We Dont Just Exist

We Dont Just Exist


Our band plays mostly post hardcore/screamo music. We make lots of our own songs and we play covers by bands like Escape The Fate and BlessTheFall.


This band started about a year ago, it started with members Mike Dirk, Kyle Casault and Garyk Simpson. Since then we have gained Josh Retzlaff and Trae Sanford. At first we started playing Punk Rock, then we started moving into more of a post harcore sound like atreyu abd bands like that, now we've come to doing some hardcore/screamo and we'v got all those other genre's under our belt.
What sets us apart from other bands?
We all listen to different styles of music and we try to mix all of them to create a style that we can call our own. We also try to write lyrics that are different from what everyone else writes about, we try to go deeper than what anyone else goes.
Our influences range from bands like Three Days Grace and Three Doors Down to bands like Escape The Fate and Blessthefall and a little bit of Bullet For my Valentine and Trivium.


Recording our first EP.

Set List

When Hope is not Enough - 4:07
Good Night my Love - 5:00
Times like These - 4:00 (cover)
This War is Ours - 4:30 (cover)
Anthem - 5:00 (estimate)
Love Song - 4:00 (estimate)
You Kill as Well as Any Plague I've Seen - 4:30 (estimate)
Towers- 4:30 (estimate)