Miami Beach, Florida, USA

WeHo is the electronic rebirth of a solo acoustic artist turned buzz worthy producer/performer. WeHo releases energetic poptronica that finds beauty in the grotesque and strength from falling.

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WeHo is a pop electronic producer/performer living in Miami, FL. Even before birth, her mother says she would dance excitedly in her belly whenever music was playing. Formerly known as Mercy, she spent most of her years (from the age of 13 on) playing an acoustic repertoire of haunting Sarah McLachlan inspired melodies.

Fastforward to 2009; an exciting, but also turbulent year for the artist. After a split relationship, a failed move to L.A., a crippled bank account, a dead car, and her dreams seemingly shattered, Mercy fell into a deep depression. Wanting desperately to escape the black cloud that seemed to be following her, she knew that some things had to change; and along with it, the music had to change. 2009 was the year Mercy shed her acoustic roots and was electronically reborn as WeHo; now producing beats that induce a positive new energy and feeling into both her music and her life.

“This upcoming album is titled ‘Easy Kill’ because that’s the kind of person I used to be. The doormat. The hopeless romantic. The nice guy who let people take advantage. This album talks about those things a little bit and then it goes on to reveal the emergence of something better. Strength gained from acknowledging weakness. Letting go of anger, sadness, and regret, and becoming empowered by always looking forward instead of back. Letting go and just being ridiculous and shrugging off the world through humor or dancing or music, because life IS just so incredibly ridiculous and it’s so short. I want that message to get through to the listener with this album. ”

“I really feel like I’ve found myself in recent years, and because of that, everything is beginning to fall into place. It’s not about being better than anyone else or living up to popular ideas. It’s about self improvement. It’s about being a better you than you were yesterday. If your heart’s not in it, and you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not, people will see through that straight away and the music becomes just a shallow throw-away product that will never go anywhere.”

WeHo is just getting started. In 2011, her single, ‘Addict’, was chosen to be featured in a video launch of the Milk and Honey Winter Collection designed by (Aussie) MTV VJ Ruby Rose. WeHo has performed live shows throughout Florida this past year, including the Miami Beach Pride Festival. She is about to start making much more of a scene as she nears the completion of the ‘Easy Kill’ album, which is set to debut during the summer of 2012. An Australia tour is in the works, along with shows in multiple U.S. cities. The music video for ‘Maybe It’s You’ is also currently underway, and merchandise will soon be available.

“This is not just a way for me to become rich or famous. I am IN LOVE with music. I love it so much that I have sacrificed comfort and stability and so much to pursue it fully. I want to be able to make a life and a living doing what I love every single day, without anything else getting in the way of that. I want to let all of my creativity unleash, not just with the music itself, but with elements of theater and fashion …and just my own weirdness. Lol. And before I even make it on stage at Madison Square Garden, I want to thank all of you who listen and support what I do because I could never get there without every one of you. ? xo”


The single 'Maybe It's You' is set to be released by mid June 2012, coinciding with its music video release.
The debut full length album -- 'Easy Kill' -- is set to be released by july 2012.

Demo versions of WeHo songs are currently available on facebook, soundcloud, and reverbnation. Official releases will soon be available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Last.fm, and several other music streaming & download sites.

Set List

Set list is tailored to the gig depending on the setting and the set length allowed. Sets usually include some or all of these songs (in this general order):

Maybe It's You
Easy Kill
Skin (The Kids Are Alright)
Let Me Hear Your Heart Beat
Dance Resuscitation
Radio Love
...and new songs as they become available.