Do It Live

Do It Live

 Redlands, California, USA

Hey I'm Alan lead singer/guitarist. We live to play live! Our recording channels as much energy as a live show to bring the listener to the show. Our full length is out and we are ready to tour. We love what we do and know the world is ready to DO IT LIVE. Give us a listen and know its appreciated.


If you're down to get down, Do it Live's got the good vibes. We began as a party punk rock trio from San Bernardino that became five doin' it LIVE. As a whole we live, love and dream our music. We are a product of a collaborative community of artists who share a common creativity. Passion and progressive thoughts echo through our sound with a new and positive direction. Contributing to our progressive sound is our song crafting and strong stage presence. Our blend of performance art is an organized chaos and intricacy, with a fun experience and feeling. Thoughtful songwriting and an unstoppable drive, are propelling us in doing what we love. We are currently in the process of recording our first full-length album, "We are the Future.." which we hope to release in summer 2010. You can see us locally and up the coast of California on our first tour in August 2010.


Self titled (Demo)-August 2009
...We Are the Future(FullLength)- June 2010