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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Guest Post - Microphone Memory Emotion"

William Anderson came to Brooklyn with a dream. Then he followed another dream to Vancouver. With Anderson through it all was the ever-playing brain-dream which, put to “tape,” is Weed. “Cody Girl” is Weed at its most vulnerable. Though every song on his To The North cassette and DC Hope EP features what can only be described as a rich, butter-dipped, sticky sound, “Cody Girl” feels almost bare. It’s an emotion-laden song, and Anderson lays it all out. From the guitar jams to the muted snare, each sound stirs the pot of melancholy. About halfway through there’s a breakdown, which could signify that Anderson has figured something out. Or it could just be an interesting way to segue the song from point A to B. As for the fact that “Cody Girl” takes more than 4 minutes to transpire...well, there’s a lot to get out. - Altered Zones


t's not often that a song hits this instantly. "Quilt" goes for it. That 5 minute capture and release of your soul. It's a missed train flying by your fuck-it moment of acceptance, a montage of family vacations on fast forward, a sprint from the cops – high on fear and smirking adrenaline.

Brooklyn's William Anderson is Weed. His fuzzy guitar meets fuzzy vocals approach may not be that inventive, but his songwriting appears to be. "Quilt" will be on the upcoming DC Hope EP, and it's at his bandcamp along with previous digital cassette, To The North. - Stadiums & Shrines

"Daily Doses: Weed "Release Party" from Down in the Valley EP"

Let the party begin!

As of about 12:00 tonight, Weed (The brilliant blown-out rock vision of Will Anderson) announced a few changes to their previously one man line up, as well as a new release! To get updated on exactly what those changes are you can just click right here, and get the message from the source.

But to give you a quick breakdown:

A: Weed is new a full band, and will be playing their first show on December 10th, in Vancouver, BC.
B: They have some sweet new swag.
C: They have a new E.P. that will crush you.

I first was introduced to Weed through my good friend Dave over at Stadiums and Shrines, who picked their track “Quilt” for his favorite recent track on the first We Get By compilation. Subsequently, Dave also tapped him as one of his favorite artists of the year for our Collaborations release, for which Weed partnered with Foxes In Fiction for an amazing cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

Since that first exposure, I had time to fall in love with Weed’s first two E.P’s (To The North, and D.C. Hope), and they have become two of my favorite releases this year, and a constant in my cassette player.

This new E.P. looks to be no exception.

With mastering from Lance Smith (of Pandit), the Appropriately named “Release Party” is our first glimpse of Down In The Valley, and it delivers all of the punch of anything on the previous two E.P.’s, but with some subtle nudges to allow a little more breathing room.

The new record, which will be available to order from Orchid Tapes on November 26th. You can also visit Weed’s Bandcamp For Lyrics And Further Information. - Dead as Digital


To The North EP (cassette)
DC Hope EP (cassette + CD)
Down in the Valley EP (cassette)