weeping silence

weeping silence


Melodic, athmospheric metal combining a blend of genres yet retaining a unique sound. String arrangements & counter-melodies on keys balance heavier riffing & solos, & sweet female vocals contrast with the aggresive male tones. WS strive to compose modern & mature music with a distinctive ambience.


Weeping Silence has been in the metal scene since the mid-1990s and has gone through a period of musical experimentation that contributed to the dynamic music that it has produced so far. The band came together with the release of the debut album ‘Deprived from Romance’, followed by a track in the ‘Arch Music’ compilation. Subsequently the musical direction and line-up changed considerably, and Weeping Silence sought new ideas from the doom, gothic and avant-garde genres.

Weeping Silence recorded the second album ‘End of an Era’ at Temple Studios in 2003, featuring Rachel Grech on vocals, and released it in 2008 under the Greek Record Label Sleaszy Rider Records. ‘End of an Era’ was well received and regularly gets excellent reviews across the world.

In 2006 Weeping Silence entered Temple Studios again to record the yet unreleased album ‘Theater of Life’, which retains many elements of the previous album, but with a faster pace and the introduction of a choir accompanied with grandeur orchestrations. ‘Theater of Life’ is planned to be released shortly. The band is currently evaluating offers from music labels to release the album.

Weeping Silence is currently working on new material, which also features male backing vocals. The latest songs are more aggressive and are destined to sound heavier, with great guitar solos and rhythm, yet still retaining the atmosphere for which the band has become strongly associated with.

Weeping Silence signed a Management Contract with Alkemist-Fanatix Europe and work is on-going to promote the ‘Promo 2009’, containing 4 tracks from ‘Theater of Life’. The band will also feature on the compilation ‘Des Filles et des Riffs, Vol.1’ to be released soon by Savage Prod and distributed by Seasons of Mist.

Information about Weeping Silence and downloads can be found on: www.myspace.com/weepingsilence

Postal Address
Weeping Silence Management
27/29, ‘Tal-Kantina’,
Hope Street, Mosta
Malta, Europe
Tel: (+356) 2143 8083


Theater of Life (2010, Des Filles et des Riffs Compilation Vol. 1)

Written By: Rachel Grech, Weeping Silence

The breeze seems to be talking to me
It’s whispering my name,
and the wild horses upon the seas
They’re urging me…

Remember your pride, just do what’s right,
What are you waiting for? How many souls
Have to cry before you realize.

Is this my destiny, is this my dream, in this theatre of life?
Go, go and be blessed, with vision and light upon
Your journey dark and thorn entwined.

The moonlight shadows bathe the trees,
Carving words in the leaves, am I to listen?
Can I believe the constellations of the night?

Take the right path in this theater of life
Don’t cloud your eyes, fears realized
Don’t bring about your demise.


Deep Regret (2008, End of an Era)

Written By: Rachel Grech, Weeping Silence

Love me, drown me, in your eyes.
Hold me, never leave me alone anymore.
This kiss breathed life in me.
Caress me where the wounds bleed.

(Verse 1)
Beneath a dark sun we fell,
Into our flesh we crawled,
Honey lips turned to sourness,
Blinking eyes spoke of lies.

Blood of life is now running cold,
When the tears descended, down.
An abstract profile of your face,
And while the echoes resound your voice.

Cruel lull during restless nights,
And its absence, killing slowly, living in deep regret.
Beholding, the cruelty of love.
And its absence, killing slowly, living in deep regret.

Tearing me slowly apart beyond recognition,
Pretending you still live in me just like yesterday.

(Verse 1)


Tell Me Why (2008, End of an Era)

Written By: Rachel Grech, Weeping Silence

Seasons have passed years they have gone by,
Is time the great healer its made out to be?
We carry on our heads held high,
But inside our broken hearts are hid, hidden from sight.

(Verse 1)
Tell me, will it be you who comes for me from the other side?
I know it will be you who'll come for me from the other side

Tell me why did you have to go?
Gone and left us all on our own
And now number eighteen is where you lie,
Peacefully gazing up at the skies.
Tell me please where are you now?
Help us to carry on living somehow.

When the lights flicker is it you drawing near?
I call out your name but you don't seem to hear.
Tell me how you still managed to smile,
When your fate you must have known all the while.
Then on one black day came your last sigh
Did we really get a chance to say goodbye?

(Verse 1)


Crystal Images (2008, End of an Era)

Written By: Mario Ellul, Weeping Silence

Love's reflection in a mirror,
Is your own image in my eyes.
Twice I gathered sand,
Which meant nothing then;
Emptiness in my hand.

You’re my emptiness
Giving birth to hope,
Twain vanished stars
And blinding light,
Which created darkness within me.
The terrace where our paths met,
Blossoming the new aeon.

Solemn passages of time,
Intertwined within your thoughts.
Passion melting everlasting frost,
Emotions thus released.

Transcending our feelings,
We embraced in the sunset,
The night reign paved to the sun,
Waves caressed by moonlight.

Eden the garden of delight,
A mysterious black rose,
Enchanting uniqueness,
Possessing wild fragrance,
But with thorns inflicting pain.

Pouring rain washing our past regrets,
Now standing together waiting rainbows.

Holding forever these necklaces of promises,
Hold them forever wear them around your heart,
This feeling is eternal.

Darkness in my Heart (2008, End of an Era)

Written By: Etienne Callus

When all is forgotten and all is forlorn,
As the sun darkens into pits for the day,
When the river flows with blackness,
It is said that all falls down in silence.

(Verse 1)
When lovers kill each other slowly,
And silent tears mean nothing, at all,
And darkness breathes in our hearts,
There's darkness in my heart.

Cold hands hold us tightly,
Till slipping to a cold floor,
When death breathes in our face,
And we kiss passionately.

When there is no one to turn to, now,
Just the solitude of the day,
And the coldness of the night,
Listening to unreal whispers.

As the memories get tainted,
With bitter tears of hopelessness,
When awaiting becomes boredom,
Turning down into personal distress.


(Verse 1)

Within White Walls (2009, Promo)

Written By: Rachel Grech, Weeping Silence

Icy lake of frozen memories
Sliding days of in between
Reflections bleed and bloom
Life forms with twisted shadows

Lurking figures, living memories
Hollow faces appear amidst
Ghastly dreams in horrid nights
Tragic, infinite daydream

White life forms, breathing out, my sanity
Whispering sounds resembling names
Lurking, still haunting, still breathing
Forever staying…

Mirrors they speak to me
Revealing things that are unseen
How empty my life has been
Caught in a cyclone of monotony

White drapes engulfing me
Curtains of soul reopened
Imaginary birds still caged in their world

White life forms, breathing out, my sanity
Whispering sounds resembling names
Lurking, still haunting, still breathing
Forever staying…


Innocent Cries (2009, Promo)

Written By: Rachel Grech, Weeping Silence

Lost, in this darkness, of firefly illusions
My heat beats incessantly, feel my emotion
Sweeten the air that I breathe
Guide me away from my grave
I don’t want to leave

(Pre Chorus)
So, shelter me, from these dark clouds
Lift this shroud (away from me)
Let me be loved, let me become
A part of you.

Let me, rest my head, on your wing
And when I wake, let it be spring
Slumbering deep, but its life that I seek
My body, so fragile and weak

Is my name already, written in dust
Benefit of the doubt, give me you must

(Pre chorus)

My guardian angel, my sun and flame
Dawn not dusk
Of you I pray, harken to me
Hear my plea.


From this hard cradle healing hands, at times caress
When strange sounds fill my ears, and pain, that makes me bleed
I still feel hope knowing that, I am not alone, so please.
Rescue me.


'Deprived from Romance' (2000)
'End of an Era' (Sleaszy Rider Records, 2008)
'Promo 2009' (for labels only)

Set List

Darkness in My Heart (End of an Era)
Promises Broken (Promo 2009)
Dark Waters (Promo 2009)
Within White Walls (Promo 2009)
Innocent Cries (Promo 2009)
Disillusioned (2009)
Bitter Screams (2009)
Fallen From Grace (2009)
Mire of Pity (2009)
The Search Within (2009)
Love Lies Bleeding (2009)