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We Govern We

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pick of the Week"

WE GOVERN WE They recently relocated to Ventura from Greece, where early on they received critical praise. Previously, Panos Scourtis (guitar) and Anna Karakalou (vocals) performed with acclaimed alternative electro band SIGMATROPIC who collaborated with the likes of Cat Power and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth). Why they’re in Ventura of all places is anyone’s guess, but we’re glad to have ‘em. Self –described as what the Killers would sound like if Cyndi Lauper was their singer, understates their sophisticated sexiness. Think Shiny Toy Guns with a little BitterSweet. This is a band to watch - VC Reporter, 03/12

"On and Off the Record"

We Govern We
Origami Lesson One
Recently imported from Greece, We Govern We is currently making a splash on the local nightclub circuit. Vocal-driven techno-pop that straddles music, eras with a freshly powdered 80s groove, their radio-friendly songs are destined for airplay. Lead singer Anna Karakalou compares to a less affected Gwen Stefani, but with the range and sex appeal of Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons). The first track is arguably the best: a brilliant discotheque treatment of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee,” followed by the buoyant “Cotton Candy” which is sure to make some chart somewhere and soon. Much of the rest of the record is ballady but not cloying. Karakalou trades vocals on a couple of tracks with an undisclosed male from the group who does a good job of counterbalancing her exuberance. This is a device that has a tendency to back fire, but it works for We Govern We.
- 03/19

"Playing to win"

[Sportsmanship and rule enforcement make battles of the bands a win-win...]

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http://vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/playing_to_win/6918 - Vc Reporter - Michel Cicero

"10 bands to watch in 2010"

Though it’s strange to have a band that started in Greece featured in this year’s music issue, We Govern We has been embraced as possibly the hardest-working original band in the county. After lead vocalist Anna Karakalou and guitarist Panos Scourtis left Europe in search of a new home base, they landed in Ventura and enlisted the help of locals Luke Manriquez and Adrian Burke. Since then, not a week goes by that the female-fronted rock band — which sounds a lot like Cyndi Lauper fronting The Killers — is not on stage at a local club. Their hard work impressed the legendary founder of Bauhus and Love and Rockets, Daniel Ash (an Ojai resident), who agreed to produce the long-awaited debut record that’s due out this summer. The set designer of the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Thor is using We Govern We posters and merchandise in the background of certain scenes in the film — a supercool break by anyone’s definition. So with the help of a hammer-wielding Norse god and an English gloom rock pioneer, this could very well be We Govern We’s year.

http://www.vcreporter.com/cms/story/detail/the_local_music_issue/7809/ - VC Reporter


Reznor's Orchid (Self-Released) 2011

Zano (EP) (Self Released) 2017



We Govern We is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Panos Scourtis and Anna Karakalos, who cut their teeth in acclaimed Greek alternative rock band Sigmatropic where they had the opportunity to open for and collaborate with such stars as Moby, Nick Cave, and Carla Torgerson (of The Walkabouts). Moving from Greece to California they soon found the right collaborators in Adrian Burke and John Boutin (formerly of Gwenmars). The finishing touch and ultimate vote of confidence is provided by producer and resident sage Daniel Ash, of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame.

Reznor’s Orchid is not so much a debut album as a carefully crafted music box, giving insights into the band’s multiple influences and a balanced mix of the band’s many facets. From the radio-friendly riff of Come Atlantis, to the mystical power of Edgar Allan Poe inspiredAnnabel Lee, and the teasing cover of Tears for Fears’ Shout, We Govern We have created a showpiece of immediate allure and enduring power.