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Big Rapids, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Big Rapids, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"A Homegrown Weddg"

Rock band Weddg is a rock band with a local influence—its members grew up in Big Rapids.
Weddg (pronounced “wedge”) was created about four years ago when four teenagers came together to form a band. The band started out with Greg Beemer, Travis Beemer, David Balsitis and Will Long.
“We started as a fourpiece [where I was] on vocals and guitar and my brother, Travis, on guitar. Travis didn’t want to do it anymore and we picked up Jeremy (Germ) Bishop to jam with us a bit and we kept him,” said Beemer.
The band had another guitarist, but he left due to personal reasons. Dustin Baker became a sort of mascot for the band when he started dressing up as a jester before shows.
“Eventually, he became an official member,” said Beemer.
This new line up has been together for about a year now.
Beemer plays guitar and Long plays bass guitar. Germ does both vocals and keyboard. Balsitis adds in with drums. Baker is known as “The Jester.” Everyone performs backup vocals. They hope to have another guitarist soon, so the band is auditioning for a second guitarist.
The name Weddg has very personal meaning for the band.
“The name Weddg was formed around an original group of friends when we were all in high school; due to its meaning of tying friends together as one, we are a band of brothers, not just a band,” said Beemer.
The band’s first album, “The Madman Chronicles,” has an interesting story behind it as well.
“It’s an eleven-song full-length album about a man’s decent into madness over a long period of time. The songs create the theme and touch on all the different aspects of the man’s journey through life and what it’s like on his point of view. However, we felt that this album has a lot of deep thought behind it and we should build a fan base first,” said Beemer.
“The Madman Chronicles” will be released later and a current album in the works will serve as Weddg’s first release. This does not have a title currently.
“Our new album is dubbed as ‘metal about metal,’” said Beemer.
Weddg said that it was influenced by many artists, including Metallica, Shadows Fall, Pink Floyd and Nirvana.
The band loves to perform, but Beemer credits the energy of the crowd as the best experience.
“Knowing that our music moves people is a great feeling to us. We love any and all of our fans, and we appreciate them,” said Beemer.
The band does not have any shows scheduled as of now, but Weddg plans on playing some summer shows. In June, July and August, the band hopes to have shows in Big Rapids.

“We love our hometown and we love to play here,” said Beemer.
- Megan Tower Ferris State University Torch (School Newspaper)


'The People (Under the Stairs)' and 'The Call to War' have seen air time on 107.3 WKLQ's Metal show when Weddg did a live in-studio interview at the station, and on Z93.3 during a phone interview. Various songs have been made available through Weddg's website,, and press kits.

Below are some comments that have been said about the band:
" . . . it reminds me of when I saw Slipknot and System of a Down right before they got big." Jon Kunz, Senior Talent Buyer for The Deltaplex

"Weddg is a distinctive act on the landscape of the Grand Rapids, MI music scene. These guys work hard and are fired up to play in front of a crowd! Check out Weddg live - you'll be in for a great show!" - Tammy (Rock The Madhouse Worldwide)

". . . Weddg had a very unique look and sound, and their singer was energetic and fun to watch. They played heavy, guitar driven songs with screaming vocals that were catchy enough to remain in your head for the rest of the
night!" - Nathan Mazur (

"You guys [Weddg] are very prefessional and have great attitudes. We [WKLQ (Grand Rapids rock station] were honored to have you on the show..." - Greg Giles - WKLQ' Metal Show



Watching Weddg play is an experience that no one forgets. Weddg takes the audiences' energy, processes it, and releases it back at them in their performance. Their performances have been marked as top notch in all corners of the state of Michigan

Weddg has played many gigs of all calibers at various venues across Michigan, competed in band battles, and festivals alike, and opened for Mushroomhead in December of 2009!

Included, Weddg has become a staple on The Carnival of Chaos festival. There alone, they have performed alongside some of the best Rock, Hard Rock and Metal bands to be offered; including national acts like; Taproot, Mushroomhead, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Within Chaos (08 Ozzfest band), Sponge, plus many more.

Weddg plays for charities and fund raisers - donating generated merchandise sales that day to the event. They personally organized a concert in their hometown (Big Rapids, MI) to raise money for The Relay for Life, which was hailed as a great success by the organization.

Weddg's full length album, 'From The Ruins', released on July 18th, 2008 features 13 songs and has propelled them to the next level. They now seeks to open their repertoire of venues and expand their fan base. They are currently working on recording their next album and hope to release it late 2010 to early 2011.

Weddg finds inspiration in the music of Metallica, Shadows Fall, and even Pink Floyd while staying true to their own unique sound. While performing, they seek to emulate the fury, aggression, and passion of Slipknot or Nirvana. The band is comprised of six members with similar, and very different musical tastes. This keeps the music of Weddg similar, but very different from those who have inspired them.