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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Indie




"Record Rewind Play"

We Do This are an indie rock three-piece from Adelaide, South Australia. The band's members (John De Michele: Vocals, bass, guitar; Daniel Colagrossi: Guitar, backing vocals; J. Tortabu: Drums, backing vocals) are originally from the United States, Venezuela, and Australia.

Having released their debut EP Faraday Wave in November 2013, We Do This will be releasing its follow-up in April 2015. For Fault Lines the band members again handled all production duties Singer/songwriter John De Michele explains, "It's definitely moodier than some of our previous material, and I think it's a natural progression as we're starting to get a strong sense of identity and of what we do well as a band."

You can listen to "I'm Not Going Anywhere" from Fault Lines right here on RRP. If you don't get some strong Cure vibes from this track (in particular the bass line), sort your ears out and come back when you're good and ready. There's much more to this moody piece than homage to Robert Smith and co, however, with its spacious arrangements, occasional Foals-esque guitar work and gradual, confident increase in intensity as the song progresses. - Record Rewind Play

"WLUR Radio"

With baselines, pointed guitar riffs, and dark soundscapes, We Do This provides and EP that is a great listen. The guitars and chord progressions are reminiscent of DIIV and The Cure and the haunting lyrics and sounds further the comparison. Overall a solid EP and I'm excited to see what's next. - WLUR Radio

"We Do This Do It Well"

Indie pop act We Do This hail from Adelaide, but they're a pretty international affair. Daniel Colagrossi is a local, but his John De Michele hails from the United States and J. Tortabu's from Venezuela.

While such diverse influences you might expect the band to have a bit of a world music flavour, but their brand of indie pop reminds me a whole lot of The Cure.

The new single "I'm Not Going Anywhere" gives us our first taste of the band's forthcoming EP Fault Lines, which gets an Australian and American release in May. - Sounds Of Oz

"We Do This Release Video For 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'"

They may have almost died in their cowboy boots last night, but they did survive it to make this video for ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’. We Do This hail from upside-down land (Australia), and are a self-confessed brotherly collective formed by band members originally from various parts of the world. Influences from Bowie, Interpol and The Cure give them a dark, sinister tone and make for one mixed up musical fantasy. They have just released their brand new video for ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’, directed by Tim Lucas and it follows the story of a young man’s somewhat troublesome night out at the bar. Watch the video for ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ below: - Digital Warble

"We Do This"

Adelaide rock outfit ‘We Do This’ is certainly no stranger to the music scene, with John and Jose holding the forte for a sound which emulates a much louder presence than two people banging out their tunes. Their debut EP ‘Faraday Wave’ gives a very good insight to this bands ability to convey their intent to demonstrate what modern rock, infused with American 90s rock, with the addition of punk will do to your ears.
‘Sensation’ and ‘Nobody’s Going Home’ are two tracks that really reveal what this band is capable of, with their guitar riffs and solid drum beats in a true modern rock style.
‘We Do This’ does have a commercial element to it and what I mean by that is, they are ready for radio airplay; they would appeal to a wide variety of listeners. The ‘Indie Rock’ genre is becoming increasingly popular, especially as it welcomes other sub-genres and this band will I’m sure find themselves at home within this area of music.
Their sound allows you to sample not simply modern rock but with a twist of 90s American punk which we all still love even though it’s not heard as often. Adelaide should be proud to call you their own. Definitely a band to keep your eye on!

4/5 Stars - Music SA

"We Do This 'Faraday Wave' EP Review"

Indie pop, the lighter and less depressing offspring of emo and alternative rock, is the name of the game for Adelaide duo, We Do This. At first listen, it’s hard to fathom that this is just two guys stationed at the helm of their musical ship. However, John De Michele and Jose Tortabu are together able to brilliantly steer their sound in a direction that has gained them community radio plat throughout Australia and headline shows in Victoria, South Australia, and the U.S. On November 15, the band released its debut EP, Faraday Wave. Containing the kind of music you might expect to find on a quintessential hipster playlist, Faraday Wave boasts a number of impressive tracks, getting the feet tapping, the head bobbing, and the blood pumping. It is more than just average, run-of-the-mill indie pop; it’s enlightened rock music, inspired by everything from 70’s punk to the gritty teen angst anthems of the 1990’s.

The EP opens with “Sensation,” a reflective and riff-filled jam. The song perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record, arguably offering one of the catchiest, most nostalgic three minutes in modern indie pop-rock. “Nobody’s Going Home” is hauntingly beautiful, and its super-sonic riffs and drum beats will leave you cranking up the volume and chanting along. Without falling completely into hipster clichés, We Do This rearranges old thematic and sonic elements into something wholly new and fantastic, of which “Losing You” may stand as the ideal example. It’s a classic lyrical theme combined with a modern instrumental twist, turning De Michele’s soaring vocals and Tortabu’s killer beats into a melodic and poignant anthem.

“Elevator” reveals more of the duo’s well-crafted riffs and lyrical whimsy, inviting listeners to get lost in the musical scenery and bob their heads to the infectious beat. All of We Do This’ songs, however, are visually evocative, painting truly ethereal landscapes through their lyrics and melodies. For instance, “Static” is the king of tune that you’d perhaps find playing on your hipster friend’s tape-deck in their beat-up car, while on an evening road trip and chain-smoking the night away. Finally Faraday Waveends with “We Are Electric,” an airy, 80’s new wave inspired upbeat track that has an almost John Hough’s movie feel to it. Blessed with cheesy, 1980’s feel-good vibes, “We Are Electric” is the jam, although we may not admit it, that we all want blasting from a stereo as we make our way across the school’s football field with one fist in the air. (Don’t deny it, you know it’s true). An epic way to round out an epic EP!

Unless you have that one self-important friend, who wears ironic T-shirts and eats Nutella by the spoonful, then it’s probably unlikely that you’ve already been listening to We Do This’ innovative brand of pop-rock stylings. The dynamite duo is crafting tracks with more instrumental talent and lyrical skill than traditional indie pop fare, andFaraday Wave is a clear marker of the twosome’s incredible abilities. Do yourself a favor; grab a copy of Faraday Wave and check out this relatively undiscovered gem! Here’s hoping that this 90’s alt rock, new wave, 70’s punk infused EP will be your gateway drug into the irresistible duo, We Do This. - Plugged In Promotions


Fault Lines EP May 2015
Faraday Wave EP Nov 2013
Double A-Side Single Nov 2012



We Do This are an alternative rock band with an indie pop flair hailing from Adelaide, Australia. The group is a “brotherly collective” formed by band members originally from various parts of the world. John De Michele being from the United States, Daniel Colagrossi from South Australia, and J. Tortabu from Venezuela.

We Do This’s sound, while bearing influence from David Bowie, is akin to a more pop Interpol and the dark moodiness of The Cure. Their forthcoming ‘Fault Lines’ EP reveals their darker side by exploring themes of mortality, abuse and misguided fantasy while using spacey guitars and synth to support these sinister undertones. It is a mix of what the band describes as both “moody and joyous.”

Teaming up with The Planetary Group, during 2014, We Do This' first EP 'Faraday Wave' made its US radio debut clocking-in plays at 67 college and non-commercial radio stations across North America, and gaining top-30 chart positions at 18 of those stations. In 2015, with The Planetary Group again on board for radio promotion and publicity, We Do This' second EP 'Fault Lines' has so-far racked up plays at over 95 college and non-commercial radio stations across North America, and charted in the top-30 at 16 stations. Adam Lewis, CEO at The Planetary Group has called the band "a success story in U.S. college radio markets...Not an easy feat for a band with no name recognition in the U.S."

We Do This are a band that appreciates music-making that cannot be strictly categorized. They’ve been conceptually influenced by elements of genres ranging from 70’s punk storytelling lyrics to R&B song arrangements. Their open-minded approach and a shared love for artists that, according to the band, “create music that challenges or expands what is common in a classified genre,” combined with a deep love for melody and pop sensibilities are the foundation of the band.

The band released their new EP, 'Fault Lines,' in May of 2015, and is continuing to tour in support of it, including tour dates in the United States in October.

"...homage to Robert Smith and co...spacious arrangements, occasional Foals-esque guitar work..."--Record Rewind Play

"...pointed guitar riffs, and dark sound-scapes...reminiscent of DIIV and The Cure..." --WLUR 91.5FM

"...crafting tracks with more instrumental talent and lyrical skill than traditional indie pop fare..."--Plugged In Promotions

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