffer in silence


Written By: Weddg

- coming soon -

The Prophecy

Written By: Weddg

- coming soon -


'The People (Under the Stairs)' and 'The Call to War' have seen air time on 107.3 WKLQ's Metal show when Weddg did a live in-studio interview at the station, and on Z93.3 during a phone interview. Various songs have been made available through Weddg's website,, and press kits.

Below are some comments that have been said about the band:
" . . . it reminds me of when I saw Slipknot and System of a Down right before they got big." Jon Kunz, Senior Talent Buyer for The Deltaplex

"Weddg is a distinctive act on the landscape of the Grand Rapids, MI music scene. These guys work hard and are fired up to play in front of a crowd! Check out Weddg live - you'll be in for a great show!" - Tammy (Rock The Madhouse Worldwide)

". . . Weddg had a very unique look and sound, and their singer was energetic and fun to watch. They played heavy, guitar driven songs with screaming vocals that were catchy enough to remain in your head for the rest of the
night!" - Nathan Mazur (

"You guys [Weddg] are very prefessional and have great attitudes. We [WKLQ (Grand Rapids rock station] were honored to have you on the show..." - Greg Giles - WKLQ' Metal Show

Set List

Weddg's set list holds a listener's attention throughout the night. Weddg forms their sets to the taste of the audience through their ability to use various genres of music in the writing process. Weddg can be seen on tiny 30-minute sets up to 2-hour marathons. Weddg has played a few covers, but tend to save them for time fillers, if need be.

The current album clocks in at just over 70 minutes of music. 'From The Ruins' features:
We Are . . .
The People (Under the Stairs) - A brutal speed metal monster.
The Call To War - The metal "get-off-your-ass-and-stand-up-for-what-you-believe-in" anthem.
Another Casualty - "Behind The Music" of a musician in the key of rock.
Guilty Pleasure - Punk rock ditty that invites you to indulge in what makes you happy
Cyanide - Toned-down black metal. Or is it? See if your face melts. Then decide.
The Knight - Weddg's 13+ minute epic instrumental. Featuring movements that pull from each member's influences.
Throw Down - Metal 101. Not mu