We Fly Standby

We Fly Standby


We Fly Standby is an indie rock band with a presence that sets them apart from other bands. The elements that fuel the fire they have started in Atlanta are present in their music and lyrics - intelligence, vitality, and heart.


When asked about their unusual name, expect “We Fly Standby” to collectively give you an in-depth explanation on their first show together flying to Wisconsin to perform at an outdoor festival. However, much like their vivid lyrics, We Fly Standby’s name is more of a metaphoric statement on spontaneity. The Atlanta-based, three part Indie Rock group lives by their “why be out when you can be in” mantra and as a result has performed over 35 shows within their first 6 months as a band.

“We Fly Standby” is made up of two Emory students: Charles Rhyner (guitar and lead vocals) and Marlon Rhine (drums) along with Brandon Kitchel (bass and vocals) who currently does research at the CDC. Each member had an extensive amount of experience writing and performing music in previous bands and other musical ensembles. Rhyner first met up with Rhine during their freshmen orientation and within an hour of talking had already made plans to start up a band. However, it was the addition of Kitchel that acted as the catalyst and propelled the threesome to quickly engage Atlanta’s indie rock scene.

Their music is a very interesting combination of sounds and styles that will get your adrenaline pumping with their upbeat songs while simultaneously captivating you with their intellectually stimulating words. Unlike a lot of bands these days that seem to recycle lyrics and use cliché wordage that you have heard time and time again, “We Fly Standby” will surprise you with their refreshing lyrical content. The music itself is a novel blend of various influential artists ranging from “Death Cab for Cutie” to “The Beatles” and pretty much everything in between. Although the threesome primarily plays their original tunes, they have been known to humor an audience’s requests for an occasional cover song.

Recently, “We Fly Standby” has just released their debut EP titled “Main St.” that was primarily recorded at Kitchel’s home in Kirkwood. In fact, the very first thing that can be heard on the CD is the sound of the train that frequently passes by. The album has received rave reviews in the Emory community and has already started being circulated throughout Atlanta. However, with the help of the internet “We Fly Standby” has been getting an unexpected amount of attention on the global level. The group has been steadily making fans from all over the world that are able to listen to their tunes at either their website (www.weflystandby.com) or their ever-so trendy myspace page (www.myspace.com/weflystandby).

Whether it is at a club, bar, festival, house party, or local coffee shop, “We Fly Standby” is guaranteed to put on a show that you won’t want to miss. This group is overflowing with potential, and with their tenacious work ethic and resounding love for their music we can expect big things from this Atlanta-based indie rock threesome.


Main Street

Written By: Charles Rhyner

if it's really true that what we love never leaves us
think of me as the antique store on Main Street
I am the man with my flannel shirt on quietly arranging the china
and you are my wife gazing at the children passing by

together we'll keep this place running
so each artifact can be studied

there are two highways in this town
each one is a road that leads you away from me
each one is a path that goes nowhere
no matter which one you take

This Time of Year

Written By: Charles Rhyner

the air inside my lungs is heavier this time of year because it is filled with the smell
of the leaves turning orange in the sun
dropping to the ground in fashions
from the summer days

take the time to get to know your self this fall
and when spring comes
you can come back again
and you will never have left

after this semester
if we still aren’t where we want to be
we can embark together and figure out which road to take
with graphs of gravel under our weight

take the time to get to know your self this fall
and when spring comes
uou can come back again
and you will never have left
we’ll draw a line on past and future tenses
we’ll burn our wooden fences to the ground
and with the ash we will black out
The lack passion in our action


Main Street EP - 2007

Set List

We play mostly originals, but also have a good number of covers up our sleeves. We usually play 45 to 60 minute sets.